Monday, September 26, 2011

A Walk In Time

 Three Tenors

A goldfinch chews up some flower heads. I am seeing small flocks start to form.

 Let's take a walk in the woods, something little dogs never object to.

This tiny Comma looks like a fallen leaf almost.

A neighbor came over to use their sewing machine and she so missed her mother sewing. The winter had been tough on many with it’s bitter cold and her mother left this lovely home at a very early age. There were four children, and she being the second oldest was given many of the household duties to get done. Learning this wonderful machine would help her not to have to hand sew as much. The thump of the trundle reminded her of listening to this sometimes late at night while she was trying to sleep. Often her mother sang, all in Italian, not fully having mastered her new language in song. A gentle voice glided through a variety of songs. Her neighbor walked into the other room as she manipulated the pair of pants around the moving needle, putting a new hem in for a younger brother. “Ave Maria,” she sang out, a short verse she remembered hearing both of her parents sing. She hummed on through a few tunes she liked. She stopped for a moment and straightened out her stitch, humming until her seam was finished. She showed her friend and they both laughed at how good she had done. Soon the thump of the machine resonated through the house, a much needed task making clothes for all. Her father had been a shoe repairman before coming to this new country and still kept a few of his tools in the same room he had built on the back of their home. He resoled shoes and even had made a few first ones for the new babies in the family.

Both of her parents had came from Italy. Her mother came with her parents and in later years her father on his own. They were married after a very short courtship and immediately set up house in a home given to them from her parents. This house would stay with the family for four more generations. Her mother tended the house and a few farm chores while her father worked at a nearby military fort, fixing anything that needed fixed as he explained it. He would fix bridles, leaky roofs, paint, what ever he found needed done. He also farmed with a brother-in-law and never seemed to have much free time to himself. After he had lost his wife he cleaned a nearby church with his children. It seemed being busy helped him with his grief, and provided a comfortable life for his family. After three years of being without a wife he met a lady and soon was remarried. She took over the house with ease, and the children adjusted to her well. Her family had came to this area reaching out into the frontier for the Lutheran Church. This was how they met at the only church in the area, even though he had been raised Catholic. They went on to have five more children and this oldest daughter soon became a babysitter and even helped with the delivery of a few of her siblings. All the children were born in the same bedroom and in later years her first child also.

It was funny what made her think about people in her past. One person in particular came upon her mind almost everyday, her mother. He new mother was always nice to her, as long as she stayed within the rules of her house. They traded a lot of chores around the house when she came, but her real mother always stood out in her memories. It was the way she swept the floor, darning socks or many of the household duties she performed. Even humming often brought back her fondness for music. Today she walked past a small metal bucket and remembered her mother’s praise when her father brought it home to show what he had made at his work. She bent down and felt all the smooth seams and thought how smoothly her life had gone before she lost her mother. She hummed a hymn, and danced swinging the bucket around. A pair of brothers peeked in and started laughing. She turned around rather startled from her daydream, and they were met with a glare. This was a glare not to ever want to have made toward you, a look she would perfect throughout her lifetime. When they quietly entered they apologized for scaring her, but really enjoyed the moment. They were then told this wonderful story of their father making this bucket and how their mother told this same story to many of her friends. She breezed through a few thoughts and followed them out to play some tag in the front yard. Her mother loved to stand and watch them play in this yard she reminisced. She stood just outside of the door, with her apron tied trim, enjoying the artful games. When she smiled and laughed it was her mother’s laugh, a part of her she didn’t remember.

to be continued.....


  1. It's interesting how things about our parents come out in us unbidden. Learned or genetic, but there they are. Lily and the butterflies. Lovely images.

  2. Hi There, I'm back after a few weeks off from blogging. Hope you are doing okay. I have missed all of my blogging friends --but needed that break!

    Gorgeous photos.

  3. So lovely. I enjoy your photography so much.

  4. really wonderful photos. hard pressed to pick a favorite. nice little story too.

  5. I expect that anytime now the monarch butterlies will start coming through- And I agree that all little dogs love walks in the woods- Miss Betsy

  6. My Grandmother use to stand on the porch in Hher apron as well... Sweet memory... Thanks for that!
    Glad Miss Lily enjoyed the walk... Gorgeous shots!

  7. Love that Zinnia! What an amazing color combination. :)

  8. Enjoyed the fall walk, what a smart little dog Lily is to have thought of it. Waiting for the story continuation as well.

  9. That zinnia is indeed lovely. I also liked that picture of the fern-like plant. It looks so delicate, and the sun seems to be shining on it just right to make it look almost three dimensional.

  10. Beautiful, but kind of sad! What happens next, Steve? You can't leave me hanging...

  11. Another beautiful série, Steve !
    I see Lily loves to walk out in the prairie.

  12. So beautiful pics Steve... I enjoyed looking over your work.
    Take care

  13. I always loved the three tenors. Even when they raised money regularly for PBS. :)

  14. Little dogs rarely object to a walk anywhere :)

  15. I might have a bad day now and then - all I have to do is come here and look at your photos and I feel much better. Thanks.

  16. You got a cute little dog! And i love the Ave Maria!

    I haven't seen much butterflies lately, i think it is too cold or we had to much rain or something.

    And the Holsteins do show. Some people pay big bucks for a baby calf to a certain mommy or (normally) daddy.



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