Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happiness Is Always There

New Arrivals

A different kind of farm

Trumpeter Swan

This tiny Sootywing is about one inch

The oblong opening is a sign of a Pileated Woodpecker being around

Raccoon breakfast, a Canadian Goose eggshell

He sorted through his closet, a transition to warmer weather. Many of his clothes remained in basement storage and he hadn’t worn a lot for years. He laughed at his mighty collection of sport jackets and took out a few. Starting through he took down anything he hadn’t worn for the last year and made a giant space in his basement storage. He took them out to his truck and was shocked at the assemblage of clothing he could donate to a new shelter. He took a few shirts back inside and laughed at being so sentimental. He went through the house and collected a few bags of other clothes and took it over to the mission’s back door. He was met with a handshake and a hearty thank you. The fellow he gave them too asked if he drank his coffee at the same place, and he blushed thinking how many years he had went there. He joked that he was thinking of becoming mayor there. What a great felling it gave him when the man addressed him as Cowboy. He wished him luck in life and went back to his home with a major smile. Passing the coffee shop he stopped to tell this new tale. Someone asked if he would help take some things from their house, and he was happy that they asked, he might see his friend there again.

He went out that night to move the herd over to another pasture area. He had sold off a number of bulls and the herd looked so small. They all welcomed him when he approached and he called out a short bellow to them. A friend showed up with his two boys and they opened the gates to get them through. All went fairly well except for one newer bull. He leaped out of the way and wanted to stay at the old range. He shied and went into a small ravine to outrun one of the kids. Seeing all were nearly in the new area he waved the kid over to help close off the pasture and headed after the bull. They met along the creek and both stopped and stared at the other to see what the other was going to do. It seemed like forever that neither even blinked least show the other what their next move was. He circled the bull and pushed with a yell hoping to send it off, but it went back to where it had started. Soon it reminded him of chasing one of his kids around the house, over and over. Neither of them wanted to give up either, and ran around the house before he decided to stop and wait for him to come around on another lap. A moo from the other field seemed to be the message to move and the bull ran for the rest of the herd. Just like his kid he thought and followed behind.

A day by the lake seemed to be what was needed with all of the nice weather. He rarely asked anyone to go along, there really wasn’t a big list anyway. A few found it amazing how he never wanted to quit, whether fish were being caught or not. He often showed people a broken watch from his tackle box. It was what told him it was time to go. There were always a lot of other things that caught his attention when he was out. He watched the flags of homes while going out to see how much wind there was and what direction it was blowing. A tiny prairie breeze ruffled the flags, but it was a rather gentle day with a few clouds. Pulling onto the lake road his whole body let out a big sigh, the relaxation had already set in. He went to a favorite shoreline and gathered all of his equipment. Folding out a comfortable chair he sat and methodically arranged everything within reach. His trusty net was right at his side and he used a few sticks to rest his rods on. He barely had tossed a second line in when his other pole bent real nice with a fish. His heart raced as he reeled his monster in wishing it would come to the surface to at least let him see what he has if it broke his line. This was a special moment to face, the line dipped again and a huge bass came up and leaped out of the water. He let out a yell of relief and pulled this fish in. He was shaking from all of the excitement and held his prize up and gave it a kiss. Bending down he let it slide into the water as gracefully as it came out. The other pole bent down and he knew it may be an even better day with lots of fish. The smile that hardly left him spread across the lake.


  1. Such a fun variety of birds & nature! And looks like you dog had a great day too :)

  2. nice photos ansd story.
    Thanks too for your comment on my blog. It was a great opportunity to photograph a grizzly and I think I shot over 200 pixs. Bighorn Sheep yesterday. A good week and now cold rain and snow in mtns above town. Aghhhh....
    Who was the lady from Cody. Just may know her. In this small world.

  3. Your photos are always a treasure. I'm in love with that Trumpter Swan. Soooo gorgeous! And the little Sootywing, so sweet.

    Looks like you and your dog had a lovely day. There's something special about a walk/run with a dog on a Nature-day.

  4. Your new arrivals are quite pretty. They seem to be enjoying their accommodations. That woodpecker sure has been busy on that tree. I had no idea they made that big of a hole.

  5. That was a neat capture of the circle around the sun!

  6. Steve,
    I agree about the 'healthy' children...I pray everyday my son continues to be healthy and active. The update on Jack is that his mom feels he is beginning to make the transition to Heaven; bless them all!

    I love the photo of the moon and the line that caught my attention was the one that referred to going alone because there were few on his list...I hear that from my mom who is losing many friends and I think it is so tough to see our parents go through the loss of friends and there is nothing we can do about it...
    take good care and as always, thanks for your kind comments and thoughts!

  7. Lily looks to be enjoying the outing!
    Love the circle around the sun shot...

  8. Great photos, i like the sootywing very nice.

  9. I have to admit....I'm the type who can't figure just why it is fishing is relaxing regardless of the catch (or not):)) But I guess it's the surroundings...YES! That would do it:)
    I absolutely love that rock "lane" in the water!

  10. Hi Steve, the new arrivals - orioles? are so very colorful and really get attention. We've never had any here on the VA eastern shore - at our feeders at any rate.

  11. Love the details such as how to spot if that sort of woodpecker is around, and the name 'Sootywing'.

    The story is good too - it's the little details there as well that carry it forward and make it so visual. :)


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