Thursday, August 4, 2011

Similar Situations

 Some Morgans

I have over two posts of barn quilts, I have stopped for every one I see this last month. Sometimes I like the barns just as well if not better.

 When this vehicle arrived in town it sometimes would serve hotdogs, whistles shaped like the truck and at one time hotdog shaped bubble gum which I would love to have some now.

What cheer many of you had
When you saw the watertower claim
You could live in such a cheery town
With such a lovely name.

Sing me a love song
Sing your heart out to me
The locusts all join in
A lovely symphony.

 A different pose by a Giant Swallowtail, looking it in the eyes.

Walking up the trail to the campground he saw a lone coyote just ahead coming down a hill. It alerted to his presence just as fast and turned around going back to where it came from. It was the second he had seen in the previous week. The trail back up the hill proved even harder with all the heat. He wished he had gone out in the morning. Coming up along the final leg he noticed a deer trail staying closer to a fence line. He walked as quiet as one could hoping to see anymore that were around. It was nice to have a couple sodas when he got back to his car, the wind had picked up but it was still just hot air.

An email came announcing a reunion for everyone who attended the same high school. He really hadn’t gone to too many for his own class but always had fun. It was funny to go to his last one and seeing all the gray-haired people hanging out where he was to attend. A friend asked if he thought another group was meeting there, but looking at his thin white hair he laughed that he would even be confused. He had talked so much and enjoyed himself well that he thought he might try it for this event. He wrote a few ladies to try and find out if they attended and hoped one might say he should join her. It didn’t happen, but he was happy to give it a try on his own. Always try something if you never have he thought. Life is too short to miss out on anything offered. When he retold some of his tales he often heard the excuse that they always wanted to do a particular activity. The wrong comments to say he felt, and usually encouraged them to give it a try with him.

Sometimes a sad event at getting together with friends was relating those they all shared as friends and had lost in the recent past. A sign of age is first hearing of grandparents leaving our world and then it progressed down the generations. At this part of his life very few friend’s parents were still around. He always took pride in reading a verse or offering a eulogy to the families whom had lost their loved ones. He was informed of a lose of a boyhood friend, and he thought of all what to say to address the family well. The funny thought was a nickname given to this man that often made it hard to call him by his Christian name. He sat down with a few friends and was given reviews of everyone. He had written names on a piece of paper to keep everyone straight. Each time he had to think while discussing adventures to not use his nickname. Sitting down with his mother she made all brief and to the point, she failed to remember him very well. Finally that evening he assembled with the man’s children and they all understand who he talked about when talking about the Mad Dog.


  1. Nice Morgans. I like the broad strength of them.

  2. Hi Steve, I've seen the Oscar Meyer "weenie bus" but didn't get any hotdogs or even a whistle. Also, forgot to comment on yesterday's post to say that the first shot was terrific!

  3. Steve, these images are just beautiful. You've outdone yourself.

  4. Hi Steve, Great set of pictures.... I always love seeing your area of this country of ours... So beautiful!!!

    The older I get the more I realize that death is closer to those of us my age... I get emails when another person dies in my high school graduating class... Seems like there has been several recently... Not very comforting to me!!!! ha

  5. I really like your collection of pictures this time. I guess I always do though. I love the butterflies and the horses. And I once took a very similar picture of a water pump. I like that one.

  6. Love your story and your photographs from out there again.

  7. Enjoyed the photos. You live in a lovely place to capture such beauty.

  8. I can't help but wonder if any grumpy people live in What Cheer


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