Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Lives

Having watched his father work when he was a child made everything look so easy. Now that he was doing it by himself instead of helping out made it seem harder and harder. He laughed at his thoughts wanting to be older as a child. One day at age seven he saw his new teacher and told her he was two years older as well as a grade higher. She said his tongue was going to fall out and his eyes roll clear back in his head and stay there. He wasn’t sure what she meant until a few years later and laughed at his folly today.

The job was around the clock working on a farm. A day didn’t go by when something new and different arose and he wished his dad were around to ask him what to do. Sometime he called on a friend just to shoot it past, and often ended up with a helper to show him how. This was a sharing and caring story often found out on the prairie, and neighbors were a valuable resource to each other.

Today was no different except he had a cow ready to birth early, and it was still cold and snowy. He had his wife sit with her while he raced over to a friend’s home to get some help. His friend was gone, but his wife bundled up and followed him back home. On the way she explained it was more her job when these duties came than told by her husband. They hurried as fast as the snow would allow and arrived just in time. She told him what to get and then had him stand off in the background while they helped the newborn come into this world. Nature did its work and all went smooth, a smile covered everyone’s face with a celebration of life.

They offered a meal to their helper, but she didn’t want to stay out late in the cold, so he rode with her back home. He husband had gotten back and wondered where she was, and laughed when she scolded him for saying he was in charge over all the birthing. They agreed on sharing a meal after church the following Sunday and he headed home. He wondered what stories he had told that were really things his wife really did. He laughed thinking he would tell her his friend was busy dusting when they got back. She laughed very little at his joke and told him it would be fine for him to help her when he ever wanted. He grumbled and went back to look at the new calf in his barn. The charm of this wonderful event made him feel like he maybe should help more with other things. His wife was startled when he told her he would do the dishes. She let him help dry, knowing how she wanted to get it done good. They laughed together while working and their happiness was carried out through the barn and past the new mother, on a brisk prairie breeze.
New lives grace the land
New memories shared at hand
Love and happiness flows through the air.


  1. I just love those pictures of the woodpeckers. They are fantastic

  2. I'm really enjoying your bird pictures, Steve. Those downy woodpeckers are lovely.

  3. What I find in these photos is the SUN!!!! SO glad to see it thawing up there for you!
    You stay safe and warm until it's all melted!!

  4. We still have chickadees at the feeders here -- I'll be interested to see if they stick around.

  5. Steve,
    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog...diversity is indeed extremely important and I know you do write about it and include it in your writings. I so appreciate you and glad you find joy in the gifts of many!

    I like your story and to me it speaks how we can find such joy and contentment in others as well as offering a hand.

  6. How nice to see the sun!! It was sunny yesterday & the birds were chirping & happy :) Great shots!
    About your comment..I hope you do a post about the blogs your reading. It always great to find a great new blog to read!

  7. You know...I was just laughing at myself for wanting to be older when I was a child!!!!
    Beautiful captures...make me long for spring.
    (And in regards to your comment on the ice cream cake...I KNOW that feeling of being willing to drive a distance for a great dessert! So I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who does:))

  8. your photo never fails to amuse me. they are always amazing. love to see the birds again. sign of spring.

  9. Steve!! The Great Prairie Sky in that first picture! Thank you!

  10. You're making me envious with all these bird pictures! I really wanted to take photos of birds but I have to get to the countryside first before I can get them. Anyway, hopefully this summer I might.

  11. Ah! All that hope of spring right there! Gorgeous pictures!

  12. Lovely story, thanks for the smile it provided! Your pictures remind me that I want some bird feeders. I know nothing of birds and seeds and such, but I want to get some and maybe get some nice bird photos in the process.

  13. ITs always good to help someone when they need help and be helped sometimes even when you dont need it--
    I love the birds!!

  14. How true.. on so many points, Steve! Loved the story & glad the man 'gave his wife' some credit! lol

    Hope you're having a Great week so far!

    Love the pictures of the birds best too!!


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