Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

A mother is a special person
For both you and me
There are no stores to buy one
It's not the way to be
Our mothers bring us into this world
And make our lives bloom
So one day out of the year
We pay tribute to those we owe our lives to.

Strawberries in bloom in my yard

Calling a friend to see if he was going to look for any mushrooms in his area he told her of some despairing news. His mother had gotten an infection and needed to go to the hospital for a week. When she came home, things were not working like they had before. He had a lady come in daily to help with her needs of the day. This hurt a bit to hear, her parents had been gone for quite some time, and this parent had taken that position over in her life. She offered to come sit with her and help, but he only thanked her and said everything was fine. She could hear a quiver in his voice and knew this was real hard on him.

Two churches were offering separate dinners for the weekend so she didn’t want to miss these. She stopped and took her friend out for lunch to clear his mind and both set in with mushroom stories. They laughed looking back through the years at how many they had found. It was a happy time to share these wonderful stories and soon a man behind them wanted to know what they had found hearing that precious word- mushrooms. It was funny to tell a few more stories and never give up the locations they secretly held dear to their hearts. The woods was calling her name after hearing all these stories, and she hated not getting her friend interested in going out. Maybe the next year he said, and this seemed like he knew his life would be different then. His mother had seen parts of two centuries and had lived a full life. She just wasn’t ready to hear of her leaving this world. Friends like this seemed like they were a forever deal. She remembered reading that we start our demise as soon as we are born, but that seemed silly at the time. Nothing lasts forever, as was the story of her looking for the tiny mushrooms she wanted to find this time of year.

Heading out she almost missed her turn of a favorite area she had gone to for years. The green was a variety of shades and called out to her to enjoy all the new life in the forest. Flowers were thick, and she often wished they would stay longer. She started down a deer trail and looked for a good spot. Soon she was miles from her van and started back toward where she had started. The scenery all around had captured her attention more than thoughts of finding any mushrooms. Her conversation at lunch relived itself in a number of different thoughts and ideas how she could better her friends situation. He wasn’t a real open person with sentimental thoughts, so it was hard to see him in this situation. A bird called from a tree above her and she smiled seeing her first bunting of the season. This had been a good area to catch their migration this time of year, so she often came to look for them. One year a flock had stopped to fuel up and there were over a hundred of these colorful birds all around her. She held out her hands and thanked all that had made this event possible. When she got back to her van she again thanked the land for such a nice day, and offered a prayer of health and happiness to her friend and his family. Her thoughts drifted out of the forest and followed her out across the prairie.


  1. Beautiful tulips. It's just hard to look at a bunch of tulips, with their gay colors, and not feel like smiling. Same thing happens when I see a little black dog standing on a log with the tip of her pink tongue showing. Thanks for the smiles today.

  2. Your photographs are always so wonderful. and I love the stories. I live in an open agricultural area right now and it has it's beauty but I miss living with woods and creeks. your photos bring that out.

  3. Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers.

  4. That was a very poignant story. It seems that there is so much to be thankful for even at the times we are the most unsure of the future. My parents are no longer alive and I miss them every day, but I carry them with me in every way because I am of them. I also liked your Mother's Day poem. Is it an original?

  5. Steve,
    I love the tribute to moms...they are definitely one of a kind creatures, aren't they!
    Yes, it would seem that the minute we are born, our demise begins. I know we don't like to think of it in that way, but it's true...all we can do is share our story so it continues to leave a trail onto the Earth...
    thanks for the super photos...

  6. Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms around the world! Nice tulip pics, I bet my Mom would like it and same with me! What's the name of the dog?

  7. pretty tulips, sweet Lily and strawberry plants. A perfect mother's day post

  8. Your photos are a wonderful Mother's Day gift. The tulips are so lovely!


  9. lovely post- as usual for you :-)

    Saturday evening Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  10. Love your stories. Third person in a blog is uncommon, I've found.

    Thanks for your help in experiencing Iowa. It was unforgettable.

  11. Lovely photos Steve! Lucky you. You got strawberries in your yard..ha! I like that Mother's poem. Very nice. And your story reminded me of when I used to go mushroom picking or finding the puff balls up near my grandparent's farm. Have a great day!

  12. Beautiful pictures for Mom's day. I love the snail shots!

  13. The pictures with the bees are good. I like bee pictures more than most others. Soon the bees will be out everywhere.

  14. Lovely photos and texts as I'm used to read and enjoy everytime I visit your Blog.

    Kind regards,


  15. Such lovely Mother's Day images. I love that little dog on a log in a blog! ;)

  16. Beautiful Post. Love the photography also

  17. What a special story Steve!
    You tell them SO well!
    Love the photos!

  18. You are such a sweet man... I wish I could have invited you to dinner on Sunday. You had a great mother... remember her cinnamon rolls? I haven't forgotten. Hugs, Steve.


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