Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friends Together Again

His daughter was not sure if the treatments had done anything for him. She wanted him to see a specialist near her and so he had an appointment made to go see someone else. They poked and prodded just as before, and soon told him that the tumor in his brain hadn’t grown any and seemed to be stable. He wanted it gone, but knew it wouldn’t leave. He had some new growth in his lungs and some had moved to his lymph. He called his friend back home and was pleased to see she visited his herd. They shared a lot of stories and it felt like she was right there with him. He wanted to go out and fish again and asked her if she would come out there for a visit. It would give his daughter a chance to meet her and perhaps she could get her to join them fishing. She said she would check with the airlines and see if she could leave her volunteer work for a bit. She told him she missed him and he wanted to say the same, but it just didn’t come out.

As soon as she hung up he had his daughter call and make reservations for her to come out. When she had them made she called his friend and told her what day and time she had found for her. She laughed since she had the airlines on her line when the daughter called. She passed the phone to her Dad and they talked some more. It was strange to have him interested in a lady after years of not even showing any thoughts. She knew he was a bit different from many and wondered what this lady was like. Trying to get information from him was like pulling nails, he was very private with his feelings and thoughts. He never really expressed his love for her directly ever, and she was shocked when he offered the occasional hug. When her mother was alive she rarely saw them kiss or display any affection for each other. Getting off the phone a smile spread over his face and he grabbed her and told her how happy he was his friend would be coming out. This was all new to her, so she just went with the flow and listened to what he had to say. He told of the herd and what new items had happened around his place. A hired hand was staying out there and taking care of all that was needed. He asked his daughter to take him for a ride out in the country, he needed to see some animals in the fields. He missed all of his and wished he felt like riding one of the horses he kept there, but was too weak.

What seemed like forever passed so slow as the days seemed longer while waiting for his visitor. He slept a lot, and liked to sit on the porch watching the surrounding mountains. On the day his friend was coming his daughter let him sleep in while she went to pick her up at the airport. She told her what she would be wearing, since neither had met. People came down the concourse and she hoped to see a wave. Nobody asked her if she was there to pick them up. Finally a lady strolled down the ramp and she knew it had to be her. She called her name and she smiled and walked over and gave her a hug. They waited for the luggage to come and said very little. On the ride home she asked about what all her father had been through while there. It hurt to hear the reports, since she had heard similar reports from others in the same predicament. She didn’t say anything, not wanting to alarm his daughter.

When they arrived at her home her Dad was still sleeping. She went in and told him who had came and he was a bit blurry about who that was. He then slipped back into his old self and hurried to get some clothes on to greet her. He saw the most beautiful lady sitting in the living room and when he walked in she gave him a big hug. He thanked her for coming and gave her a small kiss on the cheek. Both his friend and daughter were a bit shocked, this had never happened before. The next hour was a question and answer session with him being the moderator. He had so much to find out about and both laughed at his tales he wanted to hear about the herd. Soon fishing became a topic and his friend showed the picture she took of him and a bass. His daughter looked at it and described a few trips they had taken through the years. She asked where they could go nearby and his daughter told of a nice lake nearby with lots of trout. He looked at her and asked when they could go and both decided right away. Good thoughts and memories flowed across the hillsides, sharing with all that could feel the spirit.

Sandwiches were packed and a dinner would be at the lake. They picked through some of the gear he had left and some his daughter still had to get the right equipment to take along. He had came out quite a few years back for some holidays and enjoyed talking with his daughter out along the water. They shared more stories on the way to the lake and stopped a few times to look over some of the cattle nearby, or for his friend to shoot a few pictures. Pulling onto the lake road, his whole attitude changed and he felt like there was more energy going through his body. They set out chairs and soon had lines waiting for that big fish. It was slow at first and she looked to see her father napping a bit. She nudged his friend and they both smiled seeing him so happy and free. His pole bent a bit and he woke back up to both the ladies calling to him. He reeled in fast and had a small trout on his line. While his friend was taking it off her pole bent and soon all had caught a few fish. They returned them to the water so they could catch them again when they came back out. The sun was almost setting when they remembered supper and went to a picnic area and enjoyed their meal. Some food tastes better outdoors and this was that kind of food.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A day to enjoy

 Getting the place into shape can be rough to come up with new ideas. In this case I went and looked what a couple did for the holidays, she is the crafty one. I first met them getting  some veggies from them. I had a Harley shirt on and the husband asked, " Got the bike or just the t-shirt?" I pointed to the BMW I was riding and we hit it off anyway. I figure they are good for Flag Day and right up to the Fourth of July, but hopefully more will be added to this delightful array of Memorial Day fun.

This is a fun one to look at blown up.


 Candian Anemone

 Chasing a storm it offered a good back drop for this white barn.

 Love left behind to mark an old homestead.

 Prairie Ragwort

 A very tiny spider, less than 1 cm or 1/2 inch.

