Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let me tell you a little story


It was so hot
That after I
Caught a fish
He asked me
For a cool drink
Before I
Put him back in
Happy to have
Made his acquaintance.

 Two colors of Teasel

 Dicksissel on a warning sign singing out his little heart to me.

 This poor bee was running circles on top of this Queen Anne's Lace.

 These tiny Eastern Amberwing dragonflies often perch on their head, perhaps to look like a bloom to draonfly eaters.

We float along on a gentle prairie breeze, and have survived four days of biking and hope that last mile is soon over for the day. I have kept the pie mode at low and never have eaten more than four pieces of pie daily to retain my youthful figure.At $2 it is a quality price to look for a filling treat.I don't pay more and love to pay a little less.One year I happened on a stand that was down to three pieces and I bought them all when she jokingly said half price .While she cleaned up I ate them out of the pan right there and felt a little full, as in not sure if I could move. The lesson I learned was always look for a fair priced piece and praise the makers.Tomorrow is an exception with Piepalooza in Colfax, Iowa. Five churches have put together a gluttony of sins in the air conditioned gym of Howard Street Christian Church.An added treat will also be cinnamon rolls. I will have a hard time choosing and always hope to get someone to share at an event like this so you can split the different flavors.

The simple life is what many people witness on this ride, and are amazed how lovely it really can be. There is a charm to me to enjoy what everybody has to share. I love to enter into these tiny sanctuaries of thought and explore what everyone has to offer. I am amazed how far people come from to participate. I have one friend who has came from New Zealand three times. As I sit back and have too much fun I think that I need to continue at this fast pace and have even more of a good time. Today I had an idea I need to travel even more since I really keep a good attitude toward life when I am doing this.Perhaps it's the people I meet.I have vowed to never pass on an invite.As I passed through the sprinkler getting sprayed by some giggly girls for my third time, I thought of the pad I write everything on in my pocket. I circled through again and hoped it was still legible.


  1. Both words and images are beautiful

  2. A customer who comes in the store all the time was telling one of the girls that he quit fishing for awhile because of the heat. He said that the fish get too soft when it's this hot. Had never heard of that before

  3. The best way to have fun is to just do it. Ride through that sprinkler! I like riding through puddles. Now that I'm older, no one scolds me for getting my jeans wet with puddle mud ;)

    Piepalooza - I'd ride my bike all the way out to the prairie for that!

  4. "Five churches have put together a gluttony of sins." :)

  5. Wonderful photos and endearing commentary on your trip, Steve. You really are a joy. :)

  6. Oh how wonderful is this blog.. You make it feel as thou I'm riding along with you.. Looking at all the wildlife, the flowers and eating the pie. I love to make pie..
    People that ride across Iowa on bycycles amaze me. My butt wouldn't last a mile~!
    Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Ride~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  7. Lovely bunch of photos you have here Steve!! Wild flowers are so pretty. I love that fish story..Ha! That cow looks like her ribs are showing. Biking with groups must be a lot of fun. Don't be eating too much of those sweet treats now..Ha! Ha! Hope that writing pad didn't get wet. :)

  8. Amen, Steve. It is the simple life that is so important. When I was in college, our college choir would tour around the state and area visiting lots and lots of small churches.. MAN---talk about fabulous food and great people.. Awesome memories.

    I'm proud of you for doing all of the biking ... For doing that, you deserve that pie... ha

  9. Love the random feel of this post!

  10. Wish I could peddle along!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  11. Sound like a perfect way to spend the summer... simple things really are the best! Happy day!
    PS What a lucky fish!

  12. I feel the same way when I travel... optimistic, invigorated, adventurous! Send a little of that pie over my way, Steve! xoxoxo

  13. Glad you stopped by! I grew up in Iowa and spent the first 30 years there! Cool to meet another native. My two oldest still live in Iowa. Oh, I remember RAGBRAI although never did it but always admired those who did! I remember when it first started ... just a few hundred and now!!! Thousands!
    Look forward to following your escapades! New follower here!

  14. thanks for stopping by my place so i could find this. you brought back all sorts of memories of when we rode from PA to CA by bicycle. we didn't have the churches full of ladies cooking food for us. this looks like the way to go! i just had breakfast but i am suddenly hungry again!

  15. ah you had some great views while on that ride...ha, i can relate to the fish as well...smiles.nice on the sprinkler, would have gone right through it as well...

  16. Nice conversation with the fish, great description of your pie philosophy!

  17. I'd have a hard time choosing between cinnamon rolls and pie myself. Glad to see how much you're enjoying the ride. I'm sure some special bonds of friendship are built during these rides. That and the pie makes it all worthwhile.

  18. My goodness ! The google translating is so bad that I cannot understand all what you have written. Fortunately, there are your photos !
    Have a great week-end, Steve !


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