Friday, December 17, 2010

Reborn Ideas

Ready for a picnic? I'll bring the broom to sweep the snow. Sometimes a stew or soup tastes good outdoors on days like this.

The teapot whistles
Calling out to me
It tells me again and again
It's time for another cup of tea.

Downy woodpecker
Peeks at me
What have you here
Something for me?
Yes , it is a baby blanket
Both yellow and blue
Who are they for then
I keep them just for you.
So what do you put in and on your pancakes? I like fruit and or nuts, with a combination of whole grains. Smothered in a sweet syrup will keep me powered up all day.

He arrived back to the city from his old prairie homestead after his granddaughter’s sixteenth birthday feeling very empty. He had forgotten the power of the land, ever passing through it on the railroad. Often he would sit and gaze at the sidings covered in a prairie bloom, and relive the wonderful moments spent building up his family, but they faded away after he had retired, or had they?

He told his wife how he felt and they sat on the veranda, discussing their love for the prairie into late evening. Fairies listened and giggled at the tremendous knowledge both had of life and love for the prairie. They created a song of happiness and love for their old friends. The couple embraced and graced all again with their vivid happiness and compassion for all whom loved and knew them.

When he awoke in the morning he was not sure if this rapid change of the prairie was a good or a bad thing. He lived a rustic life on the plains, but always enjoyed life and the spirit evoked by family traditions and heritage. His father had came from another country in a tiny wagon with his mother carrying him as a baby. Now he lived two blocks from a grocery and a mile from work. His yard looked even tinier, and made him want to live back in the prairie again, if he could find any to live in. His son had often offered them his home and it was sounding better, his soul soared out on a gentle prairie breeze.
Most of what we want
Is right in front of us
What do we need in our lives
To make us open our eyes?


  1. They said you have snow in the mid-west - stay safe and cosy!

  2. Steve, do you ever tire of hearing your pictures are stunning and gorgeous? Well, they ARE!!! AND stunning, AND remarkable!

    As far as my pancakes? I like just syrup when I do indulge but don't often.

    You ask an interesting question there at the end; What do we need in our lives, to open up our eyes? I think it truly depends on which 'glasses' we are viewing our world from! I try hard daily to take inventory and be grateful for everyone AND everything in my life. Even the moments that have disappointed me because those are the ones that have added substance to our lives and without those, our eyes certainly would have no reason to 'see'...
    thanks for asking the question~

  3. Steve, love your pictures...amazing. I love the way you find beauty in some of the most simple of things.
    Me...I want to become awake...

  4. bless you and your furry companion

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  5. I think I'll pass on that picnic for now. I would rather enjoy the hot tea inside where it's nice and warm

  6. Steve,the last 4 lines today are so true. The stew sounds great, but indoors would be better with some tea, please. Lily looks as adorable as ever. We also like to put fruit (bananas and apples) and nuts (pecans) in our pancakes.

  7. There is beauty in nature in all seasons, and you captured this time between fall and winter well.

    I don't make pancakes as often as I'm in the mood for them. When I do, I make enough for leftovers. I usually make them with whole wheat flour, and put real maple syrup on them. Sometimes, I put yogurt on them, too. Yours sure look good!

  8. "Most of what we want
    Is right in front of us",,so true!
    Another beautiful prairie day.

  9. I agree with Ann. Hot tea, served inside, while admiring the beauty of the snow through a nice thick window. Beautiful pictures, though, as always.

  10. I always enjoy your pictures, Steve---and your stories. But--my fav is your precious doggie... Love the picture of Lily in the blanket...

    I don't eat pancakes much --but when we go to iHop, I always order some Harvest Grain Pancakes and put butter pecan syrup on them.... Talk about delicious....

    Merry Christmas.

  11. Beautiful photographs..
    From out there and inside.

  12. I so agree with your last statement, Steve. We have everything we need to make us content. :)

  13. Beautiful words and images. I love that sweet little pooch among the warm blankets and those pancakes look delicious.

  14. I like those harvest grain pancakes, too. I don't remember what kind of syrup I use. I'll have to use the butter pecan next time. Thanks, Betsy!

  15. Your post has me wondering if I want to make French Toast for breakfast tomorrow morning. Hmmmm... methinks I will do that!

  16. Yes, I've opened my eyes and enjoy what I see here. The snow-filled stump and the lonely snow-covered picnic table are lovely as is your reflections of prairie life.

  17. yes, we are blessed with more than we appreciate, those pancakes look delicious. Great photos and thoughts

  18. love the snow shots! i could go for a little snow myself if it's gonna be as cold as it is! Adorable pup photos, what a sweet face! Pancakes and fruit is a done deal!

  19. Great pictures. The pancakes look delicious. Have you tried banana pancakes?

    Most of our snow is gone now, just a smidge of white here and there.


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