Friday, March 11, 2011

A Wealth Of Happiness

Finally a sunny day, this makes me get a bit of spring fever.

Just a baby

There is no question why these are called white-tailed when they run

She carried the book over to her mother. Her mother opened it and started to read what she felt the pictures told. She, like many of the others in the clinic was unable to speak English. It was a new transition that all of us have experienced with the growth of our families. She squirmed down from her mother’s lap and showed it to him. He read it, pointing out the characters she was aware of. They recited the names and her sister joined in clapping. She had a small puzzle shy a few pieces she was trying to place into the wooden picture. He pointed to the colors and showed her on the appropriate pieces. They finished and she squirmed away from another inquiring sibling spilling the puzzle. She pointed out the pieces to him and told how she was putting it together. He smiled as the warmth of compassion swept over him.

A tap on his shoulder brought him back, and the nurse handed him his salve. He left stumbling into the door frame watching the children gather on their mother’s lap. She had the sweetest smile and deep brown eyes that glowed with happiness. They began to read the book to her and she gazed intently. This sharing would grow through the years and soon she would read the books to others with an understanding of this new language.

He walked home to be startled by his neighbor, obviously very fast asleep. He sat content in a rocker on the porch. This old gentleman had shown him a number of hidden treasures with his knowledge of the area, which he incorporated into his pictures. The gentle river valley surrounded by massive hills and bluffs told him to come back again and again to enjoy its treasures in his art. There was always to be another new idea or area to perceive and he kept very busy enjoying this wealth of beauty.

He grabbed the bucket of fish setting next to this sojourn warrior and filleted them for their dinner. The smell of food awoke this man and they told stories deep into the night, eating a pie the man’s wife had sent, right out of the pan. Their laughter and spirit was carried gently over the hilltop, on a prairie breeze drifting lazily along.
Many a story is carried along
With that gentle prairie song
Carried along on the breeze
Offering timeless wisdom and strength.


  1. Lovely, lovely images! You made this midwestern girl living in California very happy today!

  2. There is a sense of anticipation in these pictures. Holding our breath. We're all waiting for it to come. :)

  3. What a gorgeous area you live in!!
    That's Some Baby cow!Hahaaaa
    Love the photos!!

  4. The deer are so perfectly camouflaged against the prairie...until they lift those tails and take off running. So beautiful. I especially enjoyed the squirrel and the amazing bluebird.

  5. Your words build such a tender, beautiful tale, and paint a gentle, yet strong image of Prairie life at it's best. Simply wonderful (as are the photographs).

  6. Sun is finally shining here too! That first pic makes me actually think it could be warm :)

    I also wanted to let you know that I have passed on the versatile blogger award to you:)

  7. Hi Steve, We are home after a fabulous little trip to Amicalola Falls in GA... Been there?? It is AWESOME...

    Our deer here are white-tailed and look just like yours... There are some deer in some parts of the country that are quite different.

    Glad you are seeing some signs of spring.

  8. isn't it nice to finally feel a bit of spring... lovely deer pics... that little squirrel isn't very camouflaged is he!

  9. My goodness, Steve -- so many beautiful doe photos. I love the one where she's looking out between the two trees. :)

  10. I wish I could catch a little spring fever. We had more snow today. I came home and helped shovel about 10 inches out of the driveway.

  11. Wonderful nature shots, especially the two birds.

  12. Your story gives a soothing feeling, but with a hint of something wrong. I like this. It stirs my curiosity. And the pictures are just excellent.

  13. I always leave here with a smile. Perfect.

  14. That is one VERY big baby;))
    Like the squirrel balanced in the tree.
    I get spring fever looking at your photos.
    Mine are still in "feet of the white stuff"....

  15. I love the white tails! Deer do not have such pretty tails here, though they are always beautiful. (You're not the only one wishing for spring!) Hugs, Steve!

  16. Beautiful images Steve! I love seeing those little white tails scampering away in the fields. I'm having a bit of Spring Fever too.

  17. Steve,
    The photos bring such a peace about thw world when elsewhere, it's in such turmoil. I know you are thanful for your world during difficult times to calm the soul and rvive the spirit.

    Isn't it wonderful how stories and tales are carried throughout the generations?
    very lovely my frind!

  18. You got more great photos again. Wow, lots of deer! I especially like the one of the gulls. Great composition. And I can hardly wait to hear "the rest of the story."

  19. Love those white tails! What a lovely selection of animals you share your part of the world with - and you take such great pictures of them! I also enjoyed your story, very much. :)

  20. Glad you are finally catching a bit of spring-like weather. It was nice not seeing a lot of snow. The fat squirrel on the tree limb was my favorite today, Steve.

  21. We have had a lot of snow for this time of year this past month or so... but as of today, it finally looks like spring is peaking its head out. :)

    It was lovely reading your blog post today, and looking at the beautiful photos you showed again. As always, your nature photos invoke such a peaceful feeling in me... I should come here more often. :D Thanks.

  22. Nice photos, is that an indigo bunting?


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