Thursday, May 5, 2011

Loving Forever

As I pet her

I feel something on her head

Pulling back the fur

I find a small tick instead

I pulled off the leathery body

And off the poor dog fled

Under my other desk hiding

You took away a new friend.

Bill at identified this fern as a Hay Scented Fern that smells good when crushed. He is in New England and a real pleasure to read his articles.

Jack in the Pulpit

Shelly at identified this as a Red Velvet Mite. Shelly is in NW Missouri and one of my favorite people to share insects I have found.



He had been a loner growing up, working on the family farm until he married, in his late twenties. If something needed fixed, he would be the repair person with his ingenuity and patience to get the job done. Tactfully he had expanded the tiny home of his parents almost twice as large, mainly using salvaged materials he had from tearing down buildings. Already this new land was an old land again. He worked hard as a farm hand and his wife took on a job at a nearby prison. They raised nine children who all spread out on this prairie and settled in other lands.

He had become a deacon in his church and a leader amongst the community. Life was simple and he never had a worry, even when money matters were tight. He could always find someone who needed something done with his carpentry skills, and would help his family over the threshold. His wife came home that night and was feeling tired. She went straight to bed and he had to tend to some livestock. He came home and peeked in at her and she looked fast asleep. He went in and cleaned up and sat reading a book before going to bed. When he came in his wife didn’t look the right color. She didn’t answer if she needed anything and he felt her forehead, finding it very cold to the touch. She had passed away in her sleep.

Things just couldn’t get finished for quite some time. He moped around and didn’t talk too many. His pastor would stop for some rather heartfelt discussion and offered him strength in recovering from his lose. Soon he found a few things he could cook, but often went into town and ate at the hotel. They made gravy just like his mothers that made him feel good eating. He often had tried to fix it but it would have been better glue. The mass he construed was a terror to even get out of the pans sometimes. Best to let the professionals do it, and he ordered it each time going out.

Nature became part of his life, and one way to bring up his spirits was going out to the river. He could sit and listen to it for hours. Sometimes he fished, others he would walk and explore. This area had a charm and whispered sweet comfort to him. He would catch the scent of this place many times on the wind, and he would think back about his last time out. Mornings often was a good time to catch this special smell, on a gentle prairie breeze.



Sharing with someone
Deep and true
Opens my heart
Out to you.


  1. Check out Nature Center Magazine if you never have and find some lovely ideas to be shared. This week is a free wallpaper of phlox that I submitted. It is a fun blog to enjoy.

  2. Your dog is a sweetie, and I love the poem! Thanks for linking to a few of your friends. It's always interesting to find knowledgeable people who are experts in the various facets of nature.

  3. Nice! Thanks for publishing those photos of Nature and accompanying them with your comments.



  4. Is Lily alright Steve???? The story was also Sad! Everything alright???
    I just get nervous...!

  5. The title of the post goes nicely with the first photo. :)

    I've seen that curly fern on our hikes in the Smokies. It's nice to be able to put a name to it...if I can remember. We had a woods when I was growing up, and Jack in the Pulpit was a regular spring visitor there. Haven't seen them in years, though. Kind of like the Dutchman's Britches that you shared recently.

  6. :( A bittersweet "loving forever" story. You tugged on my heart today.
    Thanks for a wonderful post (and the cute tick poem....and as usual- wonderful captures and links!)
    Have a wonderful day......

  7. Oh poor Lily. Those ticks are not fun.
    Love how that one tree is growing in the side of that cliff, or at least it looks like it

  8. From the file of the bizarre I think I'm more afraid of wood and especially deer ticks that fly fishing in Montana Grizley Bear country. :)

  9. Great pics, as usual. Love your doggie. Arent' they the best???

  10. I went with my daughters girl scout troop on a camping trip this past weekend. We found so many new things in the forest, including ticks... AHHHH!
    You always seem to find the most interesting growth!

  11. That's a cute dog! What the name of that dog? I want to pinch, hug him/her! Btw those are really awesome shots!

  12. A very heartfelt post, Steve. I'm glad you have Lily to keep you company on your journeys. :)

  13. These are splendid. Nature has plenty to offer, that's for sure.

  14. Wonderful photos, Steve !
    The rocks remind me our visite to City of Rocks in south of Idaho. Lily is very very cute.

  15. What lovely photos. Was good to look at them and to read the way that Nature affected that man. I think we are all affected in some way.

    Though I live in a busy city, I do love to retreat into a quiet place every now & then and to soak up the beauty of some natural scene.
    I love to get away and watch the sea coming and going. It is good for my soul.

    Nuts in May

  16. I think my comment got eaten by Error 303
    I said that I loved photographers who capture the joy and beauty of all things
    and you do that
    and I adore Lily

    thanks for your visit to my hat post

  17. Sweet pictures. Love that doggie face. Hate ticks.

  18. That was nice of you to take the tick out from the dog's fur.
    Ooo, that red velvet mite seems so harmless.
    Very nice post. Thanks for sharing:)

  19. I love your dog and the poem. Ticks are awful. The story is sad one. Life is just that way though. Have a nice weekend Steve.

  20. Your story was lovely, sad, but lovely. I'm glad you have Lily beside you (poor girl with the tick!) and that wonderful country you live in to explore. I love learning about new things like Jack in the Pulpit. I wonder why 'Jack'?!

  21. Hi Steve, a few days away from blog reading - working out in the yard - and so much to catch up on. We thankfully have not found many ticks yet. I usually wear old jeans while working and gloves as well when weeding. Hope Lily is OK. I enjoyed your walk and ID of the plants seen. A couple of photos in a previous posts looked like something called Indian pipes. Our wildflowers garden shows lots of buds with blooming very soon - photos to follow (of course). Enjoy the weekend!.


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