Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot Summer Daze

 Tiny baby catfish

 These were all new babies this year

 A third baby is back in the tall grass

Having been gone for a week all the flowers looked very different. A few of his favorites had left for the season, but were replaced with others in their place. The shapes and textures change so fast, but there was a homey feeling out here for him. The buzz of a bee made him drift out with it and visit a few flowers up close. The steady breeze helped push away some of the summers heat. It was late in the day and prairie life had come to a standstill. He looked hopefully to see a few butterflies, but as with the day before they were sparse and very species specific. Even the birds were staying off in the forests trying to keep in the shade. Looking down a draw he saw the local group of cattle off in the distance, wading into an algae covered pond. They didn’t care that they might become green, the cool was what they needed. One stood over under a tree perhaps already having swum. Tiny white flowers about the size of a dot made with a pencil fragmented out on spindly stems of a plant. It almost appeared to be an exploded bloom when viewed up against the deep blue sky. A clump of whorled milkweed appeared and he remembered spreading the seed all over this area, expanding the plants range farther out into the prairie. It was fun to watch the silken parachutes float lazily over this lovely area. Small items today were fun to find. It was these tiny treasures that enlightened his day until he came to a small wetland and laughed how the deep purple ironweed growing had languished to twice the size it was anywhere else. A dragonfly led his thoughts off toward the lake.

Coming to the lake trail he was glad he had sprayed a bit of repellent since the gnats and other flying insects visited upon entering. It was dry along this section of trail, which normally stayed wet with a few small trickles of water coming out of the hillside. Walking into a marshy clearing he looked for a deer skull he had hung on a small tree early in the spring. He found the tree, but someone else had taken the skull off to perhaps chew on it a bit more. Small mammals visiting his yard often carried off many of the pieces he had around his planters. He often found one under a perch a squirrel often used under a huge maple. He soon found what was left from the skeleton the skull belonged to. Instead of almost assembled they lay all around a small depression in a marshy knoll. Today when he approached the small spillway it was dry so he didn’t have to take the bridge trail to get around it. Up in the meadow he saw three fawns come out of deeper grass, He knew their mother or mothers were close by. A clomping sound ahead told him he had alerted the parent and the fawns followed. He walked down to the water and looked for frogs and dragonflies. One wary bullfrog leaped with a loud splash up ahead. A tiny eastern amberwing dragonfly flew around a few other friends. He enjoyed this tiniest of dragonflies, they sometimes rested standing on their head. Perhaps this was to look like a seedpod or dead flower to predators and keep it safe. On a hot day like today, perhaps it was to stay cool.


  1. Very Nice captures. The babies from this year are growing. Lovely wild flowers. Its been raining so hard here for the last almost 24 hrs.
    Refreshing and nice.

  2. a daze is exactly what I feel like I have been in the past few days with all the heat :)

  3. So many nice images. I think my favorite was the one of the yellow flowers (lilies?) just before the one of the black-eyed susans. And what a treat to see the three fawns.

  4. your ocean is a continent!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  5. Love these images!!! (I thought you might like to read my butterfly article on shutterfly???

  6. I saw that one photo and thought "What are those?" tiny baby catfish.

    Too cute!

    Beautiful photos, as always.

  7. Great pictures, Steve. Isn't it amazing how fast those Canada Geese grow????

    Love seeing the little fawns...

    Have a good weekend.

  8. Great shots, love those "Bambi`s!"

  9. Another beautiful set of photos, Steve.
    I have already seen a silure in a big aquarium.
    Fishmen can catch some in the Loire River.
    You are a lucky man. You can see some deers.
    I have already shoot two in the neiborough's poplar field. I look for the link for you.

  10. Here is the link to watch my both deers I shoot in 2009 for the first one and in 2010 for the second one.
    To see the first one click on LA.

  11. Ah yes... I love the sound of dragonflies...

  12. Guess what? My husband gave me the ok to order some seeds for a 1/4 acre of our property. I'm going to plant a prairie garden. Have you ever ordered from or heard of Prairie Moon Nursery? They sell seed mixtures. Or is there a place you recommend???

  13. What is that black bug, is it a dragonfly? It looks rather mutinous! But then again I am not great with bugs. I love the mixture of photos you post - the flowers and wildlife together. And the write up was lovely, as ever, a real sense of the surroundings and nature.


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