Monday, March 21, 2011

New Life

Coming around the bend he noticed a barn that looked familiar. Leaning out the boxcar he gazed ahead remembering a huge trestle they played on as kids. As the train slowed for a crossing he saw many houses lit up. This had all changed from when he was a child. It looked flat and the train barely rumbled so he jumped out next to the siding. A stray tie sent him tumbling into the brambles. When he got up he heard an approaching horse. On its back were two children out for a ride. He told them where he was going and they offered him a ride part of the way on the huge draft horse.

This barren land now was well populated. It had been over twenty years since he had been back. His grandfather homesteaded this area and then their family drifted across the land with various railroad jobs. He had a good job with the railroad but lost it over coming in late too often. This was because he drank his nights away, never caring about anything. He soon lost all his life, family and soon his spirit. He was coming back to this prairie in hopes of regaining it. A cool breeze blew through his hair and welcomed him back.

The blooms along the road sang to him a gentle praise, and he acknowledged their beauty. He didn’t remember it being so fresh looking, but maybe that was because it was in such smaller areas. They came to a beautiful wooded lane and the children told him this was where they lived and he could get a drink and clean up his scratches at their well. As they went down the lane it brought back many memories especially when he noticed a wisp still of rope where he had rode on a swing.

When they arrived in the farmyard the children’s father came out of the barn a bit startled at the new arrival. He got down from the horse and introduced himself. The man laughed hard when he heard the name and called him by a nickname his mother had given him. They had played together as children while their fathers worked together. They invited him to stay for a few days and even needed extra labor to build a new barn. Sitting on the porch that night the stars looked even brighter to him and his soul soared out amongst the stars, carried back on a gentle prairie breeze.

Make me find your thoughts
No matter where you are
I cast my soul to the stars
Looking for the right things to say.


  1. There are some beautiful lines here, Steve. I love the image of sitting on the porch and one's soul soaring among the stars. The final quartet of lines is very nice. Thank you.

  2. Oh! Some Color!! Happy Spring Steve...and you are forgiven for missing the Challenge...but your great shots are Always missed!

  3. Flowers!!! How exciting to see them!! Such a great story about coming home again:)

  4. How good are those?.....Pretty damn good! I have watched this blog for while now, and find the whole ethos, very thought provoking.

  5. Very lovely- all of it.
    How do you do photos and words so perfectly together?

    That first shot took my breath away....that brilliance coming out of drab!!!!

    How I wish I could see that here....amongst the white- which is still you wear SHORTS!!!! Bah-Humbug!

    Have a wonderful day!:)

  6. Oh, what beautiful signs of spring you have captured here. I suppose we'll soon be complaining of the heat. :)

  7. Thank you for sharing and i love the picture with the little feet... (paws)...


  8. Hooray, Steve. Glad you have some SPRING colors popping up...

    Love your 'creative' shots also.... AND the bird one is GREAT... The Red-bellied looks like KING over the others.... ha

    Bet your doggie loves spring also.

    Always enjoy your stories/words.

  9. I don't know how you do it. Every time I think you have outdone yourself you go and do it again.

  10. Hi Steve,
    Your pics are beautiful, so much color after all the white for so many months. Spring has finally arrived on the prairie. I see the birds are very happy, too and your puppy girl is having lots of fun. Have a great week...Heidi

  11. Lovely photos--
    Sometimes coming home to find ourselves is the only thing left to do...I did it--but realized I had taken my ghost with me...and she was no longer lingering here--

  12. The crocus are so colorful. And looks like your little one had an appointment at the stylist? :)

  13. just look at those beautiful spring flowers. I can't wait to see some popping up around here. When I saw those 4 cute paw prints I knew that Lily couldn't be too far off :)

  14. Beautiful flowers! But it is Lily who steals my heart.... every time. Hugs! xoxo

  15. Steve, spent some time this morning doing catch-up with this and previous posts. Your corned beef dinner must have been great cooked outdoors too. The old barns, farm equipment and farm animals were my favorites; they harken back to peaceful times when the simple enjoyment of friends and nature provided simple pleasures - the best kind.
    Also, I'm curious as to the type of photo equipment you use since I will most likely return to the world of digital SLRs very soon.

  16. Beatrice, I shoot all Sony digital. I have had good luck with it.

  17. Springtime is a new and good life.
    Because it is just before summer !

  18. I like those crocus alright. Mine are about a foot under the snow yet.

  19. beautiful photos and a nice little story. I'm hard pressed to say which I like better.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  20. Yeah! Welcome Spring and all the loveliness it brings.

  21. Yes, the crocuses are blooming, and soon, they will be joined by other blooms. Yippee! I love the photo with the woodpecker and other bird.


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