Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life Goes On

The colors are changing fast and it is so nice to just go and see all the changes around. I hated giving up
     summer , but had forgotten how much I enjoy the colors of fall.

 An end of a fish story

Leaves on water

As the grasses grow tall
Everything is changing around me
A never ending symphony
Out on the prairie.

After many years of working hard in their store, a time came to retire and take life a little easier. They started looking at homes and happened to be looking at one home when a contractor came out of one he built next door. He said he would be happy to show the one he had and took them through for a tour. At the end they asked the price, and he told them what he wanted. Her husband asked how much it would be if he wrote a check right there, and he gave a laugh and said a much lower price. Out came the checkbook and a rather disgruntled sigh from the builder, not expecting them to have all the money. This was how they had done many business deals and never liked being in debt. They were now owners of a new home with a large tract of woods right next to it. The builder would often tell the story and how he never would do that again.

The next step was putting their business up for sale. Many family members had often said they would like to buy the store. Both she and her husband decided that might not be the best idea, not wanting to sour relationships should it not fare as well for the new owners. They knew how many hours they had put into it, and didn’t feel everyone knew what it would take to continue making the charm work. A few lookers came and the same fellow who had bought their grocery took it away from them. It was a sad day to say goodbye to this longtime endeavor and they gathered what they wanted and said their good-byes to all whom worked around them. A large gathering was planned at a nearby park and many customers and friends all joined in wishing them well with their retirement. That first week following was real hard, she woke up ready to go to the store as she always had, and nothing was on her agenda to do other than housework.

An uncle called and told them of his fun traveling around the country pulling a trailer to stay in. This sounded fun to her, she always had wanted to travel and had a number of places that enticed her. Her husband agreed to this, although he was a bit to inpatient to really take his time and relax still. They went to a dealer and again wrote a check for a small trailer and set out in a few weeks. The places whizzed by, and it was hard to see everything they wanted. Many people they met traveled south and stayed in a milder climate for the winter. They looked over a few places and decided to visit a few more over the winter months. One place was Palm Springs, a new development in California. The developer they talked with couldn’t leave golf out of his speech and they looked at each other with a smile. Neither had ever been on a golf course and it didn’t seem like something to try. This was an oasis planned in a desert and they wondered if others would view it as a good item, or something that wasn’t going to grow. Twenty-five years later they saw they were wrong, and would have increased their investment if they had said yes to this move.

They soon replaced their smaller trailer and got a larger one to see the states they had never visited. A map on the side allowed them to fix a decal on it when they visited and they tried to fill in all the spaces. During the winter they stayed at a variety of places before finally settling down in Arizona. They missed the wonderful people that surrounded them at their house in the Midwest, but the experience was fun to be part of in their travels. Soon many of their friends were scattered all over anyway, doing the same thing as they did and they bought a permanent residence for the winter so not to have to pull a trailer when they traveled south.

to be continued..........

Message sent today, text always from this friend: OMG you made it another year.


  1. Hi Steve, enjoying the story continuation and the photos as we are in our fall road trip in New England. Fall is my favorite season too.

  2. Beautiful shots Steve...Interesting "end of a fish" photo!
    LOVELY colors!

  3. leaves on water...i love shots like that. xoxo nita p.s thanks for following

  4. Life is so unpredictable! I hope all worked out well for them in the end...

    Beautiful photos! I love fall! :D

  5. I knew a couple who planned well for an early retirement. They owned a decent sized Winnebago and traveled to the many places they had always wished to see. The wife died suddenly after about five years. Her husband was so grateful to have had the travel time with her.
    Your autumn pictures are so colorful It has always been my favorite time of year.

  6. Hi Steve, Gorgeous pictures of FALL taking over... Isn't it just awesome to see the seasons change????

    Love your story... Retirement is wonderful for those who have worked hard enough to save enough money to live on.. We don't have alot of money--but we are making it and loving every minute of it.

  7. Autumn has arrived here suddenly from a heatwave. Great pictures.

  8. Very nice. Spring and fall work best for me too.

  9. Beautiful autumn images, Steve I'm like you.. I hate to see summer end but then I'm awed by what autumn presents.

    I love the life jacket with handle idea you mentioned in your comment on my post, today. I might just have to look into that.

  10. I always hate letting go of summer too but once I accept that it's over I do enjoy the colors of fall

  11. I love all these photos, but that one of the cluster of purple flowers is an eye popper!


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