Friday, January 28, 2011

The Brenda Photo Challenge-Frozen

Walking that little dog

Hold out your hands
And ask for health and happiness
For all those you have met and love
Letting the message be carried away
On a gentle prairie breeze.

Has anyone ever talked you into
Sticking your tongue on cold metal
And then after you tried it
You thought to yourself
Thath not Thunnny.

Yes here in the Midwest it wasn't hard to find things frozen. In fact we are grateful we aren't frozen ourselves. Yesterday I did see some new growth on a gooseberry bush, so spring is around the corner. Unfortunately it could be a rather large corner.If you haven't tried it, try out The Brenda Photo Challenge at :
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  1. oh your photos are gorgeous. they do look very cold too. just looking at them make me shiver. nice ones.

  2. I've also seen a few bushes with little buds peeking thru, a really nice feeling as one trudges along. We haven't been hit nearly has hard as you have and can only look at the weather map with wonder each evening and hope everyone's coping. I enjoyed your cardinal photos in the pvevious post. Love how the red plume contrasts in nature.

  3. Oh, I love the snowman...but please don't send any this way okay? I can really do without!

  4. Oh yeah, I just knew there would be some frozen work from our Prairie artist! It does indeed look frozen in your neck of the woods. Wonderful shots!

    I saw some activity on a shrub in my yard today,,,little buds,,maybe. Tomorrow it's supposed to be about 68 degrees, then next week back to frigid again.

  5. What a fun post. I love the little snow dog and the frosty window. "Thath not Thunnny" cracked me up.

  6. Ha! I loved the snowman walking the snowdog and the response to sticking your tongue on cold metal. Good post, Steve.

  7. I love the snowman and the window pane!
    The window pane reminds me of my Grandma who always told us of Jack Frost. :)

    Carletta's Captures

  8. We are in the middle of a rainy summer here in South Africa. It looks very cold there,hope spring comes quickly now!

  9. What a fun photo project! I may have to join that... thanks for spreading the word! :D

    BTW - My favorites are the snowman walking the dog (LOL :D) and the window... oh, and the first one of the stream (I think there is a frozen stream under there)... Gorgeous!

  10. Love the snowman and snow doggie!

    I have to admit, seeing your puppy out on the ice makes me a bit nervous. Must be the mom in me coming out. :)

  11. Hahahaaaa....I love your sense of humor!! Love the Snowman walking the dog!! They are ALL wonderful!
    Stay warm up there!!!!

  12. I agree with the Nancy.. that snow doggie's the best! But there's that frozen window that appeals to my sense of decor, and as for your backyard...when's the cookout, Steve? :D

  13. The frosted up window frame is my favorite picture, but the "walking the dog" snowman and frozen companion made me laugh out loud! Great contributions to the frozen theme!

  14. Great photos...but as a dog lover, please introduce me to Mr. Snowman and his dog, Snowball. :D

  15. The window is my favorite. I also love that snowman :) Cold, but beautiful photos!

  16. Great sentiment!
    I smell a good quote :)

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral



  17. Great shots! I particularly love the snowman and the frosted window. RYC: yes, the tree is right next to the building at a corner of it. The drips and freeze are really hurting it.

  18. Yes, it is pretty easy to find the frozen stuff isn't it. Love the snowman and snowdog, so cute.
    I really like that picture of the frosted window and your line about sticking your tongue on cold metal cracked me up. Can't say I've ever tried that one

  19. Great photos! Love the snowman walking the little dog. Too cute!!

  20. Laughing out loud at the snowman with his dog! I didn't stay outside long enough to make a snowman when we had snow a few weeks ago. Was just outside long enough for chores and to take a few pics. I love the window picture!

  21. thhaaah wath noth funny ath all!

    Love that window picture...I could take it and frame it! It's just beautiful!!!!!

  22. It's good to see some optimism in spite of the weather! Love the snowman!
    : )

  23. Steve, out of curiosity... you've said a number of times that you were overseas. May I ask... were you visiting? In the military? Why were you in Switzerland I've been wondering about the story of your life! Of course, if this is too personal, I'll understand.Hugs!

  24. Tom boy that I was... I have to admit that I did stick my tongue on a frozen bar...I think it was a swing set... But the good news...never did that again!
    Stay warm!

  25. Man, that's still a LOT of snow! Nice work on the snowman, he's awfully cute! The pup's going for a little skate, eh? Nice window textures, too!

  26. Lovely shots of the theme Frozen. Especially like the frosted window. BTW. I love the photographs of the cardinal.

  27. Thath not Thunnny? Oh but it is, it is!
    Thanks for the laugh, Steve, and the tender exhortation to hold out our hands and ask for health and happiness for ourselves and others. 'Tis always good to send these messages out purposefully, intentionally.
    Throw another log on the fire. . . keep warm (it looks so very cold in your neck of the woods).


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