Monday, January 10, 2011

Oceans Across The Prairie

Sunrise this morning

Living our lives together
We live strong as one
And continue building
Our lives together
Sharing and caring
Strongly for each other
Until the very end.
The hills are alive with the sound of music.

Watch out for that ledge !

Painting the cave he had found when he first arrived created numerous sketches, but he couldn’t make up his mind. He had a lot of different ideas including using his horse as a model in the role as a stolen horse coming out. The lore around this cave is that people hid stolen horses in it at one time, but he never found any written information. The area was beautiful with giant cliffs of limestone rising on both sides. The streams and rivers had eroded out giant slabs of limestone in various areas, and one of the larger underground mines was nearby. These oceans of grasses had once been mighty oceans of water forming these lovely reefs and caverns.

What a wonderful area to explore near all the streams and river. He found many areas for the miniatures he enjoyed painting, they always sold the best. The tiny landscapes reminded him of the fairy tales he still enjoyed reading. He often looked for fairies peeking from under flowers and shrubs. When he sat at the stream he listened for the song of wood nymphs. He often felt that the water had some power to it that could tell you a story, a story perhaps about life.

He met a lady at church who had a stable near where he had been working and wanted to use her mules to get him over the rocky hillsides. He had found some wonderful perspectives in this area and always wanted to be pointed in a new direction. Another family had him over for supper one evening and had a wealth of folklore and local history to share. There were many different kinds of riches to be found on this wonderful prairie. He eagerly absorbed all that he could, and became a rather pronounced authoritarian of local history. He spent a special moment out on this lovely land almost every day absorbing the spirit the land offered to him. His soul would often soar on those gentle prairie breezes, and into the stars, as he found new ideas to paint.
And into the stars his soul would roar
Past then now and beyond all time
And return to enter into her heart
And his love of the beauty she made.


  1. My God, those caves and that woodland look just like the Narrows of the Harpeth State Park in Tennessee. Where did you take the photos? The mid-west continues to surprise me!

  2. funny Big Guy!!! You Better Not Fall!!
    Love the photos!

  3. Some of your photos remind me so much of some of the trails we enjoy in the Smokies. The sunrise photo is lovely, and the view through the icicles is unique. Interesting post.

  4. Hahhhahhhhahhhhhahhhaha!!!!! OH TOOO FUUNNNNNYYYY!
    Love it! Love the humor:)
    Glad you didn't fall.....(You didn't- did you????)

  5. ideas to paint or new stories to tell?

    I love the humor and goodness gracious, yeah, watch out for the heart skipped a beat just looking at the photo. I am terrified of heights, can you tell?
    I do like the one of you hanging off the ledge though; that is pretty funny!

    the sunrise is the breath-taking with the pink hues!

  6. Your photos really show that you live in a magical place. No wonder you write like you do.

  7. Sweet Sunrise through the trees. Lovely photo. Beautiful, interesting terrain.

  8. Oh how funny! Did you actually chortle out a yodel or two? It would have been hard to resist!

    Beautiful pictures tonight with a great sense of humor!

  9. Oh you were having fun out there weren't

  10. Your photos are always so beautiful. I love the clowning around shots.. and that beauty of the icicles.

  11. Hi Steve, What cute pictures of YOU---you silly one!!!! I remember one time when two of my granddaughters were visiting us. We took a hike to Stone Door.. There was a ledge which appeared to drop straight down the mountain. BUT--there was a ledge below the ledge.. Get the picture? Anyhow--I got my grand to hang on to the top ledge like you did... I sent that picture to their Mom and she had a FIT.. ha ha

    Love the icicles too.

  12. Come on over, Steve, and you'll be in the movie set for the Sound of Music! LOL! :D

  13. I take it you survived the fall! Lovely pictures!!

  14. Ha! Love the ledge shot, I try to stage those from time to time but it doesn't always work so well. Fun stuff! jealous of all your eagle sightings and photos! That second to last shot is my fav on this one, nice framing!

  15. Your glorious post made my soul grow a little!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  16. Those ledges can be tricky! Wonderful photo tour of your world, thank you!

  17. I'll chime in by saying many of your photos look very familiar and as if they could have been taken in the Arkansas Ozarks.

    Great photo essay -- but watch your step.

  18. Oh, dear, the ones of you on the ledge made my stomach drop like it does if I'm up high or near a ledge. You silly guy!

    That is a pretty area. The icicles are cool.


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