Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Put A Little Spring In Your Step

I looked over all the cookies
To see what shape I should bring
I picked a frosted bunny
It would be fun to watch him eat
His mother quickly took off his shirt
I had forgotten how messy this could be
The first grab was all the frosting
And it was soon all over for that cookie

The hills come alive with iridescence

Redbuds as far as I can see

A charm before all the leaves come out
Hidden under the forest canopy.

He woke up the next day and went with a realtor he had called to look over a nice townhouse. He really liked being in the mountains, a separate peace was here as he had found on the prairie. He liked the layout, but being close to neighbors wasn’t his cup of tea. The salesman said he had another home that was coming up and they could drive by it on the way back to the hotel. He headed along a dusty road and this started making an impression. He liked being out away from everyone else. The house was huge and not what he really needed but had a charm having a slope coming down a mountain and forming a great yard. There wasn’t anywhere to raise cattle, but the barn and pasture looked good for a dozen horses that he had. He asked what hay went for and the salesman just looked at him and said he would find out. They looked over the property with the owner, a widow, for over an hour. She said she always wanted to get some horses, but they were too much to take care of. He agreed with that and started talking about his place on the prairie. She listened very closely to each detail and soon they were sitting in her kitchen sipping coffee talking about everything they liked in the world. The salesman went back to town hoping to see the house go fast. He laughed at calling the next day and making a date with his new friend. He spent the rest of his vacation with her, finding a dozen new things to look at he had never dreamed about. It gave him a taste of what he had been looking for and he liked it. She too enjoyed her cowboy, but when it came to part both were ready for their lives separate from each other.

Getting home he wanted to tell someone what had happened, but kept it to himself. The lady called him after a few weeks and said she was ready to part with her land and move in with a son. He talked a bit with her, but that mountain girl charm was lost in another family story. He asked what she wanted and then told her what he had wanted also. She was a bit shocked, thinking of themselves as just good new friends. When he really didn’t know what else to say he said yes to her amount. She asked to come out and see what he had, and perhaps spend some more time enjoying each other’s company. He told her his home wasn’t as nice but he could make up a room for her to stay, and she said she was sure there was a nice motel close. He smiled thinking at what was in the next town, and how ran down it was. They set a date to go over the legal things needed, and she never said when they would get together for anything else. When he went out to sign papers, she had already moved to her sons and they never saw each other again. His new home would sit empty for a few years, except for visits by his children to decorate and make it look homey.

It was tough sometimes to see what made his life so full for many around him. He lived a very simple life and never seemed to bother anyone. He was famous when he entered the coffee shop, since everyone looked forward hearing a new tale. The home in the mountains was fun to visit, but he soon gave it to his daughter to take care of. It was hard for him to leave this land he loved so well. A ride out to visit his herd always left him in a passive train of thought that he so enjoyed. Too many times we often miss what can really make us happy. It is so easy to find happiness in all that we do in our lives, and many fail to recognize this prized train of thought. It was a peaceful life being a cowboy, and the lonely part of it trailed away easily. He watched the sun slowly top the crest of a hill, and it quickly departed for the day.


  1. What a cutie.. and such lovely blooms happening your way. I'm still waiting for those around here. Is that raccoon sleeping or.. gulp.. dead? I'm very partial to raccoons so I'm really hoping it's only a nap.

  2. Sweet Baby!! And all the flowers and Kids!! Love it!

  3. The redbuds are lovely and such a beautiful announcement of spring's coming. I read Hilary's comment, and now I'm wondering about that critter, too. I thought it was an opossum; and, although it pains me to see a dead critter, the pain would be less if it was an opossum than if it was a raccoon.

  4. Babies and blooms.....something that made me smile today:)
    The cookie eating writing brought back many memories of Icing Messes when my kids were little:)

  5. Thanks for the visit cowboy and I really had such a great ti,e going through your post here. I love trees, especially those that blossom. Thank you and here's my follow too.

  6. you are an able diplomat for your wonderful country and neighbors!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  7. Oh boy someone sure enjoyed the frosted cookie :)Love all the blossoms on the trees. Wish we had some of that here, still cold and rainy

  8. You and children go hand in hand Steve. Won't you come over and play with mine for a bit? :)

  9. Adorable little baby, such a sweetheart. Enjoyed another great post.

  10. Oh what a sweetheart and the cookies are perfect! How adorable and I bet you had a fabulous time!
    I too like that line, we too often miss what can really make us happy! Have you ever wondered if you have? But then again, if we ARE happy, how can we know we are missing anything?
    I often say to people for my really low kids and teachers complain that they don't ask questions; you often don't know what you don't know?
    great post STeve!

  11. Hi Steve, What a cute little baby.... Your grand????

    Love your spring colors. The Redbuds are gorgeous... Love the close-ups.

    What is that last critter??? Looks like a possum to me---but several said it might be a raccoon.... If it's dead, call in the Turkey Vultures... ha

  12. Loved your story, Steve. Kinda sad, made me a bit teary for some reason. Oh well.

    Your grandbabies are so precious. So glad you get to spend time with them. :)

  13. Cute children and very nice photos. Goats and sheeps are beautiful.
    In my first life I raised sheeps and I liked the time of babies bitrh.

  14. The Oklahoma Redbuds are awesome. Ours have already come and gone, until next year. Love the stories of the animals of the Great Plains. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Kindest regards.

  15. I'm trying but winter is not giving up easily here. 4 inches of snow earlier in the week....

  16. ohh its great to see spring pics! And my my those goats look GREAT too!!!


  17. So adorable! I can just see the mess that was made of that cookie!

  18. This story gave me a wistful feeling. It seemed lonely but hopeful at the same time. I like that mood in a story. Good stuff.

  19. What sweet little ones! I enjoyed the plant and animal photos, too. What were all those goats looking at? That's probably my favorite photo besides the ones of the children. We have our grandson every Saturday. I'm not so sure he's going to want to come over this week, though, with the baby home with Mom.

  20. I friend sent me this 24/7 live eagle nest cam from your neck of the woods and I thought of you:


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