Monday, February 7, 2011

Treasures In The Snow

So you think you have had enough snow? I say dive on in and play in it while it is here.

A snowman and dog revisited, two weeks later.

They must have saved the better half of this old barn.

Have you ever started out to do something and never got it done? Other items arose in your path only to be chased away by even more things that needed done. Your list became longer rather than shorter, no matter how hard you tried? This was how his day seemed to be going. He looked up where he had patched a small hole in the eaves and noticed a few shakes needed replaced. The cabin was old and needed a variety of things done, and just never seemed to get finished. He wanted to work on a few drawings to turn out a painting for a neighbor who had worked with him for a few days mending fence. When he asked how much he owed him he was met with a wave of the hand and his neighbor walked on down the road, to see how his wife was doing he said.

He grabbed a few shakes from the shed and got up on his ladder to put them in place. Wishing it was warmer out, he struggled with cold hands to hold the nails in place to nail them. Striking his finger didn’t help. No matter what he said the cold made it hurt even worse. He was glad to be by himself thinking what someone near would have thought of his little dance and words he used. Getting the shakes put on he went to his shed to see the can had fallen and nails were all over. He started to pick them up only to be startled by something furry jumping in front of him. It was that pesky squirrel, having scared the wits out of him, which had probably spilled his nails.

While he was down on his knees picking up nails he noticed a small wooden cigar box. It was set back behind a bunch of garden tools and he had never noticed it before. Pulling it out he set it on a stool and picked up the rest of the nails. Opening up the box he saw a bunch of letters all carefully folded inside. He took the box and decided to go inside and look it over. Feeling a breeze coming from behind an old door, he looked to see a hole that needed mended perhaps another chew from his little friend. It could wait until tomorrow he thought, and carried his treasure box inside.

Sitting his box on the table he grabbed the coffeepot off his stove and found the handle to be very hot. He set it down quickly and grabbed a towel to carry it over and get some water. His bucket was just about empty, so he took it down to get some from the stream. He found a place still open and filled his bucket and went back to the cabin. Once inside he warmed his frozen hands on the stove and decided to finish his sketch while he still had light. He worked on it until hunger called out and went and threw some salt pork in a skillet. Breaking out some biscuits that were a few days old he chewed the warmed meat and savored a hard day getting little done. His wood was low so he walked out and split a few logs and carried them inside. Stoking up his fire he lit a lamp and finished the roughing of the painting he would work on next. His eyes grew heavy and he headed off to bed only to dream of the wooden box he had found, and the treasures it held. His dreams drifted lazily off on a gentle prairie breeze.
Cold wind blows
It catches me here
I stop to let it
Pass me by
We both stay
Making sure
Nothing is left behind.


  1. Brrr Steve... Looks cold out there on the Prairie.... Love that first picture..Too CUTE and creative... AND I'm glad that some of the SnowDog is still there... ha

    I do have a question.. About that barn, where is the better half of it???? ha ha

    When I worked fulltime (workaholic) --my lists got longer and longer each day... BUT--I 'had' to finish those darn lists before leaving work... Talk about stupid!!!! I never got to stop and smell the roses... ha

    Have a GREAT day and stay WARM.

  2. Oh yes, I know that feeling all too well. Start out to do something small and it just snowballs into a ton of work!

    I love photos of old barns. The Amish buggy reminds me of visiting my Aunt in Indiana when I was a little girl.

    Stay warm and safe!

  3. Lots of nice surprises here, in pictures and story.

  4. still cold and snow but still really pretty! Those shots of the old barns are really nice , a lot of character and stories there. Pretty cool stuff! (I like the snow dog too, heh)

  5. Hahahaaa.....I Really do hope that's not anyone you know...!!
    Love the shots!!!

  6. LOL! That first picture is so funny! I agree, just get out & enjoy the snow!!

  7. Classic Steve picture! Those pants... I actually thought it was YOU when I first saw it. :D

  8. Oh that first image just cracked me up. What fun!

  9. Boy i hear ye on this one--- my list is my quiding light without it Im lost--its always scribbled, folded, unfolded, replaced, checked off, amended, and then there are those other little notes in the margin--yada yada never ends!
    Love the photos and the wonderful story---

  10. What a pleasure it is to stop by here and see your photos. The first one is the best laugh I've had today and the rest I could sit and stare at all night long. I love the shots of the old barns.
    I can also relate to the story and how the list of things to do just keeps getting longer and nothing ever seems to get done.

  11. So much eye candy all in one day! Great shots as usual.

  12. Some of these photos are fabulous, especially the old decrepit buildings. More snow than I want to think about up here in New England, they say after the storm tonight it will let up for a week or so.

    Your story, wonderfully written, must have been written about some fellow who shares my gene pool. Sounded like one of my typical days. Loved the ending.

    Thank you!

  13. I really needed this humorous look at the snow, Steve. The first photo is priceless.

    And I love the barn pics. Especially the brick.

  14. I like very much all your photos. I'll come back to read your writting.

  15. I don't procrastinate, when I need to finish a task I do it. But when laziness struck me you won't find me moving hahaha that's me! I love the first photo, funny!

  16. Nice story !
    The old barn reminds me some I could see when we drove accross different States the last time we were in America.

  17. Hi Steve, I well know that feeling of getting behind on things and blog reading is one of them. Since we were away this weekend, I had some older posts to read. Enjoyed the blizzard photos and the cows, horses, and eagles. The old farm buildings and equipment are such great photo subjects of a time gone past. Enjoyed the stories, as always. i can see how the ponies resemble those at the Chincoteague NWR.

  18. Poor fella never did get to read his treasures did he? I had a good time reading this one.


  19. Steve,
    I HAVE been drinking tea! so much in fact that I feel I may burst :) thanks for the get well wishes...I'm tryin!
    I love the first photo; absolutely hilarious!
    ...and that was not very nice how you ended that story; what about the LETTERS?

  20. I sure do love all your photos. Old barns intrigue me. I think they just bring back memories of my childhood. We have Amish people living around this area too. It's a cold and blustery day here. Started out at 27 degrees at 6 am and by noon it was 17 and going down to zero tonight or below. Got a few more inches of snow. Love your humor in that first photo.. Stay warm.

  21. Oh, I'll bet most of us have had at least one day like that. I can start a project and get sidetracked by other projects so easily that I really identified with the guy in your story.

    I enjoyed the photos, too, of course. I'm always intrigued by round barns, and this one is beautiful. Love the way they put the windows in. Good post.

  22. I'm hooked: What's in the letters? You can do so much with this; hope you do.

    Old barns trigger the imagination...lives lived, problems endured and resolved and coped with, the laughter at happy times...perhaps the birth of a longed-for child, a big crop yiels...sad times as so much happened beyond individual control.

    I especially lingered at the first photo of the red barn...very, very nice. Thank you!

  23. You had me at "barn." So lovely! Even the one that is falling down has such character. Love the round barns too.

  24. After I dug the poor guy from the first picture out of the snow, I read your story. You have such a knack for relating life through your words.

  25. Wow! Awesome rural shots! I love the old buildings and barns, the old tractors. You have a treasure trove of goodies to shoot.


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