Saturday, December 31, 2011

Enjoy The Day

A charming year it has been for me
Full of fun and graceful harmony
Join me as I dance across the land
Enjoying life to it's fullest
Out on the prairie.

This set of locust thorns reminded me of the huge red fox I saw while hiking out in these hills. I was so awe struck with how close I was I couldn't get my camera up to catch the shot.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December Is Almost Done

Geese sitting on cold, cold ice
Honking up each and everyone
A chorus by the hundreds
I listen to each and every song.

I will push you out
Across the sky
A tire swing
And a treehouse
A day gone by.
Goodie goodie gumdrops
My mother would often say
While watching my children
Enjoying a day of play.

I'm not sure where this came from
Perhaps a poem or a book
But it showed, she too was having fun
You could always tell by her look.

Everytime I see these candies
I buy them for the thought
Of good times spent with my children
And hearing my mother's silly thoughts.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Not Always What You Think

 Christmas Eve
A good hike
A nice meal
White asparagus
Baked potatoe smothered
Prime rib, in excesss.

 Hm-m-m-m--m-m-m my camera of the year turned into a new GPS, still nice to have the latest.I always enjoy a good guess, usually prompted by a series of suggestions. I was told I never said yes to anything.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays


 What a unique year to celebrate. I have had a lot of fun most of the year, but have started working at the state hospital in Glenwood, near Omaha. I am working with mentally challenged individuals, which offers a wide spectrum of personalities. Bumpy Rhodes is holding down my house in Ottumwa, I can’t have pets in my new apartment, so she has even more added responsibilities.

Many of you who read my blog know that I worked hard all summer catching lots of very large fish and camping through the summer. It is hard to get up and not go out to enjoy nature as freely as I have done for the last three years.  I still am writing a lot and stay busy around the new town finding lots of hidden beauty. It is fun to have some closeness to some culture, having a large town twenty minutes away. My new town is only a few thousand, so a very different place to be part of in the lovely Loess Hills.

I am taking my time, but hope to have a new house soon. Moving is not very fun, and I have bought a lot of new things to make my life comfortable here. I hope you are having a good year and celebrate with all you know and love.

Steve   oxoxoxox