Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Everything Is Beautiful

 Many of these Great Blue Herons flew off before I could get a shot off trying to get closer. They were thick in this shallow area off of the main lake.

This town was 37 years old before this building was built in 1912, Now there is barely a town in what was once a bustling coal mining area.
 I have to let Lily drive a bit on long trips.

 I had almost forgotten the smooth track the Missouri River made through the centuries on a trip over to Nebraska. One of the big businesses in this area is cattle, lots of them in feed lots getting fat.

 Around my yard
These celiosa grow huge blooms in very unique shapes, changing form daily. I was given a bloom years ago by a friend and clip a few blooms to reseed an area each year.

 I really like zinnas, this year I have eight varieties.

 This beauty grows a most delicious seed pod, okra.

 The tall castor beans have amazed my little friend who lives on the property behind me. I will have to put some in his yard he tells me.Last year he and his siblings picked every blossom from some hollyhocks I had back there to use in their make believe plays. I asked him where they were and he said they had blown over into their yard, eyes rolling into the back of his head. I asked him to always ask, and we are still friends. Hard to get too upset over children having fun. I aways liked to sit under the huge leaves of these castors and make believe I was in a jungle when I was his age.
I let these cosmos come up all over the yard , weeding out many. The seed is good goldfinch food and attract lots of butterflies.
Flowers grow within flowers
A playground for fairies to play
They smile at me every morning
An end my day in a happy way.


  1. Love the photos Steve! Nice Catch...
    Lily a good driver?Hahaa...Must come in handy!

  2. That shot of the Scarecrow? OMG! Made me laugh! Thanks for cheering me up in an otherwise terrible week!

  3. Aren't the zinnias beautiful this time of year, Steve? I have to remember to plant some celosia (the cocks comb type) next spring. I love it! :)

  4. Blue herons my favorite bird. Every time I see one in the wild I think they should be rare, they're so beautiful.

  5. I love the scarecrow. The zinnas are extraordinarily beautiful.

  6. What a beautiful red and yellow Zinnia, double-hued. I've never seen one of those. I have many variety in my garden and they're almost florescent, aren't they?

    Love those old barns.

  7. So sad to see town die out. I love that scarecrow, most original one I've ever seen.
    Your flowers are gorgeous. I've always liked zinnias
    Oh and the park I posted about is 30 miles east of me in Ashtabula Ohio.

  8. Ah yes the flowers of late summer, Lily definitely knows the way

  9. I love fall flowers. They are summer's last hope. =)

  10. I'd forgotten how lovely okra is--my grandmother is very southern and it was a staple in my childhood!

  11. I loved the birdhouse scarecrow. Very innovative. But that yellow and red flower steals the show. It is just gorgeous.

  12. That scarecrow looks a tad too real. The cosmos, zinnia, and celosia - so pretty in the latter days of a northern summer. Certainly glad I get to see flowers on blogs because there are none blooming around my house. Slight chance for rain this weekend. Hope so. (I can never get celosia to grow well in Texas, even in good conditions.)

  13. Beautiful flowers, great one of Lily and I enjoyed the others too, neat old barn and the scarecrow/bird feeder?

  14. Love these little tours - gorgeous flowers!

  15. You have such a beautiful garden!
    I especially love the photo of Lily driving the car!! What a lovely dog!
    Blessings and thanks for such great photos!

  16. So nice of you to let Lily drive! Beautiful flowers.


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