Saturday, August 20, 2011

Charming Made Easy

A young girl about ten and three younger males approached the stage of an outdoor auditorium. It is small and has a small peeling screen at the back. A bit of make believe appears and a new show begins. Soon two of the boys run off, "Get me a cookie!", the girl yelled at them. I suspected they were staying with grandparents. Back came a broom with a few treats and they swept off the stage, as they continued their play.
Soon the girl was standing off to the side. "I'll be the announcer", she said. Each boy shyly played their directed part, not ready for a solo performance. She soon had them in the audience as she ascended back on the stage. "Louder", came from her audience, a request she had repeatably called to them. Chopping at some overgrowth with a few sticks they soon ran to get some bags to put it in. Back to the stage they stood proudly in the limelight, having cleaned up the tiny area nicely, all in an artful play.

Pop can drops
Off the chair arm
Time to dream
Of tomorrows charm.

He waved a feeble wave, campers pride.I walked over to enjoy a bit of conversation, the two were packing to head on home. The younger boy mentioned missing a good sunset picture, and he smiled having a very good folder of sunsets and sunrises for the week he could share. They traded off photo ideas while his father methodically loaded the car. This was their special camp out for the year, a once a year get together for the two travelers.

He got out his phone and showed some of his prize photos for the year. Praise was given for a job well done, and having the same hobby. Comparing cameras this kid knew more about the technical things with his equipment than he almost did. His dad asked if he was enjoying watching him from the hammock and he said it was nice to do with a smile. They talked where he could send some of his photos in to and a few contests to try. Dad was ready for some cool air conditioning, and told him it was time to go. It will be fun to see if we meet again, perhaps in the cyberworld we both enjoyed.

I tune in the radio
Looking for public radio
It tells me all I need to know
On this beautiful night
Soon I make a beeline
To watch the sun sink into the lake
What a lovely day I have had.


  1. Charming is exactly what all of it is. I see you were staying in the deluxe suite while you were away. :)

  2. I haven't been camping in so long. Maybe when it cools off this fall.

  3. Ahhh. Such beautiful images. Loved the tiny caterpillar. And the flying critter on the underside of the yellow flower.

  4. What a beautiful retelling of your experiences! And how awesome to meet a young photographer who is studied...

  5. lovely photos and what a beautiful tent.

  6. Charming indeed. We'll be heading up to Scenic state park in a few weeks for the last camping trip of the year....

  7. Now That's a fancy tent Steve!!
    And look at that catapillar! Beautiful!

  8. Your words paint pictures, Steve. LOVED the pic looking out your tent. :D

  9. What lovely and "charming" shots they all are. Yes, it does look like you enjoy nature and know how to take some great photos of it. Have a nice week. Mickie :)

  10. Have seen alot of those caterpillars here at the farm. Crazy looking! :)

  11. A lovely day indeed and you took us along too. Thank you Steve :)

  12. As Allison said, you certainly can paint a story. I love your butterfly shots!

  13. Did you wet any bait while you were camping? I do love how you tell a story, makes us readers feel like we're right there enjoying everything with you. Love the pictures!


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