Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Snowy Memory

We had a few warm days take away a lot of our snow so I went out yesterday to look for a snowman I made before Christmas. He was lost except for a tiny mound, but maybe he will return, as I did to this lovely prairie area.

It doesn't take a lot to cheer me up, but I was thrilled to have a soda I hadn't seen in years to ring in the New Year. It's imported, from Indiana. I would like to have it in a glass bottle, but that is something else we don't see. I get a few sodas from Mexico in a bottle still.

I saw this window at an antique store while eating lunch in a tiny town and window shopping.

A junco on Big Bluestem prairie grass.

She has to learn how some day, I wonder what the drivers coming at me thought.

He sat in his usual seat that morning at church. The weather was unseasonably cold and he probably would not try too many photos, hot chocolate sounded better. She walked past with a kindly wave and such a gentle smile, that his heart sped up. She went to her usual place and sat without asking him. Seeing her at the library earlier in the week and talking to her made it seem that there might be some attraction. He did not want to push away a friend with other thoughts, so he concentrated all of his feelings and spirit into kindling a healthy friendship. She sat longer than usual and so did he, but both were too shy to say anything and left alone.

When a song of cleansing spirits was being sung a couple went down to the front and knelt in prayer. The song grew stronger and spirits soared as two more couples joined them in a huddled prayer. Strength and unity were formed, with the spirit of the prairie carried in on stiff winter winds. Another couple went to the other side of the alter and they were followed by another couple showing the strength and positive lifestyle we need to build and attest to keep our families strong. This spirit warmed his heart and enriched his soul, casting away all his troubles and giving him a cleansing of his soul. He would go home and write about this solid moment, because he needed it badly to help him in his journey.

He worked in his studio most of the day chatting with a few friends and enjoying their empathy. This boosted his artistic potential he also felt, and related these personal experiences in his poetry and songs. He kept thinking of the Appalachian chant he heard and had played with the day before. It had a certain feel that seemed to be within him, a song offered from another land carried on our dreams. He thought deeper and drifted away from his writing only to be put back on task by the cat jumping into his lap.

How true at times a pet’s feelings, so simplistic and affectionately. Often we forget that love will lead us through our journey, and is so easy to always carry it in our hearts. He enjoyed pets and small children because they portrayed some of the purest thoughts and emotions, something many of us mask or lose. He took a walk out to where he had taken some previous photos following an ice storm the week before. He thought about this purification of our thoughts and soul, similar to the cleansing winter performed. His imagination soared on a gentle prairie breeze, touching the tips of winter’s icy caresses, left on a few upright flowers.
Sometimes I see new light or different view
And significant changes in imagery
That allows me to paint you a beautiful picture
With a variety of ideas in my photography
It is the love and spirit offered by nature
That comes to me so easily and sets me free
Making love play a song of peace and harmony.


  1. You know, it's a real blow to the ego when you see toys you used to play with now in the display window of an antiques store. :) I remember those tops well. They were among my brother's favorite toys...right up there with Yo-Yos.

    Looks as if Lily is taking to driving like the proverbial duck to water.

  2. Positively profound,,words and photos.

  3. Steve, very enchanting and the photos are great. I like the barn very it reminds me of my grandparents farm. The contrast with the red and the snow is stunning. You are extremely talented, but I bet you've heard that before, yes?

  4. Good evening. Beautiful shots as usual. I loved the snowy heart and the barn. They were definitely my favorite photos.

  5. Wonderful photos and post.

    On the geese and ducks--we had the kids out watching them on a frozen lake last week and they laughed and laughed as the birds skated on the ice to land and walk.

  6. How very beautiful.. I m coming here to thankyou for your words of encouragment on my last blog and I feel so enriched by reading your words. Thanks for sharing your vision of beauty , Grace in his peaceful place we all like to stay . I know I do. May peace surround you tonight and on your Journey though this new Year. Your a blessing Im sure to many.
    and Thanks again.
    I love pets too and they can sure take your mind off of anything.

  7. I like to watch your photos and specialY your dog driver.
    I just read your story of tour previous post and this one. I love very much your stories, Steve.

  8. What a beautiful thought for this morning, Steve. I'll think on that today...

    Are those ice-skates you are wearing? Can you get a picture of you skating out on the pond, under the great wide winter sky? Good for you! Hugs, my friend.

    ps... that naughty Lily! :D

  9. Those pictures are stunning!
    What a great inspiration!


  10. Are those bowling shoes? All the antique tops are charming.
    It's interesting how your see purification and cleansing in winter.

  11. Lots of duckie photos in the blogs I read today. Thought they were supposed to fly south for the winter? Must be "local" ducks.

    Your photos are so nice today, Steve. You really outdid yourself. Have a wonderful day!

  12. Steve....your picture of dog-driver made me laugh. And I couldn't stop when I read your comment that went with it:)))))))))

    Like that you went back and took a picture of your snowman. Guess he's seen better days:))

    Have a great new day:)

  13. I enjoyed the rhythms in your poem! Also the snowman's arms - perfect!

  14. I like your imagery, both photo and word. I've always thought that birds are hard animals to capture well on film. They're always on the move. Those photos do like Iowa, from what I remember passing through . . . the open fields, red barns and wire fences.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  15. Lovely shots!
    The melted snowman, though bittersweet, is delightful :D

  16. Ahh yes the big guy is graceful on the skates. I played a lot of hockey and ran a skate program a few winters for the parks. Then I would go to 2nd hand stores and find all the skates I could to let kids use who didn't have any.Sometimes a number of socks were in a toe to make them fit. At the end of the year I passed them out.One day I fell on top of a 5-6 year old I was playing hockey with. He got up, held out his hand, and said,"You Okay?' I sent him home with a stick.

  17. ...and a furry angel at the wheel. What a sweet little face. Love your comment, Steve, about buying skates and passing them out. A fine thing to do.

  18. Lucy is clearly in the driver's seat! Ahhh...Bubble Up, brings back memories. I love the Madonna statue behind the Bubble Up, and I miss any pop in a glass bottle, especially Pepsi, it was so much better. Great pics as usual.

  19. Oh that poor snowman. I think he needs a magic hat to bring him back :)
    I do hope that Duke doesn't find out that Lily is allowed to drive. I'll have a heck of a time explaining why he's not allowed.

  20. That story was right from the heart. So honest, so simple, so true.

    Nice pics, you live in a beautiful area.

  21. You invite us into a sacred space.
    Thank you

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  22. Lily looks like she's been driving for years, very professional. :O)
    There is something I really like about the duck photo, I like groups of things maybe. I thought those were skates.
    very beautiful, thoughtful pictures, both the photos and the words

  23. '..It is the love and spirit offered by nature
    That comes to me so easily and sets me free...'
    I feel the same!
    Thank you, again!

  24. Lovely post! I remember enjoying Bubble Up soda and simple toys like Teddy bears and spinning tops. :)

  25. Your photos are just so amazing. My favorite one is your dog driving...Glad that some of your snow is gone. We are supposed to get more tomorrow. I am ready for spring and lots of sunshine. Stay warm and looking forward to your future postings...Heidi

  26. Had the opportunity today to go w-a-y back on your blog. Your writing touches me, and obviously all who know you. Such a gift you have, in word and photos.


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