Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Strange New Beginning

So, is this suppose to be cute, or can Sicily really do the dishes for me? There is no guilt with cats, I lectured her and hope never to see this again.

A Canadian Goose struggles with getting out of the ice and into free water. It takes a slower landing when the ponds are freezing over. A few had it down well, but there were a few skidders.

A cedar along the old highway.

This is one cat you wouldn't pick up, a wild one. It was absorbing the sun on a cold day.

He had followed the stream until he had come to a river, and found a trail to go upstream. Seeing smoke coming from a nearby canyon he followed, hoping to find a homestead to stay the evening. Instead he found a large cave with two boys tending a smoky fire. They both looked up with a start seeing a lone horseman, since this area had a story of being used to hide stolen horses.

He tied his horse away from the smoke and waved to the boys, asking them what they were cooking. They had a camp set up in the cave, which was big enough to ride a horse into. He laughed at the good story they had to tell about the cave and helped them find some drier wood for the fire. They shared a story or two, some old and some new, around a campfire. Their spirits soared with the brilliant embers floating off the fire. Fairies danced and played in this lovely prairie treasure, dancing with the shadows.

When he heard the trains that evening, he knew he was close to where he could board. They called for him to travel, as he would do most of his life painting the wonderful land he saw. He followed a road of unknown looking at everything with the intensity of an eagle, as they soared over his head. This road widened getting closer to the city and he began to see more travelers, each with a different story.

When at the café he met a couple wanting to sell out and leave this beautiful area. They said they would take anything to get away. He told them in jest how much he had on him cash and they said he could have it. His heart raced wondering what it looked like, but so did his horse when they gave him directions. He had fallen in love with this river valley, and may have just bought his first home.

In a nice grove of trees stood a tiny cabin with three small rooms. It had a small out building and a nice porch. It was all he needed he thought as he roamed around the home. They had barely pulled in with their wagon that he stepped out and said he would take it handing them his cash. A deal with a firm handshake and both parties were satisfied and would go to the courthouse in the morning. He stood back and looked once more before going to town to get a room and bath. The stars looked even brighter that night after dinner. He stood on the sidewalk looking skyward, allowing his spirit to soar on a gentle prairie breeze, and carried past his new home.
Here are some thoughts for tomorrow
Carried over from today
Love everyone around you
And everything will start going your way.


  1. Thanks for stopping by (and for the beautiful comment. Made my day. Workers are renovating the bathroom, needed a smile!) I totally love Sicily. My kinda gal! Did I tell you I love cats. I've never met a cat who worried about what others thought, LOL!

  2. So many awesome pictures to choose from, Steve. But I think I like the decorated cedar tree the best. Homespun indeed! You must have been cold on that trek. Yikes!

  3. Gorgeous pictures. Love that one of the decorated tree which appears to out in the middle of nowhere. As for the cat, it is cute as long as it's your dishes being I used to have a cat with a fondness for butter. Nothing worse than going to butter your toast in the morning and seeing cat tongue marks in the butter :)

  4. I truly had to laugh at the visual image of those Canadian Geese attempting to walk on ice...that would have made a fun movie!
    As always your photos are stunning! I love the story, but moreso the closing sentiment...isn't it the truth?
    I had a situation with a co-worker who had blasted me in front of my collegues and principal and I was mortified and humiliated. I was so angry and felt miserable for months. It is just this week that I've been able to face her and actually feel forgiveness in my heart!
    thanks for the reminder...

  5. Great pics. I like the decorated cedar tree also.

  6. A great group of photos again, your little cat is so adorable. She could sit up on my sink and I would be fine with it :) Loved the story and the thoughts for tomorrow.

  7. Hi Steve, enjoyed the story and Sicily looks like she would be at home anyplace, which is probably the problem.

  8. Love the geese... but really love the CAT on the sink! Tell her to come on over to my house - I'll give her a place by my kitchen window. :D heehee

  9. Great photos. I love cats, whether on the sink or in the wild. Skidding geese are always entertaining. But I think my two favorites were the decorated cedar tree by the road and the lonely little cemetery. Cemeteries intrigue me, and this one looks as if it would have stories to tell.

  10. Love your pic.s. The decorated cedar tree is great!

  11. Sicily is messing with you and it's working!

    Oh, those geese pictures! Stunning!

  12. Hi steve,

    Is your name Steve?

    Very funny cat photo at the top. I found my cat the other day sprawled out my pillow of all places! She's never done that before. And she better not ever do it again! :-)


  13. what great country!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  14. My post on May 13, 2010, called "Don't You Miss Winter?' has some photos of the area and cave these people were in.See it at:
    When I first was told the story I was amazed at the find of one of the nicest areas near where I live. The lady who shared was in her 90's and gave me lots of beautiful stories, even though her mind wasn't "what it had been". I enjoyed helping her tidy up her garden every year and listening to the wonderful tales.Her lilies are all over the city, having been shared with many. This is where I decided the name of my dog, Lily.

  15. I really liked the cemetery on the hill photo. And the poem, very nice! Always enjoy your blog. Have a good weekend.

  16. You have eagles and I have sparrows and starlings.

  17. Well, this was a nice post. I used to sit on the front porch of George and Ida Meyers and listened to him tell stories from his days.

  18. Love the story, buying a home is so exciting, I couldn't see the first photo, one of these day's I'll figure this photo thing out. Love the rest of them, now I know where the geese go when they leave here :O)


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