Friday, February 4, 2011


Smoke was billowing over the horizon. It made him think of the fires that came through the prairies that his grandmother talked about. Many people plowed the ground surrounding their homes to keep them safe, and crops were quickly destroyed. Fire was sometimes started by nature, and early man used it to make areas for their crops to grow, but it quickly filled back in when left fallow. Now the land tried to return as it was, but with better plows it was easily turned under for a new planting. He had a side pasture that would fill with blooms before he moved his stock into it. The plants fattened up his cattle and got them ready for the market.

He wondered what the smoke was from, and decided to ride and see. Saddling up his horse with the barn open let the cold come through and push the air warmed by the other animals inside. He buttoned his coat up tighter to ward off the frigid air. His boy came out with a scarf his wife had sent out and he thanked him for his trouble. It would make the ride a bit more comfortable. The horse was restless when he got the saddle on and off they thundered down the lane.

The squeak of the leather saddle sang out with the sound of walking through the snow. He saw some fresh tracks of another rider who had went by and wondered if it was his neighbor. They often shared stories each had heard from different relatives about taming this wild area. Sometimes they became tall tales, more to amuse the younger listeners sitting around them. Both of their families had come to this as a new land, and now it seemed so mild to what they had to go through. He couldn’t even imagine living in a sod home, some remnants were still visible as piles of dirt out on the flat lands. Close by you could see the ruts left on a trail where many wagons had passed filling up the surrounding land with new settlers. This road he was following had seen many moving farther west, following their dreams.

The wind picked up and it began to snow. It became hard to see very far and he couldn’t decide whether to turn around. His horse was shaking off the snow sticking to his head when it reared up startled at deer running in front of them. Almost falling off he held tight as the horse regained it’s footing and turned around for home. The ride became even worse, but he was sure the horse knew its way back. They both had a hard time seeing as the snow picked up even worse and he thought he saw a set of trees near his home.

The road seemed to stretch out longer in front of him. Soon he saw the hill before his home and was happy to start down his lane. It was hard to see his house or barn until he was almost in front of them. He took his time brushing down his horse getting the ice and snow clear, feeling happy to have made it back. When he went inside his wife asked what he had found and he said just lots of snow, smiling at all the worry he had to get back home. He hugged her and said it was nice to be warm, and this love was carried through the house and outside, swept away on a frigid prairie breeze.
Time and again we lose our way
Finding that right path which can save the day
If it’s only patience that makes us strong
Love and happiness help this come along.


  1. I love that first's gorgeous, and wow! on the eagles. You're so lucky to have them near. I have a lot of catching up to do with the story. I just made some lunch, now I'm going to go back and read!

  2. Beautiful images, Steve. Imagine the history that old barn has seen. I've missed seeing your eagle photos, so these today were a treat. And you really got some good ones.

  3. Great post, Steve.. We do lose our way at times.. But--there are many roads to travel. Some will be good and some not so good. BUT--we have choices!!!!!

    Love your pictures... Makes me COLD just seeing them though... Brrrrrr.

  4. How much snow did you all end up with Steve? We got about 6-7 inches, which blew one way, then the other, leaving big drifts everywhere.

    Be careful in your travels!

  5. ANOTHER picture of yours I really would like to have up on my wall. That first one is a treasure!

  6. Steve,
    ...that was lovely and what a great poem to tie it all together.
    That made me smile :)

  7. another great post! That's one shaggy fuzzy horse. Looks like he's keeping warm. Really nice baldy shots too - and I really like the composition of the first photo. Nice!

  8. Your photos of the eagle are especially beautiful! Wonderful photos! If you don't mind my asking, what kind of camera to do you use?

  9. Fantastic old barn! Love how those cows look right at you. Wonderful shots of the Eagle! Aren't tracks in the snow interesting? Great photos!!!

  10. Well what can I say? Another series of beautiful photos which I think I don't have the chance to capture simple because we don't have winter here. But anyway, I'm glad you can show them to us with justice!

  11. That first pic of the eagle has such detail. Those eyes!

  12. Is there anything more majestic than a Bald eagle? I think not. Wonderful post, as always.

  13. Majestic eagles!! Love your photos and stories.

  14. Your photos are really pretty nice and you write so well, Steve.
    Have a nice week-end.

  15. Very meaningful...moving on, following your dreams.

  16. Another brilliant post. Your words just flow into a lovely read and your photos are stunning. It's hard to choose a favorite, each one is unique.

  17. Gorgeous photos. The ones of the eagle are fantastic.

  18. wonderful images...wondering about the vertebrae in the tree--
    Enjoyed that ride out into the snow too!

  19. Wow Steve, great shots. I'm glad to see more eagle pictures. Just amazing.

  20. Yes, we do loss our way at times. Makes us pay attention and appreciate it even more when we are on the right path. At least I think so. :-)

    Hope you are having a Safe & Warm weekend, Steve!
    ~ Coreen

  21. BLIzzard...I can only imagine it.....: it must be soo very cold!!!
    I do love indeed your documentation in WHITE....I am speechless: the magnificient hawk just shows its most beautiful, proud side: WONDERFUL!!
    ALL the delicate details of your prairie are gorgeous!!
    I see the cows and the cute horse have put on their winter coat!!!!

    Grazie for stepping back in my Tuscany; I appreciated it very much!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  22. And I love the footprints in the snow photo...
    Great shots!
    I know, I know...I'm late again!!Hahaa

  23. Whaaa...we visited our blogs in the same time...
    I was reading your post....great!
    And images wonderful!
    Love is our path, I think!

  24. Wish I could capture a shot of an eagle or a falcon. I love seeing wildlife and evidence of their travels.


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