Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time For Changes

A moment that is monumental
As that last day draws near
A wish for health and happiness
To all I have known and have met
Wishing you all a momentous New Year.

If you look close, an eagle does a fly over a flock of geese.

A telephone booth along the Mormon Trail

Dog snow angels

Snowflakes fall
Ever so gentle
Wind picks up
Sings a song
Everything is white
Before too long.

Hey, there are mice under here.

A large oyster mushroom

Her husband had not made any sounds getting ready for work that morning. She looked at the clock and went up to make sure he was awake. There was no movement heard when she knocked on his door and she became worried. When she went into the room he was not there and had not slept in his bed. On his pillow was a note and she fell to the floor reading it. Their relationship had dwindled and he did not care to continue. He had accepted a position in France and had left in the night. She became frantic and screamed at the top of her lungs a mournful cry, and cried until she fell back asleep curled up on the floor.

When she awoke she read the note over and over hoping it not to be real, but it was very real. She cleaned up and went running down to the trolley. It seemed like it took forever to arrive. When she got on the tears started again and she tried to hide them. She felt an arm over her shoulder and the lady behind her asked if she could help. She moved up to her seat and listened to her tragedy. They held hands and discussed what to do, and she told her time would heal all. She got off and waved goodbye, before she realized they had never told each other their names. She ran to her friend’s home, hoping he would be up.

He was in his back yard and did not hear the bell until she had rang it five or six times. He saw her tears and knew something was wrong. They hugged until she found her voice again through the tears. She told him what had happened, and showed him the note. He fixed a pot of coffee and sat down with her to talk. He didn’t know what to say, fearing to say the wrong thing. He truly loved this lady and honestly did not see this as a complete tragedy, but he did not tell her that. Instead he shared her feelings and cried a few times with her, trying to think of nice things to tell her to bring her back to happiness.After drinking the pot of coffee he took her out to lunch at their favorite cafĂ©.Feelings of friendship shifted across the land, on a gentle prairie breeze.

We can turn our troubles and sorrow
Into happiness through and through
One thing that really helps me
Is knowing you.


  1. Great pictures, Steve.... I love the one of you and your baby... That little pup loves the snow for sure!!!!! Looks cold where you are... It has finally warmed up some here in TN (for a few days, anyhow)... BUT--they are predicting some severe weather (rain, storms, tornadoes, etc.) for us tomorrow night and Sat... That's not a great way to bring in the new year though!!!!!! Yipes...

    Happy 2011, Steve.

  2. Wonderful writing (again). Do I sound like a broken record?
    I DO think your photos are magical...each one has a different thing to say!
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year has been great getting to know you this year. Looking forward to more:)
    Happy New Year to you!!!!!

  3. How cold was it there, Steve? Did you get any nice weather today? It was 59 here before the bottom dropped out around 5 pm.

    Lily looks like she's having a ball in the snow. Such a cutie.

    And I love the photo of the Amish girl walking down the road. That's my favorite for today.

    Thanks for the lovely story today and if I don't "see" you beforehand, Happy New Year! :)

  4. Great images, as always. And Lily...what can I say...she must be loads of fun to have around. Blessings to you in the new year, Steve.

  5. Loved these photos. The one of the Amish buggy and the young woman were quite sriking. Also- your dog is priceless! The place you live seems stark, but beautiful.

  6. Beautiful sky on the first photo.
    Thanks for you good words and the beautiful sory and pictures. It seems your dog like playing in the snow. The cab and the woman in black remind me the movie "Witness". I liked to discover the amish life.
    You talk about Mormon Trail. My friend Julia from Salt Lake city is mormon. Her husband is catholic and their three boys too.

  7. Pretty, pretty photos. I so wanted to get out and photograph the hoarfrost earlier this week but was stuck at work :(. Lovely shots.

  8. They are thoughtful words. that's indeed a lot of snow.
    Wishing you a very happy new year!

  9. What wonderful sentiments in your pictures and words.

    All possible happiness to you in the New Year!

  10. I LOVE the SnowDog Angels!!Hahaa...wonderful!
    These are ALL wonderful photos Steve!
    Happy New Year Dear Friend!

  11. A fellow blogger wrote this morning, taken from Tennyson, I believe, "Ring out the false," and "ring in the true." I like that. There's nothing false about your photos. They feel so true and so good. I love the Amish girl walking down the road and the dog snow angel.... Wishing you a Happy New Year of adventure and discovery!

  12. Hi Steve,
    Your pics are beautiful! Your dog is just like ours, she is a little Rat Terrier and always on the go. I know what you mean, I am just having a snack and she is patiently waiting for some crumbs...Most of our snow is gone now, just some dirty snowbanks left. We have 58 degrees today.
    Your dinner sounds great and I am glad you like the video.
    Wishing you everything you wish for the New Year! Take care!

  13. Hi Steve,
    Your pics are beautiful! Your dog is having lots of fun. We have a little Rat Terrier and she has endless energy. I am just having a snack and she is patiently waiting next to me...
    Glad you like the video and your dinner for tonight sounds delicious.
    Wishing you everything you wish for the New Year.

  14. I like to come here and walk with you out on the read your words...
    Wonderful photos!
    I wish you health and happiness!
    Happy New Year!

  15. What a sweet pup you have! TY for stopping by my blog this morning. All your photos are wonderful but I'm a sucker for the Dall Sheep. It looks very cold there!

  16. These are some more excellent pictures. You always know exactly what to point your camera at.

  17. Love all your favorites are of your dog! :)

  18. Steve,
    Beautiful photos...okay, my favorite is the doggie angel :) that's fun! but I also like the white hue the trees and everything seems to have in the snow photos :)
    Happy New Year to you and many blessings in 2011!

  19. All gorgeous pictures but I have to say that my favorites are the little snow puppy :)
    Happy New Year to you.

  20. Hi Steve, another lovely series of photos from the top to the bottom, and always a good story to read. Happy New Year and thank you so much for always stopping by. I look forward to another year of my visits to your wonderful blog.

  21. A happy New Year to you Steve... I wish you joy and peace and as much love as you give out around you - and MORE!

    Thank you for the "virtual" friend you are to me... I have grown quite attached to you. :)

    It is already 2011 here in Switzerland, so feel hugged from the twilight zone. :D

  22. I just posted a comment about how much I have grown attached to you and how I wish you a Happy New Year... and now I think it's been deleted! :(

    Well... you are wonderful, pure and simple. Love from 2011!!

  23. Your photo essay was incredible, your story, enlightening. Thank you for sharing. So glad I stopped by to wish you a Happy New Year! ~karen kaholly

  24. Awesome pictures, Steve! Esp. the one of you and Lilly dog!! She is way too adorable!!!
    Dog angels... priceless picture!!

    Have a Wonderful, Safe & Very Happy New Years, Steve!!!

  25. What a warm set of greetings from some great friends.The lily dog is a treat, she never leaves my side, even when I would prefer it.I made it to see the ball drop, not too many imported Bubble Ups.I don't stay up late very often and fought to not totally fall asleep.I will look forward to hearing and sharing with all of you throughout the year.Its -10 here wind chill and I am trying to find soneone to join me on a hike. Ahhh, as always with my little Lily.

  26. You have another wonderful series of photos here. I'm glad you pointed out the eagle.

  27. More great ones here! Your dog looks so happy, I love it! And there's that horse again! The snow/ice looks really beautiful on the trees.

  28. Lily really does love the snow and it appears to really love to stick to her. The photo of the woman with the shawl almost looks like a bird with wings.

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