Friday, September 16, 2011

Scene One

Gazing high
Into the sky
Watching clouds
Gently drifting by
I hear a song
That song of life
Drifting on a gentle prairie breeze.

Milkweed so soft
Drifts by me today
Out on the prairie
Playing hard today.
When the asters return
I hope they have some room
To fit into the beautiful landscape
I so enjoy to share with you.

Through a lifetime one accumulates particular behaviors which either thrill or irritate the people they live around. Most of us try hard to be a crowd pleasers and live in harmony with those we live near, but you can't always please them all. There always can be that certain person who with the slightest behavior starts a procession of close watch to keep tabs on your behavior. Now you may not find it as offensive, but all won’t agree with you. They may be nodding their heads, but they do that wherever they go, and save the fine thoughts for when they return to their home. Then, perhaps until the end of time, your soul is tarnished.

She wore that doomed look whenever anything was what she felt improper. Grandchildren were sent to a yearly visit, only to live under certain lifestyles they reserved for this house. Lights left on, or rugs left scrunched were common actions that savored the same reaction of what one doesn’t do, or leave done. It never seemed to repair what children do, and they were often reminded it was because they were like their father. This seemed really fun to all the boys and the girls wondered why not like their mother, perhaps because they liked to play baseball or fish. In fact nobody ever knew what she had against this man except he was just the person he was. Nobody ever heard a proper answer throughout the rest of her life. In later years one might see he had a humorous side to him he often found funny, but irritating this fine lady was something he never knew he did. That is unless someone told him days after it happened, so there was no repair.

Now this is a man many looked upon as a person with a heart of gold. He always was helping those in need; telling stories and playing catch with the kids of the neighborhood. Once the football left his hand it was sailing down the street to replay a play from his youth. Often kids would hang out waiting to see how far he could throw a pass. Little did they know if he went inside and clenched his shoulder after playing, he never gave up on fun. He often sent one of the kids in to grab a beer for he or any of his neighbors that came out to join in a bit of youthful sport. A cigar clenched in his teeth and off whizzed another pass until his wife called out to say his team was playing on the television. With desperate pleas he did an encore with a few more passes, missing some of his sacred game. His wife would describe him as being a little rowdy during these games. That was an understatement, the whoops and hollers sounded like there was a crowd at times, with one person making all the noise.

Perhaps she had caught him in the football season, with the game going and probably a beer and cigar. These all could have worked against him A few mothers often have this similar anxiety. You were just not good enough for their son’s and or daughters. So through the years this little charade of kindness she evoked, evil never was repaired. Weeds pulled, trees planted, compliments on every meal could never cure the dislike. His marriage continued and flourished, even though his wife was often reminded of her folly. They were a happy couple and had six children between two marriages for each. There was another holler and scream as a friend nearly chipped in a hole in one in the homemade golf course going through all the neighbor’s yards. Three middle-aged children trooped through to make that final chip shot or putt. All their kids crowded around to see that famous putt or perhaps ending the best round of the day. be continued


  1. I think I understand what you're saying about that one moment when you look at a person you know well and see something different in them, and then they no longer attract you as before.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Steve, except for that spider, of course. :) The group of flowers, after the spider, were especially lovely.

    I had an elderly aunt who took offense at something my brother-in-law had said from his own particular sense of humor. From then on, she refused to attend family gatherings at their house and never had a kind word for him. The result was more harm to herself than to my brother-in-law, who had no idea he had offended her. Anger and bitterness always do more harm to the person who harbors them than to the object of that person's anger.

  3. The New England asters are gorgeous. Most of our haven't opened yet. I really liked you yard flowers. So bright they almost glowed. :)
    We went downt to Dubuque last week and had a surpise on the way....

  4. some people you just cannot please ever. that's their problem then.

  5. Your wild flowers are still so pretty. I love all the insects. But that spider is a little creepy..Ha! I have a small one just outside my window and I watch it sometimes. Now I don't want to wash the window..LOL He has part of his web on it. Not sure what kind of spider it is. As long as he stays outside. It was 36 degrees here this morning and frost warnings for tonight. It's cool but I love it. It's just sad when all the flowers and greenery dry up. Everything looks so bare when winter comes. Have a nice weekend!

  6. Hi Steve,
    I so enjoy your beautiful pics. These flowers are just so pretty. Enjoy the last days of summer and have a wonderful weekend!...Heidi

  7. Steve I liked the orb weaver best. We had one in the compost pile last year and it was fascinating to see how the dinner captures were wrapped in a sort if cocoon.

  8. As much as I don't like spiders, that one in the picture is amazing looking.
    Couldn't agree more with "you can't please everyone"

  9. Small cuts, accumulated, can destroy relationships.

    But, that is one beautiful spider and I love even the word 'prairie.'

  10. I love how you write in such a way that it means different things to each of us. It inspires thought instead of just telling us what to think. Hope that came out right and makes sense.
    You still have so many beautiful flowers.

  11. so many excellent colors in this post, lots of awesome photos. There were a couple of those spiders at my parents house last week. I watched them intently, but never got any good shots of 'em. Fun to watch though!

  12. Thanks for clearing up the Viceroy/Monarch mystery for me, I was hoping you would stop by my blog. Your photos are eye candy as always, I love this time of year!

  13. Scene 1 is beautiful....

    People are tricky. Relationships are hard. It seems we all have things to learn about ourselves and others- and I often wonder if I will ever get it right!

  14. haha i tend to agree with Linda! Great shots except the spider!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Hey I have a question about the first photo. Are those flowers part of a plant that grows to be about 9 feet tall? If so, do you know what they're called? I've seen those before, and they're beautiful.

  16. Love the Jerusalem Artichokes.. they always amaze me at how high they grow. I think Linda's last sentence reflects my own thoughts on this subject, so I'll just bow to her articulate wisdom.

  17. LOVE the poetry, Steve. You've caught my heart.xo


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