Monday, June 13, 2011

A Fitting End

 Pennsylvannia Leatherwing on a Dogbane blossom

 Purple Coneflower

 Daisy Fleabane

 Female Widow Skimmer Dragonfly

 Female Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly


 Female Red-winged Blackbird

These tiny yellow flowers are really unusual. Click to see them even better!
She walked down a ravine and looked for a good place to sit. The call had came to tell her that she had lost a friend she really loved. It was hard to take even though she often fielded similar calls to areas of the hospital she worked at. It was always different, but she knew he was with her today, and everyday. There is something in every person we meet that will stay with us forever if we really have respect for that person. A friendship can be just as strong as family ties for many people. She felt a part of this family and loved every moment she had spent with her dear friend. When she first met him she found him a bit different than anyone she knew, and that became a bond for both of him and her. He had never explored the world as she showed him and he showed her a totally new passion to enjoy life. A butterfly flitted past and she knew it was a Skipper, one her friend always laughed at the name.

At the coffee shop news had spread fast and many shared their stories for a similar experience. This wasn’t a new experience for many and they all loved her friend and all of his stories. The heard him speak a lot, but really knew little about him. A few of the men had already taken a collection and wanted to do something special for their friend. She told he wanted everything simple and had one simple request. Having everyone celebrating him as a friend and trying to build with others to make this world happy was his request. He often told about greeting someone each day and the happiness it promoted within his heart and that of others. He would return home in a small box of ashes to be spread out on the pasture. Everyone gave her their address to let them know when that would happen. She smiled as she thought of seeing her new friend, his daughter again. She went into town and got some worms to go fishing that evening.

A smile greeted her coming down the aisle from the airline arrivals. It was good to see her friends, both old and new. His smile lingered on his daughter’s face and now she realized the attraction. They hugged and both began talking at the same time. The conversation started as if they hadn’t been apart and soon they just stood and held each other. Feelings were strong and tears came easy, and went away fast. Getting out to the parking her friend looked at the dusty truck and commented hearing stories about the bumpy roads that it had conquered. She laughed since her friend’s father always asked why she hadn’t bought something a bit more comfortable, and usually took his vehicles. It was still a good truck and held some great memories. They rode out to the farm looking at all the beauty of the day. It was a charming morning spent together and would lead to an even stronger bond between these ladies. Their happiness soared out over the prairie, carried on a gentle prairie breeze.

When they had the service all they asked was if someone would like to speak. His daughter had given a brief story of family and left the rest to all his friends to share a good moment. It was hard for some, but offered solace to many. At the end she went up and gave her little speech, telling of their last time together. She told of the new friend she had acquired and how they were similar in so many ways. A cow mooed off in the distance, a small group was watching the people as they spoke. She looked over and smiled knowing these animals were also his family. She told of calling them as part of a daily routine, and bellowed out her best call. Her friend followed this and soon all were trying their best laughing together how the herd approached and seemed curious about what they were doing. They walked up toward the house and all felt the happiness coming in through the pasture surrounding them. A few had been out for a first time and wandered around the barn looking over the tools and stalls. It was a new experience in an old land and shared today by many. A final tribute to Cowboy, and the wonderful life he had.


  1. I don't know how you get those dragonfly pictures. They never seem to hold still long enough for me.

    Judging from the way the Amish buggy is tied, I'm guessing its occupants are visiting garage sales. We see that a lot here, too. Sometimes they hire drivers to take them in a van, pulling a trailer, to go to neighborhood association garage sales.

  2. Loved these! Those daisies are so strong and delicate at the same time!

  3. Love the shots! Dragonflies are so hard for me to catch in a shot!

  4. Thanks for the name of the daily-like flower (fleabane), Steve. I took a photo a while back and didn't know the name of it! :)

  5. Lovely photos and a heartfelt story of tribute and remembrance.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Your wildflower shots make me believe spring is finally here.
    The end of your story brought a few tears and some smiles. I hope that when my end comes, it is as peaceful and full of love as the Cowboy's.

  7. I, too, am amazed at your dragonfly shots - great job! Enjoyed your story - especially the ending and the barn. Have been there --

  8. Not quite sure why but I have always loved purple coneflowers.
    Wonderful story. It sounds like more of a celebration of his life rather than mourning his death,

  9. Lovely photos as usual. Are those honey bees in that one pic? Are you gathering honey?? I like the colorful Dragonflies also. It's great to be remembered by close friends when we pass on.
    We have lots of Amish in this area also. When my sister had a lawn sale they came. I wanted to take their picture but they don't like their faces in pictures for some reason but said I could take it as they were going back down the rode. Once in a while I'll see a wagon in the Walmart parking lot. I always feel sorry for the horses.

  10. Always beautiful, and such a sweet story. Thank you Steve.

  11. "There is something in every person we meet that will stay with us forever if we really have respect for that person." What a beautiful observation.

  12. Love the end of the story. Is it really going to be the end?:(
    You have an eye for beauty! Your captures are stunning. Love the cone flowers!

  13. Always such wonderful images to see when I stop by here. I always breathe a little easier.

  14. GREAT pics, Steve. That first one is fabulous and I sure do like that fifth one. Coneflower is so pretty. Maybe I should seed some....

  15. I visited a cow-boy country, the Wyoming.
    The last photo reminds me a hamish horse carriage I saw in a very nice movie.

  16. We have cone flowers & the girls just love to bring them in to put them in a vase :)

  17. Your pics are so beautiful. I love all the wildflowers, they are just so pretty. I see the bees are busy and that is good, looking forward to some fresh honey.


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