Monday, June 20, 2011

Telling Stories On The Road

A tiny little flower
I passed it and heard a sigh
I went back over the area
And there was this tiny guy.

I called to all around me
This is my favorite today
And walked on to find more beauty
Out on the prairie.

 Butterfly whisperer

 Should I pick these for a Swiss friend to fry for us?

 Smiley face barn, sort of.

 Quite the yard decoration, a friend of my father had over 40 tractors in a huge barn he built for them.

 Tree Swallow

 Twelve-spotted Skimmer (male)

 A 150th year for this family

This poor White Pelican lost its mate in November and braved out the winter on this tiny river island ever since. The mate lays real close to where its standing, I have been watching since I found the fallen bird. A sad love tale, I am surprised it  hasn't joined with other flights that have come around.


  1. Oh, poor baby; that bird...makes my heart sad for him!
    Love your photos Steve, as always. The butterfly whisperer is magnificent :)

  2. You really are a butterfly whisperer, aren't you? :)

    I saw the smiley face on the barn before I read your caption. Great capture. And the tree swallow is beautiful. Another wonderful capture.

  3. When you walked on to find more beauty you certainly found it. Now how do you go about getting those butterflies to land on your arm and pose for you? :)

  4. You can FRY those flowers?????

    I did not know that!

  5. I believe its good luck to have a butterfly land on you :) Lucky you!! And I couldn't help but smile back at the barn "smile".

  6. Oh I love your captures...and what a wonderful capture of the butterfly and whisperer:)
    And YES! Get our Swiss friend to cook those up for us:))

  7. You've shown us another wonderful series of photos Steve, you live in a very beautiful part of the country. How sad about the pelican.

  8. Your photos are fantastic -- I look forward to your posts! Tree Swallows are a favorite of mine and there is a pair that returns to our acreage every year to nest in a bluebird house.

    Poor pelican. I'm surprised he hasn't left the area with others, too. I've seen Canadian geese mourn like that.

  9. Love the shots. Reminds me of a lot of what I've been seeing on my internship in North dakota! Thanks for sharing

  10. I believe the little flower at the top is called 'venus looking glass'.

  11. Enjoyed this tour, Steve. The butterfly on your arm was wonderful.

  12. Good morning from Greece.
    There is always more beauty waiting to be found by you out there in the prairie.

  13. I'll fry those up for you if you don't mind holding your gut for two days. :) Or wait! I could exercise temperance and fry just a few! Novel idea.

    Also... beware...those flowers you photographed are not elder blossom. I don't know if you can eat them. They're trying to trick you!

    Love the shot of you driving your car with the butterfly on your arm. Did Lily take that picture?

  14. Beauty all around there. SO sad about the bird and its mate though....

  15. I see situations like that with the pelican every once in awhile. I'm always sad, and it brings my mind much closer in sympathy with all animals.

  16. I love to have the possibility to see the american countryside though your beautiful photos, Steve.

  17. I was all smiles until the last photo. Nature can be cruel at times. Could you find another mate for this poor pelican? :)

  18. I read on Ellen's that rain is following you...please, come for a visit!

    Great photos.

  19. Now you can add Butterfly Whisperer to your credits! Nice photos as always.


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