Saturday, October 1, 2011

Living It Up

 New land tilled and seeded to start a new section of prairie

A meal being wrapped

A favorite butterfly, a Question Mark, a member of the Angelwing family

This is a giant anthill surrounding a tree over four foot tall

Her new husband’s family was fragmented all over the area she lived in and surrounding area in the state to the north. He was never sure where they all started from, and had an assortment of names to prove that. He was one of four boys, each having separate fathers. As soon as he was able to find a job he left his home and traveled for a bit. Soon he found employment with the railroad and met this charming girl to become his wife. When they were married he had a small house he was buying and the ladies touch was needed badly. There wasn’t hardly any furniture or even a pan to make bread in, so she had to build up her new house just as she wanted it. Her mother shared some household items, and he took her shopping once a month to a large city. She would stay while he was working at a hotel and have the freedom to buy just about whatever she needed. They never really shared much with his family, and always had holidays mostly with hers. One brother was reputed to have been a gangster and stayed at a federal prison many of her brothers would work at for their first jobs. Her husband teased her that he was her family, and she said all of hers were on the right side of those bars.

After being married close to a year she gave birth to a lovely little girl in the same room she and all her siblings had been born in. She had forgotten how hard it was to tend to a baby, and felt good to have had some experience with her family. She labored to get all of her housework done like she liked and keep up with a demanding child. Her husband was a conductor on the railroad and this took him out of the home a lot, so she was alone to manage their home. The baby came down with a terrible cold and soon they both were sharing the illness. She was fighting back a fever and trying to clean when she heard a knock at the door. It was a salesman selling something she probably didn’t really care about. When she opened the door he tipped his hat and said, “Hello little girl, is the lady of the house home?” She claimed the door almost busted off the hinges when she slammed it in his face. It had been the last straw and she went back to lie down. When her husband returned she was feeling a bit better, and he could imagine the glare she had given this salesman who had offended her.

Once her daughter started school, she had more time to do what she liked, but felt bored with just staying home. Her father came by and told her they were expanding at the fort and she should put an application in for one of the positions that had opened. This sounded good to her and she and her mother went up together to see what was open. Meals to be made took a lot of kitchen staff so they both applied to be cooks. They hired her mother first and soon called her in also. It was a good job that provided her extra money to buy some of the personal things she liked, but never would have gotten. A sister watched her daughter before school and she picked her up on her way home. She would share some of the stories soldiers told her when they walked home of traveling around the world. Sometimes a dessert she had made was shared for having a good day at school. She longed to travel to some of these exotic lands, but never found a time that she could. One day she looked for her daughter and the teacher told her the girl’s father had come to pick her up. When she got home he announced that the marriage was over and he was transferring to another area soon. This set her back flabbergasted, it wasn’t what she wanted to hear ever. Their marriage had been very shaky for a long time, but she always figured he would bend to her demands and it would heal. She took some time off, but was soon back working to keep her mind off of her problems.

to be continued........


  1. Haha...Oh I am so glad to hear I am not the only one who has glared at a sales man on a bad day;)

    I love your brilliant capture of the yellow and the bee....a good way to start my weekend...your captures and words.

  2. :(


    Steve! Don't keep us waiting on what happens. I feel so sorry for her!

  3. beautiful pictures as always. I love the butterflies. Buckeyes and question marks are rare sightings here.

  4. Steve, a cliffhanger for sure so I will have to come back for the continuation. ENjoyed the photos, as always. We're getting ready for another extended road trip - this fall it's NH (last Oct we visited Maine). Of course, we will have stories from the road. This wekeend, I am playing catch-up on blog reading - good wya ot spend a rainy (again) morning.

  5. OMG!!!! LOOK at that Ant hill!!!! I've never seen anything like it!!
    And the "meal being wrapped"...ugggg...poor thing!Hahaaa
    LOVE your photos Steve!!

  6. Loving the reflections on the water. Beautiful. :)

  7. nature treasures, then a human one!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    / )

    > < } } ( ° >

  8. The difficult lives of those who have gone on before us...


  9. Delightful series of photos to scroll through! As always, looking forward to what happens next in your story.

  10. well, the question mark is beautiful and the pond and of course the story


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