Monday, January 17, 2011

Sharing and Caring

With the turn of the century, our beautiful prairies dwindled. An area that seemed so massive now became single digit percentages in many counties. We found new ways to till and tile, recreating the landscape over and over. What had taken eons to produce took only decades to reduce. And now we stand looking at our error, wandering what to do, and where the funds will come to do it.

Sons are repairing the work of their fathers. The unity in the family spirit has always been the drive to allow the people to survive in this land. Spreading this wealth created communities, which in turn formed states and all joined into this lovely world. It is one helping another that will allow us to survive. We have lived closely with nature and She has allowed our prosperity, only to lie in ruin from poor farming practices. We learn from our mistakes, and with current technologies, we should be able to override our errors.

What has enriched this wealth on the prairie is the diversity of cultures, which all interacted to form a perfect nation. All of us were immigrants, including the People, whom we identify as native to our land. It has been through this blend of ideas that we have been able to grow and surpass many other countries in this world. We should welcome all newcomers to our land with open arms so as not to stagnant our passion to live well.

Our lives do go through a lot of growth and changes, but is it different from a century ago? We work and build new technologies to make our lives easier, but do we feel any different? Do we find the same love and passion as our forefathers? If we were to step back in time could we raise our families with a different method, or has it been really that much different? Sometimes the difference is blurred with the complexities we add to our lives, when we are such simple folk.

What do we need more in our lives and world, but happiness. It is how we feel we need to attain it sometimes that stops us from realizing how simple it really is. We carry it in our hearts all the time, it is just taking the time to realize it’s there. It shouldn’t be hard to find, but a goal you set for yourself to uphold.

Go, stand in the middle of a prairie, and listen for that song. If you listen intent enough it will come to you before long. It is easy to find peace and happiness in a prairie, so set your soul free. Feel the moment one more time, happily. Close your eyes and hold out your hands, give praises to who gave us this land and the happiness it always carries, on a gentle prairie breeze.


  1. Well said! I truly believe to be one with nature, you have to stand and take it all in every so often. Your photos always reflect the goodness in nature. :)

  2. Again!!Hahaaa...LOVE the cat shot!
    All your photos are wonderful Steve...but That one made me laugh out loud!

  3. "Close your eyes and hold out your hands, give praises to who gave us this land and the happiness it always carries, on a gentle prairie breeze."

    Beautiful imagery.

    Cathy @ Country Cathy

  4. A very nice post. I love the prairie, the openness suggesting that field of "infinite possibility." We are really all so simple, yes, and long for the same things...

    Your cat looks very spoiled, and happy. :)

  5. Steve,
    Your photos are always so peaceful and serene and it makes me want to just sit and watch and imagine all that goes on in each...
    I particularly enjoyed them today on such a difficult one so thank you!

  6. That little doe is a cutie and how did you get that horse to smile like that? :)

  7. Steve, I agree with your comments fully. TOo often we think that material things bring happiness, when they don't and can't. It's a feeling that can't be expressed through things. Liked the images of the sheep, old barn and young deer in this post and the snow was great - wish we had some right now, maybe this weekend some flurries are coming.

  8. Loved all the photos but the one with the cat really caught my eye. I see the cat laying on a rag quilt and I have been wanting to try and make one of those.
    Interesting story today too. I've often thought about how nice it might be to live in a simpler time but at the same time I wonder if I would be able to do it.

  9. That cat photo is a hoot! The deer in profile is a great capture, with the legs in such a graceful position. And I loved the first one of the sheep in the old barn, although it did make me wish they had a better shelter.

  10. Did you notice the pillow under the cat?Gravity was against him.

  11. In the long run, Nature will never disappoint you.

    I especially love the photos of the old, weathered, barn and that sleepy, fat, cat of yours.

  12. This is a very thought provoking post and your photos are gorgeous. I especially love the geese in flight and the sunrise/sunset (couldn't tell which it is).

    I think the difference is that with the incredible technology we have today, we're more aware of the similarities and differences in each other. We aren't significantly different than we were a hundred years ago.

    We do need to take the time to stand in the prairie and listen, though. Thanks for the nudge.

  13. Love the shots of those fuzzy winter animals.

  14. I love that old barn and the sheep photos. Reminds me of my Grandparent's place when I was a kid. Love the deer and geese photos and I especially like that horse one!! Great winter scenery!! Oh! The cat one is cute!! Ha!

  15. Great pictures, Steve... I love all of the snow ones.. The deer pictures are great --but I adore the CAT one... Hilarious!!!

  16. yes wonderful imagery for sure. I love that horse's expression and the pillow about the spoiled cat because it looks like one happy cat :O)

  17. I live near a lot of farms, but those photos make me want to really live on one. Great reminder of what is really important.

  18. I will stand on your prairie and listen for what the breeze has to tell me. Only now, I must do it in my own pastures; learning to be thankful for what is around me. Beautiful writing, Steve.

  19. Beautiful photos, as usually !
    In my first life (with my ex) I raised sheeps.
    I love the photo od the cat and the little cushion.
    The young deer is very beautiful and the horse too.
    I come here tomorrow again to read your writting.

  20. Thanks for sharing, its pretty cool. This year I'm looking forward to take a break and enjoy nature as I go for vacation, well maybe after I find some Texas Ranch For Sale. Anyway I really like your blog and i really appreciate the excellent quality content you are posting here.

  21. Goodness me... every single shot is gorgeous!! I left one picture only to go on to the next with my mouth opening in appreciation (aren't you glad you can't see that?!) more and more with each one!
    You are doing something really good here!

  22. Thank you for so generously sharing your treasures!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


  23. Beautiful photos and thoughtful words. Yes, the plains are a special place, but I've yet to find a place on this earth that wasn't a bit special.

  24. Hi Steve - what I hear you saying here is 'listen'. The invitation is threaded through this post and through your whole blog... Listening could not be more important than now?

    Here is the link I mentioned I'd pass on to you - it's a long article and some of it what Abrams says may not be a perfect fit, but there are some real gems and lots to contemplate. . .

  25. Lovely photos. I like that ice pattern on the screen especially.

    Happiness always comes from within, and going to such great lengths to find it on the outside is always the bane of our humanity. At least mine.

  26. Great reminder of what is important in this life!

  27. Such breathtaking pictures!!! Love them all.. yet the CAT one is my favorite because I so love cuddly cats & I swear that one looks like one I had growing up. :-)

    Hope your 2011 has started off wonderfully!
    Stay warm!!

  28. Steve,
    I read Kittie's blog and your comment about my writing and I thank you! For so long I was a 'closet' writer who didn't want anyone to read it because well, I just didn't think they'd like it. It was only last March that I began to let others read what i wrote and so it just really warms my heart to hear your kind words and compliments regarding my writing.
    I thank you very much!

  29. Wonderful piece on finding peace in the prairie, it sounds like you find the same kind of solace on the prairie that I find in deep woods. I think the common theme is becoming one with the natural world, wouldn't you say?

  30. This is the same thing over here. You country is large and mine is mall.

    The mayor of the city wants to destroy a green space with very old oaktrees to built some lodges. People is fighting against this decision.

  31. I love the barn (as I always love barns). The cat photo made me laugh. :D The writing was great... I think I'll be back for more! :D

    PS I also LOVE the quote on your side bar, "treat your friends as you do your pictures and put them in the best light." Mind if I add that to MY sidebar? That is a philosophy I truly live by... and love it! :D

  32. I enjoyed seeing all of your farm and animal photos. You have a great eye for them!


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