Monday, June 27, 2011

On The Road Again

Who's that
Have you seen it before
Look at that one
A favorite by far
Another new flower
Bird , insect or tree
A reverence for all
Out on the prairie.

Flies right by
                                                And never
Shall we meet again.

 Along the Mississippi River

 Crayfish burrow

 Coral Mushroom

 I like to always catch a few bass when I am close to water.

 Lily and Sicily protecting me and all the shelled corn below a tree in my backyard from Lucky the squirrel


  1. Great shots, looks like you had fun fishing and attracted the attention of curious squirrels.

  2. Ha! The pictures of the squirrel, dog, and cat tell a story. Hope Lucky's luck continues to hold out. :)

  3. Hi Steve, that freshly caught fish looked really good and bet it tastes even better cooked on an open grill. Looks like you are having a great road trip. I've seen more butterflies in the past couple of posts here then in our yard despite all the wildflowers in bloom.

  4. Hey Steve! Like your new, bright and shiny blog format.

    Looks like the fishing was good. Any flood problems along the Mississippi?

  5. great pics and what are those things nestled in the crevice of that tree?

  6. So are we all invited over for the fish fry?
    That shot of the squirrel is so cute. Good thing you have your guards there to watch over things though

  7. So glad you have Lily to protect you from the mean squirrel :). Lovely photos, my milkweed is just showing buds. Nice shot of the swallowtail, I am not seeing many butterflies yet this year for some reason.

  8. Ok! i got these holes in my yard too!!! but is still don't know what a crayfish is!!!! Maybe i should google it! haha

    Thanks and the pics look great

  9. Beautiful shots! Now, when's the fish fry?

  10. Reverence lives at this blog

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  11. I already saw the Mississipi River from a plane?
    and the Missouri too.
    I love this serie, Steve. Very good shots of the squirrel.

  12. Hey... look at you with little Lily-dog gone fishin'! Save one for me...

  13. Hahahaaa...What a CUTE shot of Lucky!
    It also looks like you're having a FUN time fishing...I'm envious!!

  14. I love the train and river boat. I like that little frog but of course my favorites are the squirrels. Love those faces..Ha! looks like you have the perfect spot for fishing!!

  15. There is NOTHING else like the Mississippi River in the US. Really good post, the photos are an essay in their own rite.

    I'm starting my bass fishing this Friday, now that they are off the beds up here. I'll let you know how I do!


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