Thursday, March 17, 2011

Horsing Around

teen getting him on his horse asked if he rode a lot. Of course he thought, and wanted a good horse. They were to ride through a forest before heading up north to trout fish. Surely he knew more than this youngster but was soon to find out he fully didn’t. The climb up a ridge gave him time to regain his riding strengths and he headed into the forest at the lead. Their guide caught up after a bit and turned them down a narrow lane and through a stream. The birds sang out their praise to him and the forest beauty was supreme. At times he imagined fairies running along and they just snickered when they caught his imagination and it told of his idea. They ran alongside laughing at the riders who could not see them in the dense underbrush.

He turned to try and shoot some photos of his friend but could never get a good pose, and she was always holding back on her horse at a slower pace. The panorama of the forest was hard to contain in just a photo. He would have to absorb some of its spirit, and he held up his arms. The forest warmth surrounded him and gave him its peace. The horse sensed his not holding the reins and gracefully led him down that path. Jubilation spread through his body and he turned just in time for a picture. What a wonderful time spent in this beautiful forest. They passed a group on mules and headed into an equestrian campground to find a table for a bit of a snack.

Leaving this area made him think of the first people in this area, as it was his first time. It was a very rugged area, which resisted man and his plow. Looking around he acknowledged the free spirit of all the riders. At one time this would have been a very classy mode of transportation. It would be nice to go back to that he thought as they plodded back toward the ranch. He identified some plants for the riders while going along and looked deeply for that human spirit left behind by the settlers. A gentle breeze brought him a song and many memories of his good times spent in the saddle. It was one of his favorite things to do and explore the lands.

The sun had been swallowed by the trees, and was in full splendor when they came out into the clearing along the highway. A distant buzz of an approaching car told them they were back in the current century and not another time. He wanted to turn and seek out more of that prairie woodland spirit, but knew there wasn’t much light left. They got back and chatted for a bit, vowing to be back soon.

Breathe truth and compassion
Into everything that you do
So everything you do wrong
Will be passionately repaired for you.


  1. Is that dinner cooking? Yum! That church steeple is my favorite shot. It has such charm :)

  2. Oh good, dinner is on. What time will it be ready? :)

  3. Hi Steve, Love all of your barns, but what caught my attention was that cute little church/steeple... SO neat!!!!!

    I love your words: Breathe truth and compassion.

  4. Very interesting assortment of photos, Steve. That brick building...the basic structure and the brick look to be in pretty good shape. And what an interesting decoration on the end of the red bank barn. It looks almost like a quilt.

  5. Is that a brisket in the pot?

    Love the barn and building photos -- well done, Steve. :)

  6. You took me there with your story.. riding along with your riders
    and inhaling deeply the perfumes and spirit of the forest.
    You made me dream.

  7. So, did you cook the roast on a gas grill? Mine is over at my daughter's since I can not have one here. I like the old barns.

  8. Your story holds a particularly beautiful message today, Steve. I love this. Strawberry girl loved your birthday story, by the way, wrapped up in a yellow polka-dot bow. :)

    If I ever make it to the area, will you get me to that darling church on time? Oh! I love it!

  9. Those little churches are fun to visit. Immediatly everyone assumes you are related to someone there.I have had fun stopping in when I travel and hearing their stories.That is my corned beef cooking outdooors just before adding the cabbage.

  10. Oh Steve.. the barns are my favorite. Old, new, weathered, well painted. I love them all.
    Pass the corned beef but you can keep the cabbage! lol

  11. I love this montage of photos. Barns and steeples are so quintessential. These are lovely. As are your closing words.

  12. yum!!! i love corned beef and cabbage... got room for one more at the dinner table?
    i love old barns and churches.... so much forgotten history...

  13. Just when I think I like your pictures the best, you go and write a story like the one above. Then I like that better... but wait... there are the pictures. The old shed looks like the one my grandfather put his tractors and wagons in. Off to the side was the grinding wheel and other smaller tools he used to work the farm.

  14. And What's Cooking?? Looks great from here!!
    Happy weekend!!

  15. Great looking stew! And you can never get too much of that prairie, he should have turned around.

  16. Barns. I just love barns. The last time I was in one was when I was a kid though. A shame.


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