Sunday, May 29, 2011

A day to enjoy

 Getting the place into shape can be rough to come up with new ideas. In this case I went and looked what a couple did for the holidays, she is the crafty one. I first met them getting  some veggies from them. I had a Harley shirt on and the husband asked, " Got the bike or just the t-shirt?" I pointed to the BMW I was riding and we hit it off anyway. I figure they are good for Flag Day and right up to the Fourth of July, but hopefully more will be added to this delightful array of Memorial Day fun.

This is a fun one to look at blown up.


 Candian Anemone

 Chasing a storm it offered a good back drop for this white barn.

 Love left behind to mark an old homestead.

 Prairie Ragwort

 A very tiny spider, less than 1 cm or 1/2 inch.

The weather became cool but soon went back to pleasantly warm. She real liked to be outside in this weather, even if it looked like it would rain, Rarely did she ever get caught in a hard downpour anyway, so the few times getting caught were pleasing. With a few days to herself she ran out to a few areas that she hadn’t visited for a while. It was always a warm reunion as she roamed the trails and fields. All the new plants looked so fresh and she wished her new friend could be out here. He had gone to visit another home he had for a few days. She questioned his traveling and he just laughed with a wave of his arm. A feather blew by in the wind and landed nearby. She went over and looked through her camera, but couldn’t get a good angle. With another gust the feather went down the trail, It sat in some rubble perhaps from an aster from the previous season. She shot a few shots, but wasn’t sure she still liked the idea it had shared.

Walking down the trail she soon found some streams and puddles along the trail from recent rains. She was glad to have worn old shoes, but the wet was already soaking in. A yellow bloom smiled as she passed, and birds shared their world. She became lost in the beauty and sat down when she came to a bench. She really liked to come out here to this area. It whispered happiness to her each time. The air had a special smell, offering a good healthy feel to it. When the sun peeked out it almost became too warm to walk so brisk and she stopped for a drink. A Flicker swooped ahead, aware of her presence and she listened to all the other birds nearby. The song was nice to listen to and she thought she could hear some voices. The sun peeked out again and she sat back with her eyes closed, felling the strength that this area offered each time that she visited.

Going home she decided to fry up some chicken to take to a potluck that evening. It was a easy dish and always was eaten fast so all she had to bring home was a pan and a smile from all the compliments. She had ridden out at the farm the night before, and as nice as it was during the day wished she had time to return. It was a pop from the chicken she was frying that brought her back from her daydream. Maybe in the morning she thought and started breading a second batch. All of her pets sat in the kitchen hopeful for a treat as the smell permeated the house. A tickle on her arm alerted her to a tick that had came home from her walk. She had stayed on the trails for the most part, but had found a friend while off the beaten path. This made her look at any tiny itch after that. Soon she found another, and put a few cans of spray in a pack and placed them in her truck. She went back to her chicken frying and packed up the first batch in a small roaster. Another itch made her run and look in a full-length mirror, but that was all she found that day. It was a good thing, since she was going to be in a crowd at church that night.


  1. the foxglove is delightful. all those little tiny hairs.

    I really like your little vignettes, a glimpse into the mind of a stranger for just a few moments.

  2. And once you discover one, you think every tickle is one. It gets weird.

    Love the white barn against that green grass and blue sky. Ditto the tadpole.

  3. Very festive. I love the line "It whispered happiness to her." Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. Oh a very happy Memorial Day to you, Steve!!

  5. Love the woodland shots, Steve. :) Looks like you had an enjoyable day.

  6. "Love left behind to mark an old homestead" - this is beautiful, so poignant, says so much, makes one visualize what was there.

    And Foxglove - a plant that can do so much.

  7. Love the flowers growing out of nowhere...makes me wonder what the homestead would have looked like!
    Happy Memorial Day Steve!

  8. Is that a cedar waxwing in that tree? I couldn't see the crest, but the size and coloring are distinctive. And I believe that other one is a rose-breasted grosbeak. Nice captures. I also enjoyed the foxglove and appreciated the tip to enlarge the image.

  9. I tried to comment last night but could only do so under anonymous so we'll try again today. My favorite photo is the white barn with the stormy skies; the story of our lives-light amidst our darkest hours.
    Have a great day!

  10. I love that white barn against the sky. Nice close up of that weather vane! They are always unique. The tadpole reminds me of when I was seven years old and used to gather them from a pond and bring them home. Loved watching them grow into frogs. I once brought over 12 frogs home and put them in the old rinse tub that gathered rain water outside. I'd watch them for a few days then take them back to the pond to be with their families.
    How I wish I could walk a trail like your lady in the story. But sure wouldn't want the ticks on me..Yuck! Have a nice day Steve.

  11. Such beautiful beautiful shots of the flowers and the country. Loved my visit here and your words.

  12. You know my love of old buildings and barns and yours is wonderful!

  13. Gorgeous photos--especially the barns & weathervane (I am partial to barns). Your prairie is fascinating to this Easterner. Thanks for visiting the other day...

  14. very festive decorations in that first shot. There is usually one of the real estate agents in the area that comes around and puts a flag in everyone's front yard but she didn't do it this year.


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