Saturday, April 9, 2011

A New Look

Ice still leftover from winter on a cave floor

She had gathered her painting supplies the week before. She carefully selected each color to contrast with the previous room. Starting with white for the ceilings she slowly went through the tiny home. A drip hit her on the lip and tasted bad. She stopped to clean off when she heard a knock at her door. He had given her his paint clothes so he could stay in the background. She told him not to tell anyone that he painted today that he had just watched. He smiled handing her a cool glass of water and knew whom exactly he would start the rumor of his painting exploits with.

Going out to the garden he looked over next to the clematis where he had laid her dog to rest. The grass seed looked nice and would need trimmed. It was much easier for her to have not had to watch or dig the huge hole. He had smoothed the sides down with reverence for the love she had shared with this pet. She joined him sweating up a storm having finished the laundry area. He laughed at another color on his paint clothes. They had been used by his daughter, perhaps a friend or two, and of course by himself. With each color he could share a tale, and he went through a few colors with her. They held hands and kissed, giving him a small white patch on his dungarees.

She went back to her painting and he sat down and wrote a few verses and ideas about their experience. They had traveled a great deal the previous week and it was nice to rest. The day before they had climbed a large fire tower to enjoy the view for miles along the river. Acre upon acre gleamed with starry-eyed flowers, showing off their love for life. Fairies listened to his thoughts and tried to whisper rhyme on the wind to help his poetry flow. The gentle spirit rose and soared in this wonderful garden and his thoughts swayed from worrying about his painter.

The day before they spotted a dozen large egrets in a bog near his home. They had possibly been pushed up the muddy rivers with summer storms along the gulf. They were so fun to watch but were startled by their getting too close. Perhaps a few would nest here in this wonderful prairie. A lot of migratory birds passed through. Some only to nest and return to their winter home. The huge ecosystems that spread from these rivers provided ample habitat for many types of birds and wildlife, but agriculture and the growth of the city were slowly consuming it. He remembered traveling out into the country to family gatherings as a child and all the grasses seemed to grow so high. It was fun to play a variety of games in these tall grasses. A new kitten broke his daydream and he decided to check on his painter. He laughed again as he was going in about her warning on not saying he had painted her home. His laughter was carried on a gentle prairie breeze and celebrated in spirit by many.




Helping each other makes us strong

United we grow in pride and spirit

Standing at each other’s side

Unified with compassion and love.


  1. Such a contrast! Go away ice. Keep on coming, flowers!

  2. A new look.
    That is something every one could use every so often.
    Those bloomin' shots are just lovely. Blow some my way:)

  3. oh, I love all the little wild flowers.

  4. It was such a treat to find the image of the Dutchman's Britches among your flower photos today. We used to see them in our woods when I was growing up, but it's rare to see them these days. I saw some growing along the road when we were in the Smokies a couple of weeks ago, but there was nowhere to pull over so that I could get a picture.

  5. Beautiful pic.s of COLOR!! :) I too have the "paint" clothes like in your story. I have paint from every project on a pair of overalls I throw on each time (I am such a messy painter!) :)

  6. All my hunting dogs were most of all our family pets. And the Mrs. came to love them thoroughly in spite of shedding and tracked mud in the house. :)

  7. Beautiful, meaningful, inspiring thoughts Steve. A big hug today!

  8. A new look is always good. Keeps things from getting boring. I need to start getting back to the painting that we started here last fall.
    Love all the shots, the spring flowers are wonderful

  9. Steve, enjoyed the flower shots in yesterday's post and todays. And, the story was beautiful.

  10. Steve,
    The photos are gorgeous! as always...but it's so nice to see different flowers. I love wild flowers- it reminds me of a field trip I took in Jr. High for Science class. We had to identify wild flowers and write poems of them. I still have my book!

    the writing brings to mind that gentle connecting moments can happen at any time doing ordinary things.

  11. It's so warming just to see the beautiful colours sprouting from the ground. Lovely images.

  12. Thank you! I always enjoy reading your post after watching the beautiful pics!


  13. Love that orange mushroom! What a wonderful group of photos.

  14. Yor images are stunning . I enjoyed your story also.

  15. Oh Steve, your camera is to die for!!! You have a great eye for shots.


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