Thursday, June 16, 2011

On the lake

With the new tickseed bloom the Gulf Fritillary butterflies have arrived and were all around the lake this week teasing me to follow.

 Turkey Vulture

 Trumpeter Swan on nest!!!!

 Tiger Swallowtail

 Black Swallowtail

 Northern Watersnake

 Widow Skimmer



  1. This morning I found a frog in the pool. It was still alive. I took this animal with the landing net and put it in the pond.
    No beautiful butterflies here yet and no watersnake neither in the pool nor in the pond !!!

  2. I know it had only been three days, but I missed your posts. So glad to see you again!

    Great photos today, Steve. Especially the swan. That must have been exciting! :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos!! LOVE the trumpeter swan! I have to go check out the areas where we have them at our lake and see if they're back this year.

    Northern watersnake?? OMGosh are those in Iowa?? Well, THAT will keep me out of the water from now on. LOL!

  4. Beautiful shots! The prairie is a busy place this time of year!

  5. Great photos Steve!! Love those goats all looking at you like that..It will be great to see the baby swans. Beautiful butterfly pics also and those snakes are neat! I think those Cowbirds that were around here went elsewhere and I'm glad. I have yet to see any other bird feeding a stranger..Ha! Have a nice day.

  6. Darling pics, Steve! I love those lil' goats.

  7. You've managed to capture some great butterfly shots. That frog looks huge. And what a treat to see the swan on its nest. I hope you'll have an opportunity to follow the progress of that family and show us updates.

  8. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful. Your talent is amazing!I'm going to be following your blog, because I love photography!

    Thanks for coming by and commenting on my "Go love someone" post. Come back to see me!!

  9. Love the butterflies,,,keep the snake up there please, and are those all sheep?

  10. What a Gift to see that swan on its nest!!!
    Are those snakes poisonous? Would they slither into your kayak?
    Lovely captures as usual....glad to come back over here -as always!!!!

  11. I just found you and haven't read back yet but I have to ask, is that your sheep? What kind? These are nice photos. I had no idea a swan nest was so big.

  12. Good eye! Thanks for sharing your Iowa springtime.

  13. FANTASTIC photos! The snake photo is great. How I use to worry about water snakes when I was a girl in Utah. :)

  14. Love these latest pictures Steve, and thank you for popping over to my blog and identifying the Eastern Kingbird. Really appreciate finding out about him.


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