Thursday, February 24, 2011

Horsing Around

It was fun to watch this Downy Woodpecker come in and try to perch on this steel post holding feeders. A tree with no bark fooled both the male and female of this pair.

The spring call of the Tufted Titmouse is large for such a tiny and timid bird.

I watched this flow move from about 25 miles away in a day. This small river is over the banks at this boggy area and usually so shallow after May I have to put in farther downstream.

Eagles cleaned this deer in 6 days. By the absence of a few parts the coyotes possibly helped out.

He got out of the wagon and looked at the horses and ponies out in the field and felt like he had found a long lost friend. He made some clicking noises with his tongue and one came running toward him. He pulled a few apples from his bag and handed one to each as he walked through the gate to greet them. One tiny pony hobbled over and he had a special treat for it, some bread with sweet butter on it. It was like a family reunion as his eyes swelled with tears, happy to see these animals. A call came from the house and he walked up to greet his friend. He tried not to let him see his emotions but they were hard to put away. Their laughter made both feel years younger.

Walking into the barn he saw the individual stalls with carved name plaques put up. One stall sat empty of hay, with the plaque still up for one of the tiny ponies that had passed away. He didn’t say much other than making fun of the stately home for these beasts of burden. They had retired into the lap of luxury, their caretaker treating them like his children. The stories started up and were warmed with coffee in the kitchen. The home needed some work, but only had one person living in it, so there wasn’t an ongoing list as with his home. He told of doing chores and being a big help to his son, happy to be back out on the prairie. His friend said he was always welcome to help around his home also. Looking around he decided maybe that this might be a pleasure to do for a fellow worker. He asked where he could start, and they walked out around the farm buildings to look at the needs to be done.

Behind the barn sat a huge woodpile and he told of how he often liked to swing the axe at his home. They set up some logs and took turns splitting the wood, showing off their prowess. It didn’t take long to tire the two of them so they went back up and had another coffee. It had cooled setting on a cold stove, but it didn’t matter. Grabbing some jerky they walked down and filled a few buckets at the well. Carrying them over to a trough one at a time, both talked a little gibberish to the horses and laughed how they each had a particular voice to use. Walking back up to the barn they talked how a few boards could use some replacement, perhaps the next time he came by.

The talk drifted back to the mine and how all the families came for the yearly picnics. It was fun to share the children’s joy and join in a variety of games. He told how his wife wished to see some of the blooms like she had above the mine when they first got there. He laughed and said to just let it go and they would return. It was just taking a nap being grazed and tilled. They each asked about families that had drifted away and shared any information each had heard. Some people never returned to this land and many ended up in the growing cities. The day slipped by faster than it had for quite some time and memories drifted across the plains on a gentle prairie breeze.
Friends make life
For all it is
Life would be lost
If we never shared thoughts
And lasting memories.


  1. Love those birdie pictures! What stunning creatures!!! I feel like wearing red today--or at least wearing a brightly colored hat!

  2. Good morning! I apologize for being remiss in my comments as of late. Life (school) has been calling.

    Beautiful shots, I bet the Downy's were fun to watch!

  3. What great photos of the river! And that whats left of that deer is kind of haunting...but at least nothing gets wasted in nature.

  4. Yes.....Friends make life.
    I have never seen a Tufted Titmouse- thanks for the picture.
    Love spring break-up on a river.....I could sit and watch it at that pace. Just me and my camera...and maybe a friend:)

  5. Our Eagles are starving to death here, not enough food for them this winter... one of daughter's bunnies died of old age so was 'recycled' in the field... an eagle and 4 ravens came to feast...
    your pics are delightful btw... love looking at them :D

  6. Awww, Stever, it is so true that friends make life. but more than that, the comment about life being lost if we never shared our thoughts or make lasting memories, you just put into words why I spend so much time making the scrapbooks for my son. They are our memories together and every one is important to his every cell of his being.
    Thank you so much!

  7. The birds sure do love you.. and it shows just how much you love them, too. Beautiful!

  8. Friends DO make life, Steve. Such a beautiful post.

  9. Such beautiful bird pictures. And it must have been a hoot watching the "downies" trying to cling to the steel post. The river breaking up is a sure sign that spring can't be far behind.

  10. You photos are a refreshing break in my frantic effort to catch myself back up with all the blog posts. I think I'm feeling a bit like deer at the

  11. Steve, I am an artist and I collect bones and many other wonderful treasures I find out in the prairie and in the timber. If you find some that are older & cleaner, I would love to know where they are. They have such beautiful shapes & different shades of white, like complete sculptures in themselves. I enjoy making organic art; about everything is worth recycling.

  12. This makes me want to have a family reunion... and get my camera fixed! Actually, I did get to see some of my family recently, but it was WAY TOO SHORT, and I didn't blog about it. :( I'm glad you had fun and got to blog it, too. :) Perhaps I will still get around to it.

    PS the photos, and your last little quote, too. Corine :D

  13. I cannot imagine my life without our friends.
    Very nice photos of birds. Poor deer !

  14. that's all ice in the river? Crazy! Love all your bird friends!

  15. Oh My!! I don't know which is worse! Snow or ICE!! Stay safe!!!


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