The weather became cool but soon went back to pleasantly warm. She real liked to be outside in this weather, even if it looked like it would rain, Rarely did she ever get caught in a hard downpour anyway, so the few times getting caught were pleasing. With a few days to herself she ran out to a few areas that she hadn’t visited for a while. It was always a warm reunion as she roamed the trails and fields. All the new plants looked so fresh and she wished her new friend could be out here. He had gone to visit another home he had for a few days. She questioned his traveling and he just laughed with a wave of his arm. A feather blew by in the wind and landed nearby. She went over and looked through her camera, but couldn’t get a good angle. With another gust the feather went down the trail, It sat in some rubble perhaps from an aster from the previous season. She shot a few shots, but wasn’t sure she still liked the idea it had shared.

Walking down the trail she soon found some streams and puddles along the trail from recent rains. She was glad to have worn old shoes, but the wet was already soaking in. A yellow bloom smiled as she passed, and birds shared their world. She became lost in the beauty and sat down when she came to a bench. She really liked to come out here to this area. It whispered happiness to her each time. The air had a special smell, offering a good healthy feel to it. When the sun peeked out it almost became too warm to walk so brisk and she stopped for a drink. A Flicker swooped ahead, aware of her presence and she listened to all the other birds nearby. The song was nice to listen to and she thought she could hear some voices. The sun peeked out again and she sat back with her eyes closed, felling the strength that this area offered each time that she visited.

Going home she decided to fry up some chicken to take to a potluck that evening. It was a easy dish and always was eaten fast so all she had to bring home was a pan and a smile from all the compliments. She had ridden out at the farm the night before, and as nice as it was during the day wished she had time to return. It was a pop from the chicken she was frying that brought her back from her daydream. Maybe in the morning she thought and started breading a second batch. All of her pets sat in the kitchen hopeful for a treat as the smell permeated the house. A tickle on her arm alerted her to a tick that had came home from her walk. She had stayed on the trails for the most part, but had found a friend while off the beaten path. This made her look at any tiny itch after that. Soon she found another, and put a few cans of spray in a pack and placed them in her truck. She went back to her chicken frying and packed up the first batch in a small roaster. Another itch made her run and look in a full-length mirror, but that was all she found that day. It was a good thing, since she was going to be in a crowd at church that night.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunny Daze

 A tiny rock garden I made in a large bowl shaped planter.

 Grasses in full bloom

 Crane flies

 Mother Wolfe Spider carrying her egg sac under her abdomen.

 Golden Alexander


 Some Red and Black ants, in the Formicia family. They build some large mounds in open grasslands, this was huge.

Prairie Rose

He didn’t call his daughter, but she soon called him to check in. He wanted to tell her right away, but listened rather intently this time to all that had happened in her life. He smiled because he still saw her as his baby, even though she hated to even hear the name. She soon asked and he told her he had been going for some tests and they found a couple of tumors, not much to worry about. When she asked where he told her, and could hear her voice falter miles away. She asked about treatment and he said he was to return. She wanted to go along, and they talked about cows for the rest of their conversation. She said she would call back before the appointment, and hung up. He hoped he hadn’t hurt her feelings bad, but it was hard not to do.

A series of appointments followed by treatment began quickly. He enjoyed the attention he received, but hated the consequences to have gotten it. There had to be something going all the time that he really hadn’t spent as much time at the coffee shop. When he did go others had talked with him and kept everyone updated. He sat and liked to find a tale to tell, but they were thinning out from what had been a part of his life before. When fishing came up he said he needed to get out again and try, and the fish stories all came out of the woodwork. Everyone had a tale to share and the laughter spread all over the room.

In walked a lady who worked at the hospital he went to for his treatment. She had always a nice thing to say to everyone that came in and liked to joke with him. He waved her over and someone gave her their chair to sit in. He told her everyone was telling fishing tales, but there were no fish to show. She laughed and told her most recent tale about catching a giant catfish. Everyone listened and a few of course wanted directions to where her special place was. She smiled and said she only took a few. He smiled and said he was available any time, and she said it was a date soon. The weather was only allowing a few sunny days each week, so it was hard to get out. He laughed thinking how many times he fished in the rain.

The day to enjoy fishing arrived just as she offered. They went to a large pond and she carried chairs and equipment in for both of them. He had a hard time walking on the uneven ground, but kept quiet about it. They didn’t have to go far and she sat them all up. He laughed not having his trusty net at his side, but she said she had all they needed packed. A tiny bluegill jerked hard on his line and the day was set to catch a number of fish. The water barely had a ripple and was fun to watch what else was around. She talked how she enjoyed just going out, and didn’t always catch a lot of fish. This gave him a smile since he could hear his voice saying the same thing. A small breeze cut a “V” through the water and he found what he had needed to feel good. He shared a few stories of his family going fishing and told how he hoped his daughter would come out with him again. Over the ridge came a bellow from a cow. He looked at her and let lose his best call, making her laugh in amazement. The conversation quickly pursued that direction along with size comparisons of all the fish caught. A tug at his line almost pulled his pole in and he knew a large fish was on the other end. Holding tight it soon jumped up to show itself, a largemouth bass. She grabbed the fish up and took it off the hook when he finally reeled it in. Handing it to him she took his picture with this prize.