Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

Shooting Star

Yellow Violet

May Apple

A newly burnt prairie

Buckeye Bloom


Pileated Woodpecker

In 1970 a lot was on our minds. I was helping a group on the first Earth Day clean a favorite park. Ecology was something new to me to understand, and years later a passion that formed my entire life style. Today as I gather a few friends to go and gather any litter in a favorite area, I hope you all try to do your part. It isn't just one day we need to do it, but everyday of our existence, to ensure our world will continue being beautiful for all to enjoy.

Peace, love and happiness to all , carried on a gentle prairie breeze.


  1. Another nice set of images, Steve. I particularly liked the one of the blossoms with the farm gate in the background. May you have a blessed Easter.

  2. Happy Earth Day Out on the prairie ... lovely photos.. :D

  3. May apple? What the heck is that thing? ;)

    Oh, and yes, we do use a few of our (over 200) kerosene lamps in the house.

  4. This is lovely, Steve, and a good reminder that every day should be Earth Day.

  5. Your post shows just how beautiful the earth can be.

  6. all of your photos make for a lovely tribute to earth day.

  7. Thanks, Steve, for reminding us in visuals and words of the importance of this day, which also happens to be Good Friday this year.
    Happy Easter.

  8. YES---aren't we lucky to have this gorgeous earth all around us???? AND--we do need to do a better job of taking care of it...

    Love your photos---all of them.
    Happy Easter...

  9. Such a great tribute to the beauty of the earth!

  10. I hope your Earth Day was at least as wonderful as your photos always are.

  11. Great pictures, Steve ! I love the beautiful name of the avenue.
    Have a nice Easter time.

  12. It is a positive feeling you're giving us.

  13. Recently came across your blog and I really enjoyed your writings and photographs. Nice to see other people that have a passion and understand for prairies as well! Feel free to drop by my nature blog at Looking forward to more of your work!

  14. Always great photos, just like taking a hike. Thanks to you many people see what's really out there. Hopefully they will become interested enough to go seek for themselves. If they are physically unable to do so; your blog helps do it for them. What a great gift.

    Oh, where oh where did you see the woodpecker. I can hardly wait to see one. I don't even know if my sis has seen one & she has sighted over 1000 birds ( identifications).


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