Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Out Where I Belong

 Grey-headed coneflower

 See how this Eastern Amberwing dragonfly perches almost like a bloom?

 This tiny Hairstreak is about the size of your thumbnail

 Tiny can be so unique in beauty

 Yes this is hot!

 Hackberry butterfly

 Tiger Swallowtail

 Red Spotted Purple

What cheer I have to share with you
I am out on the prairie to play
It has been described as hotter than sin
I went out and played all day
Drinking water like a fish
Now I have beauty to share with you
So come and join me in sinful play
It is something very fun to do.


  1. What a beautiful world out there..!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great day.

  2. Despite all the heat, you went and took these pics? Your tenacity is to be admired! They are really good.

    Love that dragonfly bloom!

  3. It's so fascinating seeing animals blend into their surroundings. Dragonflies are my favorites!

  4. Love These Steve!!!
    Gorgeous shot of the Sun's rays!!!
    Drink lots of water!

  5. That first cloud shot is a beauty! The Amberwing dragonfly has to be my other favorite. The 102 temperature...not so much. :)

  6. Oh what beautiful pictures of those butterflies. I especially like the Tiger Swallowtail (and don't they have fantastic names?)

    Gosh though, how hot?! Wow - stay as cool as you can!

  7. great photos and images and my oh my HOT
    What Cheer! I grew up in Iowa and we had a What Cheer also!

  8. Your photos tell a story all there own. I do hope it cools down where you are.
    Its cool here still.
    Lovely Lovely Blog

  9. Gorgeous pictures, Steve... Glad you went out in all of that heat --just to get pictures for us.... That is so nice of you... Sounds like you are glad to be home on the prairie--despite the heat.

  10. All amazingly beautiful photos but that first one I just love.
    You sure do know how to have a good time out there. Cute poem too

  11. I wrote a long comment earlier and then it wouldn't go on so I'll keep this one short. Love your photos, especially that cloud pic. I wouldn't be able to stand your heat. Is there really a place called "What Cheer" or is that just for fun?

  12. Very nice. The grey conflowers and liatris are peaking here as well.

  13. Thanks for naming the red spotted purple. I just recently found one, but I couldn't remember the name.

  14. i love your poem, and your pictures, i am glad for you beat the heat and came home with so many beautiful pictures that are indeed, hot! thanks also for your visit in my site.

  15. Sinful play on a hot summer day. My, My. Ain't you got fun? Nice pics!

  16. Beautiful sky shot to start off with and the rest did not disappoint.

  17. That first picture is incredible. I hope you have a copy framed!

  18. If such beauty is sin, I'm all for it ;)

  19. Great pictures. I LOVE that first one!

    The water tower is great too!

  20. Great picutres of those butterflies! When i try that i ALWAYS miss them! also the first picture with that dragonfly is pretty nifty!


  21. Lovely photos. To be out in the open,enjoying the freedom, breathing in the fresh air,watching beauty unfold in all its glory is an absolute bliss and luxury in these days of hectic activity solely for the purpose of getting ahead in life, amassing wealth resulting in fatigue,tension and break downs mentally and physically. I enjoyed this fascinating post.

  22. I have NEVER seen an over barn quilt until I saw your picture today.

  23. All lovely photos but those insects are especially endearing.


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