Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Trails

This is the stream where I met my friend in this story.I hope you were able to read all the four installments and I plan on fishing with him and his little dog,Snip, again.

 Barn swallows burst out from beneath a bridge while looking over an area to put in my kayak.
Out on the prairie
As far as one can see
Many blooms a pretty purple
And other colors don't you see
Happiness made so easy
And carried on a gentle breeze.

This tiny Milkweed Tussock Moth caterpillar enjoys eating in a buffet with others. It is only less than a inch(2.54cm) long and was a delight to find.

Every time he went out fishing after talking to his daughter he wished he had some of his children to take along. They all had kids who were having a couple children also, he somehow forgot they were getting up in years also. All liked that he stayed active, where many of their friend's parents hardly left the home. It would have been nice to see the younger versions fishing again, it had been a quite of few years since family all got together. It was hard with their new lives and jobs standing in the way. Often he and the wife would go to one house or another for a meal, but never stay very long. A number of times they took some fish from the freezer to share with them. One grandson had found the passion and kept his parent’s freezer full with wild game and fish year round. Maybe he should call him thought his grandfather, and put that on the shelf with many other things he should maybe do. He did live a few states away from there.

The next week he went to a small river to see what it had in store. While there he met a fellow and they fished the morning away. He told him how he liked to hear about families that had lived in one area for multiple generations and soon he had story upon story stacked up. It seemed they were taking turns with the fish also. Soon they were getting hot and went up to his new friend’s car and got a few cold drinks. He invited him over, saying his wife would like to meet him and maybe eat one of his fish. The sat over a lovely meal, all the sides she said were from the night before. All afternoon and into the evening they chatted until it was time for another meal. Their friend declined to stay, but said he would get back with them when he had a story put together. They sent him down the road since he was camping quite a distance from where they lived and retold a few tales that night that they had relived earlier. Their dog even was lonely that night having made two new friends that day, and kept looking out the window for their return. A call a week later came to tell them the story was in the mail and he hoped they would enjoy it.

There was a charm telling about family and how they both had met and formed their families. This brought out many other stories, some they had almost forgotten about. Their daughter called and told them she had seen what was recorded on her computer, and wanted to get together with them to hear more. Maybe her dad could take her fishing. That was music to his hears and he saved his strength for a few days to do just that. The family had almost forgot many times spent out along the water and the thrill was overpowering. When it was time to go he felt a bit flustered and watched his wife swell up in tears not wanting to give up on the lovely moment they spent together. His daughter reminded him he could always come back and give it a try some other time and he knew he would soon.

Sometimes we take our families for granted and forget the closeness we all once held. An excuse can make this happiness get lost in the shuffle and we need to keep building our relationships so that they don’t get lost. The most precious thing one has in life is the friends and family they are part of, and it is something many of us don’t regard this way until we don’t have it anymore. Simple things we all do to make peoples life more fulfilling can add to an immense amount of happiness in a lifetime. It only takes a smile or a greeting to make a stranger a friend. So many people are out alone because they found unhappiness in their lives and shirked family responsibilities to refrain from saying, I am sorry. With marriages breaking apart so many people lose out on what can be a charming part of life for so many generations. Often when they look back they see the solution, but too late to do anything about it. Take that time to review what you have in life and reflect what can make you happy. Each day you can find a simple moment to elaborate on and carry a smile to bed with you. That happiness soars all around us in life, it is just taking the time to really notice what we have rather than what we don’t.


  1. The pictures of paths are so inviting. All the pictures made me want to get out for a while. Your story is lovely. People need to stay close to their families. I don't mean the regular call with "How are You?" and get off the phone to do whatever the call interrupted. Call and make solid plans to get together for an activity that all will enjoy. It is what families do.

  2. Great stuff, thoroughly enjoyed that post!

  3. When we were in Iowa this spring I saw a lot of that - families connected for generations.

    We'll be spending ten days on the Big Island of Hawaii in December. We invited one of our daughters and her husband to join us, and just today they emailed us to say yes. It's been years since we've spent that kind of time together, and we are looking forward to it.

  4. Hi Steve, Great story.. I love your thoughts about finding a simple story to elaborate on as it brings you so much joy. That's how George and I feel when we travel.. We look at the 'simple' things ---and there is truly, alot of beauty all around. Then--I enjoy sharing it through my blogs, just like you do...

    Beautiful pictures.... Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  5. Loved the story about your new friend...SO TRUE too. But remember, it's Never too late!!
    Love the shots...
    If I could demand my money back for the movie, I Would too!!

  6. You always seem to come up with such an interesting variety of photos and words of wisdom. Your last statement reminded me of something I heard many years ago: "Contentment is not found in getting what we want; it's found in the realization of what we have."

  7. Lovely photos. I like that fishing spot of yours. Years ago I used to go fishing a lot. It was so relaxing. You are so right about people not getting together enough like they used to. Seems they all go off into their own lives and can't take the time to visit the people that they will miss someday when they are gone. One side of my family does have a reunion each year and I always try to make it. It's the only time I ever see most of them.
    I love all your posts Steve. have you ever had a book printed from your blog here?? I have. They come out pretty nice. Take care.

  8. Your pictures are amazing. I like how you captured the barn swallows. The caterpillar is the same kind I felt fortunate enough to get a good closeup look at a few years ago. I don't see many caterpillars.

  9. It worked! Thanks Steve. I must say this post hit a lot of points with me on many fronts. My sons and family just moved to Arizona. Too far away to get together much now and go fishing....

  10. It's always difficult when family spreads far and wide but such a joy to get together again.
    Love all your photos.

  11. What a beautiful place to meet a friend !
    Wonderful set of pictures, Steve !

  12. So many different things to see this time of year. Some fading, others coming into their own. Lovely shots, Steve. :)

  13. ohwww, i had a hard time (as in NOT been able) to read your story! for whatever reason the white background here won't pop up! i'll try again later!


  14. Wonderful story and the most beautiful pictures again. Thanks for stopping by with the advice on the poison ivy/oak.

  15. great blooms, looks like a great time! I finally got out in my kayak this weekend after a way too long hiatus.

  16. Your last paragraph is simply beautiful Steve. It left me thinking.
    So true and right.
    Thank you.

  17. I LOVE the photos AND the wonderful writing!!! :D What a great message... I couldn't agree more. Even with my kids still living at home (teenagers) I am already realizing how right you are. Lately I have simply focused on my family so much I have been out of the blogging world. But friendships mean everything to me so I really hope to get better at balancing it all and taking more time to socialize.

    Speaking of being out of the blogging world lately... It was especially nice to have a visit from you after MY long silence in haitus. :) Thanks a million!!!
    Corine :D

  18. That Wheelbug is about the meanest bug around and the bite lasts about 6 weeks.


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