Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Lovely Day

A Dicksissel sings out a tune
Out over new prairie bloom
Such a delightful melody to hear
Spreading out on the prairie.

 This got my mind wandering who I might find

 Barges full of coal going through a lock on the Mississippi River

Lily worn out from a hard day of fishing and travel

On a cliff I listened to the wind
I heard a chant, perhaps a song
A warm feeling of happiness
Wove itself all around
And was shared across the land.


  1. Oh my, that view as you come around the turn in the road with the barn and vista of rolling hills is a pretty nice one. Sorta Grant Wood like. :)

  2. Lovely photos! Ha! Ha! About who you might find..
    Like that decorated place at the bottom with all the horns and head bones. Beautiful country. That one picture of the hills looks like here. Great shot of the deer also. I wish the deer here would come during the day. When I see them it's almost dark and hard to get a good photo. I love your little doggie. She's so cute.

  3. Great pictures, Steve.. Have you come back to 'earth' yet --after getting home from your wonderful trip???? We are still struggling... ha

    Did you go and see if Honey was at the overlook?????? ha

  4. Thanks for taking us along for this drive in the country and to the locks. You have some very nice photos from the outing. But did you find a honey at the overlook?

  5. Beautiful, as always! Thanks for taking me on your trip today! (Vicariously enjoying the green!)

  6. Oh boy oh boy. You have captured some wonderful images! I love that last shot, can you imagine the stories in (and on!) that building?

    I hope you had fun trout fishing and caught some good ones!

  7. Your prairie postings make me homesick. I am not at home right now but I think I need to be.

  8. What a beautiful post... makes me want to sit out front of that store there. You and Nancy are making me homesick!

  9. I never tire of seeing what you see.

  10. Ahhhh!! You plumb wore Miss Lily Out!!Hahaa
    How many fish did you catch???
    Love the shots!

  11. lovely!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    My new blog posts are not updating in blogger/reader OR links on others' blogs
    Please come and visit!!

    Comfort Spiral


  12. So Lily has her own store named the Lily Pad
    Love that view in the second to last picture.

  13. Excellent pictures. I especially like the one of the place with all of the antlers on it.

  14. Very nice set of photos and writting, Steve.

  15. Gorgeous pictures, Steve!!! I always love the views you find; the pictures of sweet Lily and the deer is awesome! Esp. because I have finally moved and to a place I love with lots of deer at my back door. I need to get pictures of the mamma deer that peeps in my patio doors. LOL Such a beautiful, peaceful place where I can finally focus again. Have a Great day, Steve!! ~ Coreen

  16. Oh so good to be back to see your captures yet again! You take me back to I am not getting any at home right now;))


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