Sunday, July 31, 2011

End Of A Good Week

 Whorled milkweed, a favorite

I am sitting off to the side taking a break and telling stories with a group when I see a kid walking by with two pairs of scissors. All the mom's close by all wondered if his mom knew he had taken these along. They crossed the road and passed out popsicles to passing riders. Last year they had so much fun with this they came to this part of the ride and brought twice as many, a relief in hot weather to many who were quick enough to grab one. The fellow in the big umbrella joined in and he and his wife even shaded me while I shot some photos and discussed their son's hopeful career finding a job in journalism. This is the family spirit many have read that I write about in my stories. They were gone before I could learn any more, my hat is off to these lovely people.


 Over 440 miles!
The Donner Party dipping wheels for the finale to over 440 miles . You start dipping in the Missouri River and end in the Mississippi River. Would you want to be invited to eat with this club?

 One of my favorite clubs-The Marilyn's

Here I sit at home without any cares
It has been a long hard journey
Riding across this beautiful land, hello out there
Now safe and sound out on the prairie.

Friday, July 29, 2011

One Day At A Time

 A simple life
 The sun peeks
 Gracefully sharing it's warmth to the flowers and trees out on the prairie

 As the sun breaks up a few clouds a lone bike rider breaks over a hill

 Followed by thousands

 Lily finally gets to go to church

Someone stopped me
And asked about the dog
How old is it, still a pup
They had one that was white
When they left she waited
For the next bit of attention

 And as seen here below three isn't a crowd

The sounds of the night
Seemed to have faded away
As her lips approached mine
In the tenderness of moonlight
I thought of all in a quiet dream
With a tiny little dog crowding me
I rearranged her position again
Momentous times out on the prairie.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let me tell you a little story


It was so hot
That after I
Caught a fish
He asked me
For a cool drink
Before I
Put him back in
Happy to have
Made his acquaintance.

 Two colors of Teasel

 Dicksissel on a warning sign singing out his little heart to me.

 This poor bee was running circles on top of this Queen Anne's Lace.

 These tiny Eastern Amberwing dragonflies often perch on their head, perhaps to look like a bloom to draonfly eaters.

We float along on a gentle prairie breeze, and have survived four days of biking and hope that last mile is soon over for the day. I have kept the pie mode at low and never have eaten more than four pieces of pie daily to retain my youthful figure.At $2 it is a quality price to look for a filling treat.I don't pay more and love to pay a little less.One year I happened on a stand that was down to three pieces and I bought them all when she jokingly said half price .While she cleaned up I ate them out of the pan right there and felt a little full, as in not sure if I could move. The lesson I learned was always look for a fair priced piece and praise the makers.Tomorrow is an exception with Piepalooza in Colfax, Iowa. Five churches have put together a gluttony of sins in the air conditioned gym of Howard Street Christian Church.An added treat will also be cinnamon rolls. I will have a hard time choosing and always hope to get someone to share at an event like this so you can split the different flavors.

The simple life is what many people witness on this ride, and are amazed how lovely it really can be. There is a charm to me to enjoy what everybody has to share. I love to enter into these tiny sanctuaries of thought and explore what everyone has to offer. I am amazed how far people come from to participate. I have one friend who has came from New Zealand three times. As I sit back and have too much fun I think that I need to continue at this fast pace and have even more of a good time. Today I had an idea I need to travel even more since I really keep a good attitude toward life when I am doing this.Perhaps it's the people I meet.I have vowed to never pass on an invite.As I passed through the sprinkler getting sprayed by some giggly girls for my third time, I thought of the pad I write everything on in my pocket. I circled through again and hoped it was still legible.