Thursday, December 8, 2011

Poinsetta Dreams

 I close my eyes
Seeing all one may see
Or maybe just believe
I found a spot
In the middle of thousands of thoughts
Or just amidst a poinsetta dream.

A simple smile, can spread across the land. He gazed off at the sunset hoping to find a good perch to watch it leave us for the day.  Its colors spread across the sky, ever changing as the golden orb slowly disappeared. He stood hoping all he loved were being part of this experience as its happiness ruled across the hills and pastures. The spirit and truth of intense beauty caught a warm feeling drifting listlessly across this beautiful prairie, sharing with more than one can imagine. Hopefully you felt this warmth and holiday spirit as it shared its existence with the world .I hope you felt this pause within my life and enjoyed the smile I shared with millions. As I shared this I thought how it would affect many of you.

It is this simple pleasure that makes my day have energy, when a smile may be the only communication I share with others. It can launch a thousand thoughts and feelings for many of us. It is a shared feeling and thought that may be the only experience I share with many I work with. Today I worked to establish a known presence of myself with others who had a variety of expressions to share with me, many without a voice, just a simple smile.


  1. Thank you for your smile, Steve, and these warm thoughts. Lovely poinsettias.

  2. Along with a simple smile, a simple word or a few words can also help to change someone's mood, brighten their day or just let them know someone cares. I suspect you do that quite often, Steve.

    Can you email your name and mailing address to the email on my profile page. I would like to send you a holiday greeting the old fashioned way - by postal mail. And, you will get to "see" Beatrice & Grenville in the enclosed photo.

  3. The gift of a smile is priceless. Just one can turn a bad day into something special.
    Love the poinsettias so pretty

  4. Hi Steve, Some of your photos made me think of Biltmore. The Koi reminded me of Garvin Gardens in Arkansas... Thanks for the memories...

    Simple pleasures, huh??? That's what life is all about... A smile can do wonders, can't it?

  5. That last photo is stunning, Steve. And you're so right about the difference a smile can make in a person's day.

  6. a nice place to visit- thanks.

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  7. Beautiful, beautiful post. Some look like roses. I hope you receive the smile and warm wishes I sent your way

  8. Hello Steve !
    What wonderful photos today !
    flowered plants, fish and landscapes. I love very much your two last photos.
    Thank you for sharing that with all of us.
    I give you my best smile.

  9. Pretty pictures! I love poinsettias, but can't have them because of my naughty cats.

  10. I can feel your smile from here, Steve. xoxo

  11. Smiles like music can uplift the soul. You have shared your smile with us today. Beautifully written and your photos are always a joy to see.

  12. A smile can change someone's life. They may need just someone to care that day.

    I really like the photos.

    I finally have a computer that will let me post comments! Glad you liked Melody Gardot. I left a comment for you on my site but don't know if you read it. Melody has an incredible amount of work. All good..And a wonderful story about how she got into music.

    Have a great day

  13. Well, it's Beautiful Steve!
    Have a warm weekend!

  14. Lovely photos. Steve. What is more wonderful than a sunset no matter where it is-

  15. Love the variegated leaves on this poinsettia! Have never seen one like this before. :)

  16. Beautiful. Merry Christmas. We're off to the desert to see the Grands. Take care.

  17. I always like seeing those kind of fish. I've been told that they're very friendly.

  18. Hi Steve,
    Gorgeous pics, magnificent colors...Are you ready for Christmas? Take care!...Heidi

  19. The concept of a smiling landscape is beautiful. Certainly the beginning of each day as the sun rises over the horizon brings joy and a smile to all who receive it. Thanks.

  20. Sending you a smile from New England, as you've given me plenty in this year of discovering your posts from the prairie.

  21. I love his version best too. And Dreams do come true..I guess sometimes it just takes awhile for them to materialize.

    Have a great day,

  22. Beautiful Steve! Thank you for this....I needed that sent this evening.
    Have a wonderful evening and new week.


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