Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Few Shorts

I have no card reader and it is a long drive to look for one. Lily made me head for the lake as soon as it cooled off a bit. Here are a few shorts until I get close to home or find another reader.I have been lost in cyberland enjoying myself thoroughly. Missing you all!

Shyly walking up from the lake shore, a family stopped to say goodbye. I had enjoyed having good neighbors over a busy weekend. Weather in the 70's and 80's seemed a relief to the previous 90's and above. Yesterday I got a bit of windburn, a solid breeze blew off the lake all day.

Seagulls squawking
Squealing squeaking
Gentle waves lap
Up against soft sand
Feet slowly sinking
Walking down the beach.

A network of boats on"parade" circled the lake. It is such a lovely feeling being out on the water. I shot pictures of a regatta of kayaks and canoes. It is a weekly program for everyone to  give them a try for free. A few friends spent their day giving instructions, support and a friendly smile of encouragement.

Sun touches the water
A sizzles bright red
Sinking on past
Waves of time.

It warms and the locusts sing, can they be a sign of the weather? The night before a Cicada Killer circled around where I was eating and they all stopped. It seemed a network passed on a warning for this huge wasp. I would be at the beach but even the area surrounding the no pet zone is crowded. I may have to take a fishing pole and a chair down later.I watch some new campers struggling with a tent. I think I'll offer a smile, it looks like they will solve the problem. It is really nice out on the prairie. Gentle thoughts and well wishes are carried on a gentle prairie breeze.

Kayak cuts
Clean through
Water so clear
And gentle
It makes
Only soft sounds.

A day at the fair had been frugal. They wondered past the booths with the more bizarre foods. It was fun to watch peoples reaction when they tried them. Fried Twinkies, candy bars, just about anything you can put on a stick was offered deep fat fried. They thought made one hungry for many food not tried. I t was even worse after you left wishing you had tasted the glory of the fair. Maybe just one more fresh squeezed lemonade. The young girls enjoyed the rides the most. They were very cautious to try the more scary rides. The butter cow, the largest of all farm animals, would greet a new group of families the next day.

Families beach their boat
Comparing lives before
And after children.
Silent thoughts blended
With a proud life.


  1. What a sentimental walk through your beautiful land. I've missed you Steve.

  2. I was just wondering where you were. Glad to see a post. As much as I love your photos, it's also nice to see just your thoughts.

  3. I agree with Allison, what a beautiful sentimental walk. We're back from holiday, slowly getting into the groove - hope your summer days drift into fond memories.

  4. Lovely prose and poetry. Looking forward to pictures when you return.

  5. oh can't wait to see the photos here. your photo titles are interesting.

  6. I need to get myself a Kayak, or at least it is something I want to try.

  7. Another neat post--and I can almost 'see' the pictures to match each word (by just thinking about them)... Hope you get a card reader soon. We got one recently at Walmart... Where's the nearest Walmart to you?

  8. You've created lovely pictures with your words here!

  9. Don't Worry about us! YOU and Lily just go have some serious FUN!!!
    Will be here when you get back Steve!!

  10. I hope that Lily didn't twist your arm too hard.


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