Friday, December 24, 2010

Prairie Cold

Happy holidays To All My Friends

This is a tree in my front yard this morning, as a snow storm blankets the area, perhaps grounding many for the holiday. Time to play a bit today.

This jolly fellow was out in a bean field yesterday, greeting all passing by.

I thought of Charlie Brown when I saw this beautiful little tree. It was the effort made that really had an appeal to me.

The hills are alive with the sound of music!

Sounds of the full moon rising
And setting at the break of dawn
Has amazed us for centuries
Freeing our souls all night long.

First it began raining, not a good thing for December on the prairie. This began to coat the trees and grasses with a thick coat of ice. It changed the landscapes shapes and dimensions. Everything looked like glass and the morning sun created an ever-changing beauty. It rained again, and in the late night rained tree branches, to heavy to hold the ice any longer. The popping and snapping reminded him a favorite winter poem, talking about the crispness in the air. It was indeed crisp and branches fell everywhere, including on top of his vehicle. The huge branch girdled the vehicle and a neighbor helped lift it off.

Snow began to cascade down and covered the entire prairie region. It stopped schools and slowed people’s lives. This is time for cleansing and gives us time to think deeper into our thoughts. He pondered writing all day but went for a hike along the river instead. When he came back he helped a few neighbors with their snow and came home exhausted. His stomach growled and he realized it had been a long time since he ate cold chicken after burning some bacon for breakfast. He fixed a burger and went to check on his neighbor, taking another walk on the prairie. Coming back he pondered writing more and put on some holiday tunes.

Gathering a helper the next day, he went back to where he had seen some good winter photos and shot all morning. He looked at how one would sketch this clear coat on nature. The wind won and they went back to warm drinks and reviewed their shots. His beard encrusted in ice made him look like Old Man Winter. He returned by himself in the afternoon to look at sunset possibilities, but the sun wouldn’t smile today. In fact it took a few days for the storm to subside and leave the prairie for awhile. Sliding along he was given a boost by a gusty prairie breeze spreading the spirit he had found with many new friends.


  1. Merry Christmas Steve... Love all of your pictures... The little Charlie Brown tree is cute --and I love the snowman.. At least his hands are warm.... ha

    Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Steve,
    Isn't there a certain beauty in the barreness of the prairie? I love the photos but the one that caught my eye was the one of the little pine tree; seemed to be begging to be noticed...
    they are all very lovely and the added words gives true sentiment!
    Merry CHristmas!
    and by the way, I really had to chuckle of your friend naming her chicken after you! too funny!

  3. Feliz Navidad, Steve. Look forward to continuing our friendship in 2011. :)

  4. That tree is stunning as is all of your wonderful photography. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  5. Merry Christmas!! I just loved your photos... very fitting for the holidays.

  6. What a fun assortment of images for today. I loved the one of the tree in your yard during the snowstorm.

    Merry Christmas, Steve!

  7. Happy Holidays to you, too!...Stay warm out on the prairie!...

  8. Merry Christmas to you and yours...
    My favorites are the horse and your tree in the front yard, the ice and the clouds. Have a great holiday...

  9. Merry Christmas Steve. My favorite today was the Christmas tree in the snow. Hope you don't get hit too bad, but a white CHristmas is nice. Thanks for your visits and comments this year - see you in the New Year!

  10. A beautiful story for this Christmas day, Steve. Your tree with the falling snow is gorgeous! And... the hills are alive with the sound of music? On my beloved prairie, too? You know just how to warm my heart and make me feel closer to home. Here's a hug for you today, my friend.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. I'm a little late in wishing you a Merry Christmas but wasn't able to make the rounds yesterday. Beautiful tree in your front yard. All the photos are as usual stunning.


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