Friday, December 10, 2010

Time To Slow Down

Nothing helps celebrate the last day of Hanukkah like a good bowl of matzo ball soup, like I always make. I topped of this meal with a nice slice of homemade bread, with lots of butter.
I hope all of you who celebrated, had a nice holiday.

Today I am still breathless sighting nine Trumpeter Swans along the river here. Until 1993 we had destoyed the population , and began a breeding and release program to return them to where they had always called home, out on the prairie. I have been watching a solitary white pelican near here. I wondered why it had stayed and had not flown with the flock. Yesterday I found out why, seeing my friend next to the white hump of it's mate hidden in the grasses, keeping watch over the body.

These frost shots are fun to enlarge and enjoy the diverse shapes of the ice crystals.

What kind of dog wears pink camouflage? Why a Lily dog of course.

A oak serpent snakes through the brush .

A wood elf or perhaps a picture of that jolly fellow many of you wait for on Christmas Day.

Each time I visit
I want to stay
And feel your wisdom
And love to be found
Out on the prairie

Coming back from the mine seemed harder and harder. He had worked hard but there seemed like a time when he needed to stop, and today was it. He had been offered a nice sum for his operations and had accepted it along with his other brothers. They would live in their home for a few years and then move closer to their family. This was a hard decision to give up working as a family with this business, but their devotion remained strong This is what has kept this land thriving for so long, a unified spirit carried in family traditions.

His wife continued with her farm business to keep spending money coming in so as not to bother their nest egg. And eggs she had, with sweet butter and a variety of produce from their garden. She enjoyed the hard work and had done it for years as well as raising the children. They moved to a smaller home and then into town soon after that, the chickens and cream leaving her daily tasks.

Times had changed since he had come from overseas. Living in a small prairie community was very different from this large town. They enjoyed traveling out past their first homestead in the summer to see the wonderful bloom spreading across the hillsides. You could still hear the tiny laughter of their children at play. The trees they had dug along the river and planted stood tall announcing the area where their house once was.

Tonight they stayed and watched the sun set slowly, changing the sky into loving hues. The full moon rose in the east and followed the path of the sun shining a path for them on their ride home. He held up his hand when leaving, and thanked the land for the happiness it had brought he and his family. He asked for continued love and happiness for all he loved and knew. When he kissed his wife, their spirits soared into a gentle prairie breeze, and listened to the wisdom of the song of life.
How shall I tell you each day
When you make me feel this way
I can tell you differently each day
Because it’s always in a different way.


  1. Very nice and eclectic post, Steve. Good to know you do come inside to eat every now and again. :)

    When did Lily get pigtails -- she is too cute for words I tell ya. She is a lucky girl.

    Stay ((warm)) this weekend.

  2. I can cook up a storm,the big guy eats well. I have lots of good treats to make for my neighbors.

  3. what a wonderful selection of photos. Love the one of Lily in her pink camo. I bet her and Duke would have great fun together.

  4. Wonderful post with great pics, as always. Love the soup!


  5. Wow, your photographs are most attention grabbing today! Just amazing shots and there's no way I can pick just one favorite.

    I bet the soup warmed you up after taking those frosty pictures. There's nothing like homemade soup.

  6. Very cool that you can cook so well & esp. that you give to others!!

    I LOVE your 'Lily dog' & her pink camo! Cute, cute, cute!!!

    Beautiful pictures and story too!!
    Have a Great weekend, Steve!!
    ~ Coreen

  7. Lily dog...what a cute breed!!! LOL

  8. Hi Steve, That Lily Girl is a CUTIE..... I love her pink coat... I'm sure she loves hiking with Dad!!!!! You got some great photos... The Swans are gorgeous and I love seeing the frost. Looks very cold in Iowa!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  9. Such beautiful images. That matzo ball soup looks yummy.. I haven't had any in ages.

    I love the frost photos and the pics of Lily.. so cute. And such lovely words to accompany.

  10. Beautiful photos !
    I like very uch the pink camouflage of your dog.
    The old farm look mysterious.
    Sometimes I bake my bread myself too.

  11. I do love dumplings. My version is Norweigen though. Also saw a late goose once with a mate who'd been shot. Very sad. And a wonderful "mood" you set with your prose. Well done!

  12. A really neat series of photographs, thanks for sharing them Steve. Your little Lily dog is the cutest. Your matzo ball soup looked delicious and I always enjoy your interesting stories and poetry. Have a great weekend.

  13. Oooo, I want to taste that soup! I think I'll google up a recipe... or do you have a good one?

  14. Wow, Matzo Ball Soup and trumpeting swans, snow that's quite a vast array of events! Really liked the story, made me think about miners everywhere during this holiday season.

  15. Beautiful pictures, as usual. My absolute favorite, though, is that single twisted leaf. What a beauty.

  16. I have never had matzo ball soup. I've always wondered how it tastes. It looks pretty good in the picture.

  17. Hi Steve, just looking at the first photo inspired me to make a pot of soup on Sunday as it will be raining here all day. And Grenville will make a loaf of homemade bread too.

  18. How sad about the pelican! One day on my way to work I saw a male cardinal standing in the middle of the street as I got closer I saw the body of a female, when I came home that evening I saw the body of the male in the street as well. Made me so sad I still think of it often. I would love to see swans, I have seen swans twice, both times they were migrating through. Lily is well hidden in her pink camafoulage. Lovely photos as always!

  19. Fantastic photos - love the swans.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  20. Yes...poor white pelican!
    Interesting story....
    Say hello to that pinky worrior...ha ha
    I wish you all my best!

  21. That's too sad about the white Pelican standing watch over the body of her mate - is she likely to survive the winter over there? I was half hoping for the recipe to that fine bowl of soup - maybe some other time then? Great collection of photo's, and I love Lilly's fashion sense, she's my kinda' pooch!

  22. I am so very jealous about the Trumpeter Swan Sighting! How very breathtaking!!!
    (And I wouldn't mind a meal of that soup and bread either!:))

  23. Poor thing, that pelican.
    Otherwise, looks like some wonderful scenery. I hope you enjoyed your holiday & all its festivities.
    : )


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