Monday, December 13, 2010

A Rekindled Spirit

And so begins those twelve days until Christmas. I bought a bunch of these kits and passed them out thinking it would be fun to play with. After getting mine assembled it became known it isn't an easy task. I hadn't done one for a couple decades and had a family to all join in on the painstaking process. Its a sticky situation to say the least.

Geese get a bit uneasy when eagles move to a new roost. This flock was huge along a sand bar, with a variety of other fowl including Trumpeter swans. A few groups would take off at a time.

TThere is a mature eagle in the picture above. See how well they blend in? Enlarge it to see.

If you blow up this picture you will see the next one on the left hand side of the river on the bend. The trees are full of Bald Eagles, but it is sometimes hard to see the lone ones. I could see thirty-seven from where I was standing.

Now this is what one does with a leftover pumpkin. I thought the birds might enjoy the seeds so took it to my conservation club and carved it using a .357 pistol. Ahh there is a bit of a child in all of us. Mine comes out fairly often.
Today I offer a continued story of a sister who joined her sister without a husband, to help with the farm and family. It is a time of year to enjoy our families even more, and think what we really have in our lives.

The two sisters worked hard building back the farm. With two extra hands jobs got completed much easier, and the family became empowered with love. The girls enjoyed their aunt and liked to show her all the different things they knew and could do. They took her to a cave far back in the woods, that was like a playhouse for their make believe fun. They put on a skit for her often, walking out from behind a large rock, dressed in the silliest outfits. This was genuine compassion, children can offer some of the purest of thoughts. The echoes of their laughter can still be heard if you listen.

They decided to add on to the house so they could have more freedom to live. They hired a new carpenter from town, they had met at church. He took an unborn horse as part of the payment, loving the colors of their dark roan mare. She still worked at the packinghouse so her sister oversaw construction operations. She oversaw quite a bit and had tremendous warmth in her spirit when he arrived to work. Working alongside each other was electrical each time they touched.

Her hands were raw from digging the foundation and setting in the stone. The huge rocks shifted ever so tiny to catch a fingertip or part of her hands. They finished the day the lumber arrived by train. They hired a livery company to deliver it to the farm. Each board placed became a part of a dream and had fond memories building ones spirit and soul. Watching him work was like reading poetry, he was so fluid in his movements. The building quickly took shape with a new living area, dining room and two bedrooms, doubling the existing structure. Fairies watched enjoying the different love always coming from this house of renewed family spirit.

One day he did not show up and she could barely think all day. Why hadn’t he come or said anything? Jealousy even arose thinking he may have met a woman. What a silly thought to have when they had barely even spoke on a personable level, although having shared a few stories of their lives. He showed up at three and said he had to help a friend with delivery of a colt and it took longer than anticipated. Her thoughts returned to normal and she began to laugh at how silly she had been.
Lifting a wall up together he stood next to her placing a temporary support and looked deeply into her eyes. He asked if anyone had told her how pretty she was and she blushed with a smile. It was carried off on a gentle prairie breeze and given to him as an answer to her prayers.
How easy it is to smile
And share your thoughts
With someone you know
A smile can say a thousand words.


  1. Love the Eagle and Geese shots!! I always love your photos!!
    And you Really know how to build a House!! Nice Job!

  2. There are so many things I love about this post I don't know where to start. Well, I'm a woman so I will start with the love story!! I swoon!

    You are such a unique person and I have told my family on more than one occasion how I wish I could have you over to supper! Pistoling the pumpkin indeed! My son would love would my husband. Such a country boy you are! But of the entire post, Lily (as usual) has my heart. :D

    I've decided to start knitting another pair of mittens and guess who they're for? His name is lost on a gentle prairie breeze...

  3. Beautiful photographs.
    Love your birds and the calm waters...

  4. Beautiful story....and laughed at the smitherined pumpkin--so something I would do!

  5. Oh my, what fun the gingerbread house looks. I made another batch of sweets today along with a batch of homemade beef stew in the crockpot and a bit batch of spaghetti sauce from what I canned over the summer.

    You pictures were great but the store truly captured my heart.

  6. I don't think I've ever seen this many eagles before this, even in other pictures. I've only ever seen just one when I was out anywhere. That one didn't even mind that I was there because it was busy eating a squirrel.

  7. This delightful post was like a vacation for me!

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  8. Well I didn't know that you were in to construction Nice house you built there. I've actually never attempted to do one of those. Awesome pictures of the geese and the eagles.

  9. Fantastic photos~I would love to see an eagle soar so close I could capture a photo! You lucky kid! gail

  10. Great pics! My favorites are the gingerbread house and your dog, but the water shots are great too. hmmmm...I really think they're all pretty daggum good!!!

  11. Your photos are always so awesome,,,the eagles and other birds magnificent! I think it's wonderful that you share your world with us. The eagles are making a nice comeback in our area as well but nowhere nearly as numerous as in your part of the world.

  12. Hi Steve, You live in such a gorgeous area... Love seeing all of your birds... We had a hawk near our backyard (see my blog tomorrow) this week --and the Crows were going crazy... I think the crows were hollering --and warning the little birds that the hawk was around.

    Love the gingerbread house... I've made those before... Not as easy as it looks, huh????

  13. Oh my. So many eagles. I've never seen such a sight as all those eagles in one tree. Here, they would be blackbirds. Thanks so much for sharing your little corner of the world with us.

  14. I'm enjoying those eagle photos. Keep that little pooch close to you out there!

  15. And you build gingerbread houses too? You are my hero, Steve.

    I am so jealous of the fact you have so many eagles where you are -- living by the river does have it's benefits.

    And your story was lovely. A man of many talents. Have a beautifual day, my friend. :)

  16. Thank you for stopping by my blog place and your kind comments. I was born in WI and the title of your blog makes me remember playing in wild fields of grass and flowers - and spiders that would spin their webs between the tall blades of grass - I deathly feared running through one. I love these photos of the eagles and geese. They - the eagles (and of course, geese, too) - are here on the river and can be seen in "packs" where the ice has not quite frozen over in the deep of winter. I will never forget seeing an eagle dive in a small creek for a large fish when I lived in Maine - fortunate drive home from work at that time. Your foundation story is beautiful.

  17. Most enjoyable. We live an hours drive from the Big River so I don't get to see large groups of eagles as often as I'd like. Still we have some close by and I never get tired of seeing them.

  18. Gingerbread house, eagles, geese, and and old pumpkin what a wide array of photographs! We don't have as many eagles here as you do, I really enjoyed looking at them.

    Wonderful story. Love is grand.

  19. Love the photos of the birds and the dog! You're so lucky to have all those beautiful birds in your area, and 37 bald eagles at one time. Wow!


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