Sunday, October 30, 2011

End of October

I was mean and sent this shot to a few friends saying I had thought about them a bit and had something to say, but had forgotten what it was. This is the mare for the not so little Belgium colt in the next photo I have been watching, along with another sibling farther down. They will do a variety of farm work in their lives.

Who needs to go very far to see the deer, these are in a neighbors yard.

Some Halloween themed pictures.
A friends mother was famous for her homemade treats and for Halloween she always made popcorn balls. Now my father always liked them, but never could get us to part with much so one year put on a scary mask he had bought with some coveralls and went treating to her home."You look a little old," she said when he grunted holding out his sack. He held out again and demanded another with another grunt so as not to give his identity away. "One more and you need to go along," she said, grateful to rid her porch of him. He waited and came back after a few other crowds. She scolded him and he stood holding out his sack. She threatened to call the cops and off he went, asking one of us to go and get him another. She sent all her leftovers to him when she found out who had played the trick on her.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Colors Are Still Around

 Gentle rise begins
Of a new day sun
Time never ends
It has just begun
To bring a smile again.

While passing a pond full of ducks and a duck blind on the edge I was surprised at the variety until I got home and blew my pics up to see them better. I loved this group of wood ducks, but on later investigation found they were decoys, as well as all I shot pictures of so far away. I laughed thinking about a time on the Gulf of Mexico near Corpus Christi, Texas of sneaking up on a female Mallard and finding she had floated away from her covey of decoys elsewhere. I brought her home as a treasure of my fun.

A recent stocking of trout in a pond near my home drew out some local spectators to watch, much to the annoyance of a little dog already protecting us from a squirrel who watched from a nearby cottonwood.

This group of forest creatures were all trying to hide. Not the best picture but looking close you can see two wild turkey between the two deer, there were about a dozen of them. They are a fast bird with keen eyesight and hard to get close to.

Everything is turning gold, but still a wealth of colors around us. I am traveling back and forth across the state looking at housing in the Loess Hills area of Iowa. These are some of the oldest remnants of prairie in the state and a delight to explore along the Missouri River. This type of geology is only in this area and an area in China, so it will be a treat to enjoy and help preserve. I am keeping my present home also so I can go back and forth while exploring, about a three hour drive. I will be falling back on my Psychology background and will be working at a state hospital. Talking to a realtor yesterday she asked what I do and I jokingly said I was a Lobotomist, and I think she thought I might draw blood.I will be working within residential treatment with retarded adults. It is an area I have worked around before at varying levels through the years. When I first moved here I taught in a high school with low IQ behavioral students. I am not sure how long it will be before I get all the Internet and things going, so have patience with me.I enjoy sharing with my friends and don't ever like to miss reading what you have to say.

One apartment I found in a nearby town is next to the library, which would be a plus for someone like me anyway, and there is a bike trail that would take me the twelve miles I have to go to work. I don't know a single soul  around, but that was the case where I am now when I arrived. The town I will be working in is only 3200 people so I am sure you get to know everyone fairly quick. It is a tough move for me to give up many areas I go to and have worked on around me.I cruised the other day thinking I still have a large love for these scenic historic hills and having Amish neighbors around me.To me home is where you hang your hat.

Another hallmark is I have taken 9000 pics with a camera I started breaking in one year ago. It has become a close friend indeed, although there are a few others I would like to have. It was hard to change over from another I had taken so many miles with me.I of course don't save all those shots, but do have an extensive library of the better ones.I made fun of a friends latest slide show for a program featuring a few I had shared with her.She put together a butterfly exhibit with 25 separate species photos I took around the area at a local conservation center where she works as a naturalist.Makes my head swell just walking in there!

Keep those comments coming in I savor hearing from each of you, my blog community is a special group for me.I will leave you with how I begin a number of programs :

Attention, attention! (crossing my arms and holding myself) I just love attention!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

At The Beach

A fat cat absorbs all the sun
Clouds  move in slowly
But we won't let them stop the fun
Headed out to the beach.

 Wild turkeys

 Whitetail Deer hiding in the woods

 "That Old Rugged Cross" was written about 20 miles from here

 Wooly Bear

This looks like a good pile to cook over

As the wind picked up a clopping sound came around the bend. Four huge deer had been startled from their sleep by a group riding bikes. They raced right past me, frantically trying to get a shot, but they were too fast. I got a few off but none that showed these magnificent creatures. Any time being close to them is always a treat and I thank them for a good portrait should they hold still. It has been a nice day out on the lake, a few sprinkles didn't stop the day. I always have a few rain suits with me anyway, but find many people timid to stay out in a storm.I sit watching the waves building and wish I was at the ocean, sizing up the surf for that next ride. A dream bursts and I head toward the nearest town hoping to find some kolaches at a bakery, but was too late. Heading home a call comes and a timid voice says, "Hello Papa, we are at your house." my oldest daughter has brought a couple grand kids to share for a few days and give her some relief from being a mom. My poor pets will all hide for this few days, but all will return to normal,  maybe.Two in diapers will make me a bit tired, I do enjoy having them around.