Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exploring A Streambed

Lily just couldn't leave the poor frogs alone. Because of the lack of rain this stream flowed only in real deep areas, filtering through the sand to the river.I turned around and she had ran back to the previous hole to hunt some more. It was hard to get her away.

Dinosaurs? This track was huge.
A millipeed looking for lunch.

A heart for you.

A shard of glass
It came from somewhere
Used by someone
And remains in it's travels.

Hey, there are lots of frogs here!


  1. Good post Steve!Hahaaa...
    I LOVE your sign in the sand!!!

  2. Lily and her frogs! That one rock kind of looks like a frog. It's a wonder Lily didn't go for that. So what did make the "dinosaur" print? Any idea?

  3. I'll bet that Lily was in 7th heaven with all of those frogs to 'play with'.... Hope she doesn't get warts!!!!! ha ha

    Great pictures. I agree when looking at thngs like glass or feathers, I wonder where they came from....

  4. It looks like that millipeed has made itself a rather big hole, that, or its a tail of something much bigger hiding within. I love the glimpse of that bridge in the 2nd to top photo. It looks like Lily is having bags of fun! The frogs, not so much. :)

  5. Interesting things in that creek bed. That huge print looks scary!! I wonder what it is?? Looks like your doggie loved exploring. Hope she didn't catch any of those frogs..LOL The sand looked too tempting not to write in it..Ha! Hope you are having a nice weekend and enjoy the rest of it Steve.

  6. Lily must have had a wonderful day. Sure lots of leaves down already.


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