Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Prairie Song

Great Blue Herons in flight

The difference between good and poor living is how you make it. Many of us have had a good life, yet remain poor in our finances. Over the ages the situation really hasn’t changed. We have all encountered similar lifestyles and work ethic; it is how you put them to use. Pioneers first stepping on the prairie built their spirits with love for the land. The beauty was all over and obviously they felt they were doing little harm with their small plots. Little did they know what would become of this beautiful ocean of flowers and grasses. What had taken eons to build only took decades to destroy. The prairie once had a good life, but what is left leaves it with poor finances.

When someone was in need in this beautiful land, it often has been neighbor helping neighbor that has helped many of us prosper both in wealth and spirit. This could help the prairie to prosper again. We all need to take some heed of the lovely flora and resources it has to offer. It may only be a roadside planting you are enjoying, but watching it prosper offers a wealth in spirit. Many have lost touch with their spirit and have forgotten what made this country strong. They set aside a need for work and feel others should take care of them. This isn’t what kept our growth strong and we all need to work at understanding this spirit better.

So it is up to you to start this regrowth of spirit for the land. We are all stewards of this beautiful world and can make things better by all working together. Neighbor helping neighbor, just like what built this mighty land. The power this could build would provide a wonderful life for generations to come. We need to be aware of all that is around us and not ignore problems that could be easily remedied. We won’t have the mighty oceans of prairie, but we still can create seas, which could become oceans once again over time. It is a continued effort, just as our lives have been throughout the generations.

Whether in large or small prairie areas, I hear that gentle song. I listen to what is going on as I enjoy the ever-blooming sequences of love and compassion. I can hear those children playing while they traveled through this area with their families. The thrill of new treasure inspired many people to travel here. On words of others they sometimes looked for that easy life and found many complex challenges. It was succeeding that made their lives fuller and built community spirit. It is success with our prairie restoration that will build this spirit even stronger even though it is such a gentle song. Listen to the sounds around you and enjoy the beauty offered, it us not the size of the package that matters. The spirit is always there. Feel that spirit as it is carried along, on a gentle prairie breeze.




One thing about compassion

Is that it comes with definitive grace

It’s easy to show someone how you feel

When you look at them face to face.


  1. Your final thought rings so true. It's becoming so rare that anyone deals with eachother face to face.

  2. I love images of wire on fenceline...

  3. My favorite today is the weeping willow. Such a sad tree - it truly weeps. :)

  4. You've got some awesome photos here. Love those first three and the tree with the heart shape in it. Very cool

  5. Steve,
    This writing, which was very endearing reminded me of a couple weekends ago when we'd had top soil and mulch delivered to our house. It was a dump truck full and it went right into the middle of our driveway on one Friday night.
    So on Saturday, I got my gear on and set out to start hauling...when I was going to the back yard for the wheel barrow, our neighbor was stepping off the porch. He had just knocked at our door to come and offer his services to haul all the mulch and soil.
    I was shocked and stuttered about because really? Is this neighbor really asking to give up his entire Saturday to help us? I was so touched and am amking him and his family cookies this weekend to extend that thanks...we ALL need to remember our communities; near and far.
    Thanks for this great post!

  6. These are wonderful! I really like the fungus growing on the tree!! And the barbed wire!!
    Nice shots Steve!!
    Happy night...

  7. A very nice series of photos to go with your comments. The rolled-up fencing made some very interesting images.

  8. That third wire shot looks almost like a peace sign.. and that large knot on the tree is heart-shaped. And I can't resist Mr. Great Blue. Lovely photos.

  9. The barbed wire look like sculptures, and all are lovely photos. Wise words in this post and once again a very enjoyable read.

  10. What wonderful thoughts you have written here...and they ring so very true.
    Love the Blue Heron in flight. Just beautiful.

  11. Wonderful photos! Always so meaningful, Steve. I love the wire, and the church steeple... and the beautiful story as always.

  12. A very beautiful serie, again !
    I love the heart on the tree.
    Yesterday evening I saw a grey heron flying above the house.

  13. We can learn so much from animals, they show us what true compassion is. Your pics are so beautiful.
    (I have never been at Shaw's, will have to go there next time.)

  14. What a wonderful post! Your pictures were wonderful as were your sentiments in your writing.

    Lovely!! Thanks for starting my day off right.

  15. Magnificient bird photography........I love them!!!

    ....The most beautiful waterbirds in the lake.....gorgeous!!!

    The big fungi on the tree are impressing.....!!!!

    Fences....I am living in the countryside, though we really do not use them; we try to construct natural ones or in wood!

    Ohhh, besides....I love your Kajak!!!!!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  16. I love the barbed wire pictures. And the story is inspiring with the talk of succeeding.

  17. ohhhh very very nice! Great song!


  18. ...loved seeing the weeping willow starting to leaf out. That is a sure sign of spring. Your writing is always lovely. I'd love to be able to weave a story, but I'm not creative that way. You certainly are!

  19. Beautiful, almost poetic and nostalgic images and poignant writing.
    I have always felt most at peace in nature and I find infinite inspiration in a natural lifestyle. I am unfortunately deeply constrained in my current life, but my daydreams always take me to places and a way of life which you describe here.
    Thnak you so much for stopping by my place recently and for your kind words,

  20. Love the coiled wire and the heart on the tree.

    What wonderful advice - to feel the spirit in one's surroundings.

  21. You do have an eye to see things most folks don't! Wonderful.


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