Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunny Daze

 A tiny rock garden I made in a large bowl shaped planter.

 Grasses in full bloom

 Crane flies

 Mother Wolfe Spider carrying her egg sac under her abdomen.

 Golden Alexander


 Some Red and Black ants, in the Formicia family. They build some large mounds in open grasslands, this was huge.

Prairie Rose

He didn’t call his daughter, but she soon called him to check in. He wanted to tell her right away, but listened rather intently this time to all that had happened in her life. He smiled because he still saw her as his baby, even though she hated to even hear the name. She soon asked and he told her he had been going for some tests and they found a couple of tumors, not much to worry about. When she asked where he told her, and could hear her voice falter miles away. She asked about treatment and he said he was to return. She wanted to go along, and they talked about cows for the rest of their conversation. She said she would call back before the appointment, and hung up. He hoped he hadn’t hurt her feelings bad, but it was hard not to do.

A series of appointments followed by treatment began quickly. He enjoyed the attention he received, but hated the consequences to have gotten it. There had to be something going all the time that he really hadn’t spent as much time at the coffee shop. When he did go others had talked with him and kept everyone updated. He sat and liked to find a tale to tell, but they were thinning out from what had been a part of his life before. When fishing came up he said he needed to get out again and try, and the fish stories all came out of the woodwork. Everyone had a tale to share and the laughter spread all over the room.

In walked a lady who worked at the hospital he went to for his treatment. She had always a nice thing to say to everyone that came in and liked to joke with him. He waved her over and someone gave her their chair to sit in. He told her everyone was telling fishing tales, but there were no fish to show. She laughed and told her most recent tale about catching a giant catfish. Everyone listened and a few of course wanted directions to where her special place was. She smiled and said she only took a few. He smiled and said he was available any time, and she said it was a date soon. The weather was only allowing a few sunny days each week, so it was hard to get out. He laughed thinking how many times he fished in the rain.

The day to enjoy fishing arrived just as she offered. They went to a large pond and she carried chairs and equipment in for both of them. He had a hard time walking on the uneven ground, but kept quiet about it. They didn’t have to go far and she sat them all up. He laughed not having his trusty net at his side, but she said she had all they needed packed. A tiny bluegill jerked hard on his line and the day was set to catch a number of fish. The water barely had a ripple and was fun to watch what else was around. She talked how she enjoyed just going out, and didn’t always catch a lot of fish. This gave him a smile since he could hear his voice saying the same thing. A small breeze cut a “V” through the water and he found what he had needed to feel good. He shared a few stories of his family going fishing and told how he hoped his daughter would come out with him again. Over the ridge came a bellow from a cow. He looked at her and let lose his best call, making her laugh in amazement. The conversation quickly pursued that direction along with size comparisons of all the fish caught. A tug at his line almost pulled his pole in and he knew a large fish was on the other end. Holding tight it soon jumped up to show itself, a largemouth bass. She grabbed the fish up and took it off the hook when he finally reeled it in. Handing it to him she took his picture with this prize.


  1. Oh, how Pretty it is there! Like that rock garden...
    And the spider??Hahaaa....I'm Running now!!
    Happy weekend!
    STILL having comment and sign in problems...

  2. Nice rock garden. The picture of the spider with the egg sac was a great catch. I am enjoying the heartwarming tales of the cancer patient. I do hope the treatments are successful.

  3. Hi Steve, I always enjoy your pictures.. You have so much beauty to share with us. Love the Killdeer and especially, the semps in your first picture... I LOVE Sempervevum (as you probably know).

  4. I'm paying for the day I took off yesterday by playing catch up tonight with everyone :)
    Just love all the flowers and little creatures in all your pictures. I think the best creature of all though had to be sweet little Lily in your last post ;)

  5. Nice photos, Steve, but...ugh!...I hate spiders, especially wolf spiders who are about to bring more wolf spiders into the world. I'm glad the man in your story is finding ways (and people) to distract himself from his troubles.

  6. I love miniature landscapes such as your little rock garden. And the prairie rose is so beautiful in its simplicity.

  7. Sweet story. Life can take is in directions we never would have imagined. Great pictures too, though I had to shudder at the spider. :)

  8. The spider freaked me out in a BIG way, Steve. Oh gosh... I'm still itching down my back!! Shame on you! :D xoxo

  9. Love the little rock/succulent garden, not so sure about the spider :). Nice photos as always.

  10. Love the little rock garden. And the prairie rose of course. My yellow one is blooming now. So pretty. :)

  11. Such pretty shots. But I do not like spiders!! No matter how great the capture! They just FREAK me out :)

  12. You have a way of speaking volumes in such an understated way, and the gift to make us love the characters you bring to life. Love the photographs too. Simply beautiful, so glad I popped over!

    Oh darn, blogger is playing silly buggers with me and is refusing to post me up as Shrinky - mehhhh..

  13. Hi Steve, it's so nice to be able to catch up with your blog posts after a couple of days of no commenting. I removed the enbedded comments and switched to pop-up comments on our blog after a suggestion from another blogger (Sandra). Hopefully blooger will remain bug-free for awhile - at least until I get to read and catch up on comments. We recently spotted several kildeer hanging around the RR tracks - a favorite nesting spot based on the past couple of years.

  14. Another lovely story Steve. And the photos were great. I was particularly interested in your Mother Wolf Spider. I find as I get older that I have developed a keen interest in a variety of insects. I haven't taken any in a while but when I have I know it is because of a long lens camera that I have that is almost as good as a macro. For one thing I don't have to get too close to disturb them - or me - if they move a little too quickly ;) Thank you for identifying two of my flowers. I misidentified the common thyme but thanks to another commenter Pat, she told me that what I had was actually Lavender. So surprised about that one. Apparently I have never seen Lavender in full bloom!!!

  15. Very nice photos Steve. I see that little frog in one of them. I've been killing spiders similar to those almost every day in my apartment. They look like miniature tarantulas..yuck.
    I like your rock garden. Very nice. Enjoyed this chapter of your story. Have a nice Memorial Day.

  16. Oh wow. That spider is too much for me but great shot. I have to see if the Wild Roses are in bloom here but I do think its too early . We have had such a late start and frost a few nights ago.
    Have a wonderful day. Loved my visit here again.

  17. I love the rock garden you made.


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