Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cardinal Rule

This should be done he said
Let us know she said
If you have any problems
What me with problems
Let me tell you
I am still having
A few with you
Perhaps it will end
Someday soon
But until this happens
I will stay calm.
That was my daughter
Speaking Italian to you
I hope you didn't understand
But perhaps got the meaning
That all of us
Don't have that simple thing
That Cardinal Rule
Of loving all we encounter
In our activities and lives
When problems aren't solved.

Yes on Friday will be the fourth repair toward fixing phone and Internet service.


  1. great bird posts. Looks like a little winter going on still.
    I sat out on my deck this afternoon for a break with just a light jacket on. In 40's and with no humidity that is pretty pleasant. Very little snow on the ground though the moutains around us are at record levels.

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are looking fine! Are they tweeting about nest building yet?

  3. I hope you get that accomplished, Steve. That would be horrific for me!

    Love the cardinal photos. My favorite bird, I think. Especially like the one of Mr. Red cocking his head to one side. So cute!

  4. I feel those Cardinals are talking to me.

    That's a great bit of writing there. Loving what is. Do I love my bunion? I must. I keep putting off doing anything about it.

  5. Such pretty cardinals on a snow covered ground. Hope the repair finally gets REPAIRED for you!

  6. excellent with the falling snow, great series of cardinal buddies.

  7. These are just beautiful images, Steve. Cardinals are favorites of mine, with their brilliant color and their clear calls; and you've done a great job of capturing them in these photos.

  8. Hi Steve, really great series of two of my favorite birds (and the state bird here in Virginia) male and female cardinals. Looks like they were enjoying the snow too...and you too?

  9. What perfectly chubby, bright little fellows! Need some of those on my front lawn to brighten this place up!!!!
    Wonderful photos!!!

  10. Beautiful Cards.. such pretty birds in their snowy surroundings.

    I wish you better luck with your computer woes. I hope 4th time is the charm!

  11. Sorry you are still having internet problems, Steve. Hope they are fixed soon...

    The Cardinals are gorgeous... I love the males--but the females are equally as pretty I think...

    Have a great day tomorrow.

  12. Great photos! I think Cardinals look so beautiful in the snow.

  13. I have discovered cardinals on three blogs this year and I have come to love them! They are so sweet how they squat in the falling snow, and such a splash of color. Beautiful!

  14. Methinks the Cardinal Rule is they bring a little color and joy to our cold and mostly drab winters. Go Cards!

  15. I like when spring gets near and their calls change as well as brighter colors. The bad part is they become more territorial and chase the others away. I had 5 males this morning all together.Wish the light was better.I believe they are the most often used species for state birds.This fix thing is for the birds, but so far I am still calm.My daughter often reminds me of her mother with the shortened fuse. I don't think it does anything for you or the other person getting chewed out, although venting can be good.

  16. My favorite birds! I love the male cardinal with his head cocked to the side.

    Cathy @ Country Cathy

  17. what a beautiful collection of cardinals. I've always loved them.

  18. Nice photos! I don't see cardinals for any length of time. They always fly away if they spot me.

  19. We have lots of problems with internet and phone service where I work.. it's in the country outside of CB.. up on a hill and terrible service when the weather is bad. It's frustrating to say the least. Sorry your having the same troubles and so often!!

    Love your bird pictures!!! I thought of Betsy right away too! :-)

    Hope you have a Wonderful Friday & weekend!!

  20. I have already seen this bird on Abe's blog.
    He and his female are both wonderful birds. Your photos are really very beautiful.

  21. At this time of year when there's so much white, it's always a special moment when I see a bright red cardinal. Great pictures.

  22. wonderful photos of those cardinals, how I wish I could see one. It must be quite exciting to see that flash of color. good luck with your repairs

  23. NO KIDDING!??? UGH, that has got to be frustrating to deal with. I just ticks me off when jobs aren't completed up to par and it's an inconvenience to YOU!
    The pictures are lovely...that red cardinal certainly looks like he's got personality!
    Thanks for a great post!

  24. Cardinals are one of my favorite birds. My earliest memories of them was seeing them outside my Grandparents house in the winter time. I always think of Grandmama when I see a cardinal

  25. Beautiful cardinal pics! My favorite bird.

  26. I finally got a few photos of one cardinal, but I had trouble taking them from the door. I need to do some cleaning so I can find what I did with my card reader so I can see if any of the photos turned out. I also got some of other birds, including a woodpecker eating on the suet feeder.


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